Making A Wooden Bow And Arrow

We all might have heard this quite often that one can hit two hunting targets with one arrow. To accomplish such a great task, what we need is a high quality bow and arrow and an adroit archer. Haven’t you noticed that we always use ‘a bow and arrow’ instead of  ‘a bow and an arrow’.

That is because we are not unaware of the fact that these two simple things together can make a powerful fatal weapon.Therefore,in pair always. Bow and arrow are one of the most primitive weapons used for hunting. They are also used for self-defence.But the uniqueness of this particular weapon depends a great deal upon its making.


A Bow is a weapon that helps propel an arrow swift through the waves of air and hit the target. It is typically made up of flexible wood which should be strong too. It has two shafts on both the ends that hold the string tight. The piece of wood used appears parabolic in shape. They are of four types-stick, cross, curve and compound bow.

An arrow on the other hand is a straight piece of stick with an extremely sharp edge or point.

Let us now try our hands on making a wooden bow and arrow.

The Wood Show

Here comes the initial step-choosing the right and appropriate quality of wood. See, if you have chosen the right wood for construction, half the job is done. Presenting a list of the woods that can be used for a bow:-

  • Deadwood
  • Oak wood
  • Yew wood
  • Teak wood
  • Elm wood
  • Hickory wood
  • Black locust wood
  • Hazel wood

The best among these to make a bow is DEADWOOD.

The dimensions of wood for bow-

  • Diameter-1 inch
  • Length-5 to 6 feet

The dimensions of wood for arrow-

  • Thickness-1/2 an inch
  • Length-1 to 2 feet long

The height of a bow should be the same as that of the user in order to provide the best results.

Parts Of A Bow

  • Belly
  • Back
  • Bow Neck
  • Grip/Handle
  • String

Parts Of An Arrow

  • Body
  • Tail
  • Head

The Making Body

The bow is shaped broad at the center and the breadth reduces as it reaches both the ends. Also, ensure that it is more flexible at the ends. Whittling of the entire bow is very important. Although it consumes a large chunk of the time in making of a bow, that time is worth the importance. An excellent whittling is directly proportional to an effective bow.

Bow Necks

After this, notches are to be created on both the ends of the bow which are called bow necks. While creating the bow necks, take care of a 90 degree angle cut bisecting the diameter. These are cut at 1 or 2 inches from both the sides of the bow. These necks hold the strings tightly.

Bow String

There are wide options to choose from that will serve as the raw material for the bow string.Some of these are:-

  • Cotton strands
  • Vines
  • Hemp cords
  • Rawhide
  • Thin nylon
  • Sinew

Also make sure to keep the length of the string as short as possible. The shorter, the better works here.Now, when, we are ready with the string and the bow, just tie the string to both the bow necks, giving the bow a curved shape.


The arrows are made up of straight sticks. Some of the apt woods for making these are:-

  • Oak wood
  • Elm wood
  • Black locust wood

Again, here, whittling plays an important role. Whittle the wood and shape the arrow. The arrow heads are made by carving the wood in the front end.Stone, glass or metal can also be used to create arrow heads in case we are making arrows at home and not in jungle. Feathers made out of cardboard papers can be added at the other end of the arrow to make it more accurate and balanced.

To Conclude

Be patient and careful. Please see that making an apt wooden bow and arrow can serve as one of the points of mistakes to avoid while hunting. The making of a bow and arrow can turn out to be a creative task for us. But as we all know that it can be dangerous if not handled properly. Do see to it.So, what are you waiting for. Get set and give it a shot because nothing is as appeasing as work done oneself.

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I'm Rodney Heaton and I love hunting in the wild. In the past, I was in the military for over 5 years. After that I became a licensed hunter and a mountain guide.

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