7 Amazing Hiking Trails In Australia That You Must Explore

A place like Australia has a wealth of landscapes to offer, one can hike through lush rainforests, across beautiful open plains, over the great mountain ridges and beside oceans and lakes.

Having a digital compass is highly recommended, just to make sure that you don’t lose your way while admiring the beauty of Australia.

Another handy equipment is a climbing tree stand, an avid hiker would definitely know the usefulness of it.

Centuries ago, the first inhabitants of this country took a spiritual journey, which became a ritual weaved into the intricate fabric of this country’s past.

Now you have the opportunity to follow in their footsteps, and experience the journey they took.

In this article, we will talk about 7 such amazing hiking trails of Australia, some worth of a day hike, whereas some involving a week’s time.

Cape to Cape Track, Margaret River. [Western Australia]

162 miles south of Perth, in the southwestern part of Western Australia, this gratifying multi-day hike encompasses 84 Miles of surf beaches, coastal cliffs, and giant karri trees.

The trail lies between the lighthouses of Cape Leeuwin and Cape Naturaliste, hence the name. This entire trail is present in National park, usually, it takes 5-7 days to complete it, or you can go for the easier part of the trail which would require a day or a half.


  • Coastal rock formation (The Snaggy Sugarloaf Rock )
  • Sunny beaches.
  • Cool Cascades.
  • Sea Cliffs.

Special mention.

  • Contos Beach, this part of the trail involves one of the spectacular scenic views.
  • Last but not least, Whales! Keep an eye out for them.

Recommended time of the year.

  • June till December.


  • You will find campsites along the trail. Furthermore, a wide range of more comfortable accommodations are also available.
  • So if you are a walking enthusiast who likes to sit back and relax after a day’s hike, then Cape to Cape Track is for you.

Note: You can also get guided walks along the hike, courtesy of tour companies.

Larapinta Trail.  [Northern Territory]

Larapinta Trail is a stereotypical remote Australian adventure which lies in Northern Territory. This 138 Miles track would take a fortnight, needless to say, it is best handled by veteran hikers. Still, depending upon your stamina and endurance, you can choose from a combination of 12 different sections.

This magnificent track begins at Old Alice Springs Telegraph Station, then ventures west towards the mesmerizing beauty of Simpson’s Gap, Standley Chasm and Ormiston Gorge.

Culminating with Mount Sonder, which includes a steep climb, making it the highest point of the trail. From this point, one has a complete view of the breathtaking desert landscapes.


  • My advice, don’t go for any fancy accommodation, instead of rest beneath the star-studded night sky.
  • If not, then you can pitch a tent at one of those wilderness camps.

Note: Since the location is inaccessible and rugged, not to forget the harsh climate, it is advised that you should accompany with guided group tours.

Flinders Chase Coastal Trek (Kangaroo Island) [South Australia].

Immersed in mountainous, cold beauty, The Flinders Chase Coastal Trek borders limestone cliffs commanding a view over the desolate sea on the west coast of Kangaroo Island in South Australia.

This 12 mile one -way hike extends between West Bay and Ravine des Casoars, with plenty of opportunities for you to locate exemplary wildlife of Australia like Koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, echidnas, and goannas. Including few species are occupying the coastal bushland.

Special attraction.

  • Keep your gaze towards the sea, oftentimes you can spot Seals, Whales, and Ospreys.
  • Sea crafted limestone stalagmite arising from the headland, and the rugged wind holds a prominent place.

Recommended time of the year.

  • Fall and Spring are the ideal periods of the year, due to mild temperatures.


  • There are campsites along the trail.

Note: Presence of sharp limestone shoreline makes it essential for you to have good footwear.

Fraser Island Great Walk. [Queensland]

Enlisted as a World Heritage Site, this 56 Mile walk traces the footsteps of Butchulla people, natives of this place.Being a part of the Earth’s largest sand island, Fraser walk is a prime tourist attraction.

