Top 10 Most Popular Water Sports

The summer will arrive faster than we expected. Well now and primarily activity during summer is practicing water sports. There are various and various watersports. All this disciplines have a highly-featured fun factor, with immense pleasure and high motivation, with no feeling of special effort.

Because of that fact, if you are practicing one of these disciplines, at the end of the summer you will be kicked out of a body fitness and strength and your body will get contours for which in the gym you must be light and sweat.


Wakeboarding represents the type of watersport in which an individual moves the surface of water through a board and rope connected to a motor vehicle. Several disciplines or techniques are in connection with these sport cuffing, water skiing, boarding.

The individual is behind the boat that moves at 30-40 km with the speed of the ride depending on the individual’s weight, running tricks, pleasing sensations and the size of the boat.


Surfing is a surface water sport, which is a part of the extreme sport that has been experiencing in the last couple of decades. The equipment is a specially designed board with a hanger attached to the surfer leg. The bundle is in charge of preventing losing balances in the water.

The maneuverability to the board and its maneuverability is in charge of the side arch, which is surfer in the wreck. Walls suitable for surfing are primarily in oceans, but can be found in lakes or reeds. However surfers can use artificial waves such as those created by vessels and waves generated in artificial pools.

Surfing is based on two basic on two basic types according to the surfboard design: longboarding and short boarding


Waterskiing is a sports branch where a skiers slides done to the surface of water on one or two skiis with his hands for a rope or cable towed by a skipper.

The beginnings of this sport are related to the native Melanesia, who are standing or lying on the boards, letting them carry the current on the waves. As a sport, water skiing, blown directly from aquaplaning and it was originally created in America and Europe.


Rowing is an individual and team sport on the water. In which one or more the boats in the boat are driven by the boat where the strength of the muscles is over the hooves called veils. The hooves are long louvers that have a handle at the end, while the other end that is spreading and flattened enters the water.

On the other hand rowing is a standard Olympic sport and is very popular as an academic sport, especially spreading at universities in the United Kingdom


Recreational diving is a part of extremely sport that provides water activities with the help of specialized equipment at depths of up to 40 meters. Secondly, diving requires quality training, regular and proper maintenance of equipment. Further development of diving equipment has reduced the cost of diving training as well as diving. Nowadays it become an interesting form of recreation.

In the tropical and subtropical parts of the word, there is a fairly developed markets for weekend divers. People who are ready to pay adequate amount of money to complete the course and beginning with diving while they are still on holiday.


Flyboarding get reputation as one of the most exciting new water activities. You need to be ready to fly above water- swim as a dolphin and fly like a bird. This type of sport is unbelievable and maybe you have never seen it before.


Windsurfing- exist in different shapes. Bigger sails require more human strength to be controlled but give more power and it is faster. Different sizes affect speed. The thickness ranges depends on the used material. If you want to be a good competitor you need to take a lot of exercise.

There are many places all over the world where people are traveling just for windsurfing. Best places are on the west coast of USA, Hawaii, Indonesia and Australia.

Scooter for water

If you want to go further than the dusk and enjoy the middle of the sea, than rent a scooter. There are to option, whether to drive slowly or even extinguish the gas. If you are a fast-paced lover, be careful that the scooter will be uncomfortable and if you drink fast.

It’s like you hit the concrete. Also worms are bad, so when you go to one, slow down if you do not want to bounce. Protect the vest.

Water banana

Banana is ideal for the whole family. More than 10 people can drive to bananas pulled by a motorcycle. They will try to throw you a little left to your water and how the ride would not be monotonous. Maybe it can happen that you skip and fall bananas, but the boat does not go so fast and
you don’t have to be afraid of some violation.


Pedaline is water floating vehicle that operates on human power. The pedal moves by turning the wheel with the blades, which rotates as the user turns the pedals. The largest part of the pedal is designated for two repairs that sit one against the other.

One pairs of pedals is located on the left and the other on the left. The energy from the pedals is transferred to the wheel of the tread by the blades whereby it turns and the pedal moves.


Kayak is a small boat powered by human power. It usually has a covered desk. Starts with a special paddle with two blades. Primarily Kayak were used by Aina Aleutian and Eskimo hunters in a sub-artificial areas of North Asia, North America and Greenland.

The difference between sports kayaks and canoes is that kayaking, each paddle with two blades, while canoe uses a paddle with one blade. For better use of force, it is customary for a canoeist to kneel on one leg while rowing, while the kayaker sits. Very exiting type of water sport!

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