Health Benefits Of Kayaking & Essential Safety Precautions You Need To Take

Kayaking has taken the adventure market by storm. Every year, more and more people are taking up the hobby without realizing what exactly it’s doing for them.

If you are on the fence about picking up a kayak to enjoy the great outdoors, or you’re curious about how kayaking can help you improve your health, we’ve broken down 7 of the biggest health benefits you can get from getting out on the water for the day.

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Benefit #1 – Losing weight!

Moving your kayak requires energy. To maintain a 5 mph speed, you’re going to be using the same power generated by a 0.1 horsepower motor. That means you’re going to be manually burning around 400 calories every hour you’re paddling.

If you paddle a total of 10 miles, you could burn upwards of 1,000 calories. Likewise, if you get lost in your adventure and paddling 10 miles both ways, you’re going to burn a full 2,000 calories. That’s better than any workout you can get in the gym!

Benefit #2 – Reducing stress!

There’s something incredibly tranquil about being on the water surrounded by nature. Watching your kayak move through the water, listening to the sounds around you, and spending a few hours underneath the sunlight can be an incredibly great way to relax.

Getting out of your house, away from your office, and slowing down from the rush of traffic is required every now and then. Kayaking has proven to help you slow down and enjoy those moments when nothing else matters.

Benefit #3 – Insane upper body workout!

Paddling through the water may be easy to do, but it provides an insane upper body workout.

Your chest, triceps, shoulders, back, and forearms will begin working and moving in ways that you probably thought they couldn’t, or that they haven’t in years!

When you look at the math, moving your kayak at a medium 3 mph pace will require around 1,500 repetitions of your paddle each hour. These repetitions are low impact when compared to other exercises, like lifting weights or punching a punching bag.

That means your chances of getting injured are far lower than with other types of exercise.

Benefit #4 – Improved mental health!

If you have been depressed or stressed out and need to clear your head, getting out on a kayak is one of the best ways to do it.

According to Harvard Health Publications, getting aerobic exercise helps trigger the release of those feel-good chemicals in your brain that immediately improve your mood.

On top of getting a good aerobic workout, your brain will also take in the sights and sounds while releasing dopamine and serotonin — the two chemicals responsible for helping elevate your mood and improve your mental health.

Benefit #5 – Massive community!

There aren’t a lot of sports that give you the same type of community vibe that getting involved in kayaking will do. Most people prefer to play sports alone or remain in competitive environments, but kayaking and paddling take you out of that realm.

What you’re going to find when you get involved in a kayaking community is that the people are warmer and more inviting, relaxed, and less stressed. The vibe is slow going, and the people are more open to newcomers getting involved.

Everyone also shares the same goals — from singles to lifelong partners, enjoying nature, getting the health benefits, escaping stress, and making new friends in mother nature are among the most popular reasons we hear people taking up kayaking mention.

Benefit #6 – Excellent core strengthening!

Your core muscles, your abs and lower back, are going to get a fantastic workout, too. They are required to help you balance the kayak in the water and keep you stable as you are paddling.

If you are looking for a great core workout that doesn’t leave you tired and worn down, kayaking for the day (or even a few hours) is a great way to feel those muscles working again.

A few quick safety tips

Always wear your life vest. You never know when an accident can happen. Wearing your vest ensures help can get to you before life-threatening injuries occur.

Use a bright orange flag. It’s unfortunate, but kayakers typically share the water with faster boats. Using a bright orange flag helps those boats notice where you’re at.

Take plenty of water with you. Getting dehydrated when you’re on the water is incredibly frustrating. As a general rule, take 2 more water bottles than you think you will need.

Don’t overdo it! It’s easy to get carried away and paddle further out than you should. Knowing how far you have to paddle back before you head out is critical to avoiding getting worn out and requiring assistance to finish your trip.

Now that you’ve seen the benefits of getting out on a kayak, we hope you enjoy your time on the water! Remember, stay safe, keep your eyes peeled, and make sure to take a camera with you to document your journeys!

Rodney Heaton

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