This trail sketches along the old logging routes between Happy Valley and Dilli Village, via mangroves and subtropical rainforests alongside desolate beaches.


  • You can stroll along the boardwalk of rainforests along Wanggoolba Creek.
  • You can also take a swim in the crystal clear blue waters of Lake Mackenzie.
  • Or gaze upon the lofty sand dunes inundating Lake Wabby.

Special mention.

  • Dingoes! Australian Wild dogs. Do keep an eye out for them while walking.
  • When you reach Central Station, you should make a stop at the exhibits so that you can learn more about the history and ecology of the island.
  • A comparatively easy walk still requires 6-8 days for completion.
  • Nevertheless, if your time is scarce, then you can focus on smaller segments of the trail.


  • Along the trail, you will find basic walkers camps, as well as private and comfortable guest houses.

Mount Gower, Lord Howe Island [New South Wales]

Another World Heritage gem, Mount Gower is 875 meters tall situated on the North coast of New South Wales is considered one of the world’s best day walks.

While ascending through this 9 Miles round trip hike, you will end up in the Mist forests on the mountain’s peak. Meanwhile, you have the opportunity to scout the botanical and wildlife amazement of this immaculate island.

The southern portion of this island is packed with fern forests, moss enveloped trees and rare orchids.


  • A scenic view of Mt LidgBird Balls Pyramid, which is the world’s largest sea stack (565 meters).
  • Northern settlement of the island.

Recommended time of the year.

  • March till September.

Special attraction.

  • Providence Petrel can be found at the summit, these fearless birds appear on cue.

Note: It is strongly recommended to have guided walks, as it also provides insight into the Island’s rich history and its eccentric ecology.

The Great Ocean Walk (Twelve Apostles) [Victoria]

Those who love to take a drive along a scenic route, this is the place for them.

Still, you can also enjoy the spectacular view on foot.

Situated on Victoria’s shipwreck, this walk is part of the country’s most picturesque stretches of coastline.

Totaling at 65 Miles, this multi-day (up to 8 days) one-way hike extends from Apollo Bay’s town till Great Otway National Parks via Port Campbell.

But the main takeaway is The Twelve Apostles (although they never were 12 but 9, as of now only 7 stands), the lofty coastal rock formations chiseled by the roaring wind and lashing surf.

When you look at the deceitful ocean, you can imagine just how these forces of nature hollowed out this crenate coast over the millennia.


  • Venturing through some of the nation’s highest sea cliffs
  • Exploring wildlife-rich Casuarina forests and wetlands.
  • Windswept beaches home to the anchors of old shipwrecks.

Special mention

  • Stretch of trail between Glenample and Princetown.
  • Whales!

Recommended time of the year.

  • June – September.


  • Luxury hotels.

Note: Guided walks are available because of Tour Operators.

Three Capes Track, Cape Raoul and Cape Hauy. (Tasman National Park) [Tasmania]

Tasmania “The Apple Island” has some unique and wonderful granite rock formation, sandstone, sea caves, and conspicuous cliffs.

Cape Raoul track is an 8.5-mile moderate hike which takes about 5 hours, and then there’s Cape Hauy Track another moderate 5-mile hike of 3- 4 hours.

Both tracks go through the jagged wooded areas and terminate at sea cliffs.

On the other hand, Three Capes Track is a multi-day strenuous hike which covers around 30 miles, takes up to 4 days.

It starts and ends at Port Arthur prison and settlement (Another World Heritage Site), it is one of the best-maintained Prison sites in Australia.


  • Denmans Cove.
  • Tasman National Park (one can have an unhindered experience of bays, open oceans, and granite stacks.


  • Plenty of options are available, including posh private lodges.

Note: You have to book in advance because only 48 hikers are allowed each day.

If you think the list is incomplete, well you are not wrong because every inch of Australia is worth admiring.

Nevertheless, these aforementioned 7 hiking /trekking spots are truly amazing. So buckle up, it’s time to make some memories.

Rodney Heaton

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