A Little Bit About The Storage and Use of Weapons in Texas

If you have citizenship or permanent residence, and if you do not have criminal offenses hanging on you, you can leave the gun store with a newly purchased semi-automatic rifle just a few hours after the purchase.

You can store it at home, at work, or on the farm. A safe or lock is bought voluntarily if there are no children in the house. You can carry a gun in the car under a newspaper, so as not to frighten the population. All this without any license or permission.

Why is it so simple?

Let’s start with the fact that the history of carrying weapons began with the period of the “Wild West” when there were no restrictions and rules at all. Therefore, a gun behind your back or a revolver under your pillow has long been a natural feature of Texas life. It was used by farmers to incite game for dinner, shoot wolves and protect themselves and their livestock from thieves and robbers.

To this day, there are many remote villages or isolated houses, to which the police have to get for 15-30 minutes. In this situation, Texans especially rely on their weapons. Therefore, the old laws are supported by the majority of the population and they are not going to change them yet.

How is a gun bought?

You show your driver’s license in the store, the seller checks you against the ATF database (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives). If you are clean, you take the weapon immediately. Moreover, ATF does not register the number of barrels anywhere. The store, too. That is, there are no restrictions on the number of barrels.

You can buy it with your hands. This is often done in newspapers like “from hand to hand”. Here everything is actually on the conscience of the seller. He may or may not check your criminal history. The weapon changes its owner and is not re-registered anywhere else.

How are cartridges bought?

Persons over the age of 18, without a license, in the nearest department store of any basic caliber at any time of the day, if the store is open, without a limit on the number. You can also buy cartridges at online stores. For example, there are often discounts here BulkMunitions, and the goods are always of high quality. If it is ordered online, the box is delivered by mail directly to your home. Moreover, often frightened postmen leave the parcel unattended right on the doorstep.

How is a pistol bought?

This is the only type of weapon that since the Reagan era requires a concealed carry license (Concealed Handgun License – CHL). After showing the license in the store, the seller also checks you with the ATF and the police, and if everything is OK, sells you a weapon.

How do I get a concealed carry license?

  1. To do this, you need to pass a 2-day (16 hours) course of CHL. It costs about $100. During the course, most of the time is devoted to questions of the safety of owning, handling, and carrying weapons, to laws, as well as to real-life examples where you can use weapons and where not. The course ends with an exam of 30 questions and a test for hitting a growth target with 10 rounds from a distance of 1 meter.
  2. After receiving a certificate from CHL courses, you sign up for fingerprints via the Internet. After about a week, you take it to the office nearest to you.
  3. Then you send several forms and the certificate itself to the Texas Department of Public Safety (TX DPS) along with a check for $ 160.
  4. After about 2 months, a plastic card with a CHL license arrives. The license is given for 5 years.

Where and how can I carry a gun?

You can wear it everywhere, except for some authorities, for example, a courtroom, prison territories, schools, stadiums. But the most important thing is an institution, 51% of whose profit comes from the sale of alcohol. That is except for liquor stores, bars, and clubs. Although it is possible to go to a restaurant or cafe, for example, since half of their profit comes from selling food.

For simplicity, “alcoholic” establishments usually mark their doors with the sign ” 51%” or “30.06”, which means an article in the law. It happens that a particular owner prohibits weapons on his territory, but this is his right.

What happens if a policeman stops you?

Before the policeman approaches your car, he first runs the number of your car in the onboard computer. The abbreviation CHL immediately pops up on the screen. By law, you are required to tell him that you have a license, and what weapons and where you are currently carrying.

In the case of rifles, a license for storage and transportation is not required. But you need to prove that you are transporting it only between the points allowed for storage. That is, if you are taking them from home to the farm, there are no complaints. But if you go to the stadium from work, they can detain you and give you a fine.

Can I buy fully automatic weapons and silencers?

In Texas, you can. But for submachine guns and rifles with a barrel shorter than 16 inches (or less than 26 inches along the entire length), an additional tax and license are required. Everything costs about $ 800 per barrel + the cost of weapons. For example, an AR-15 semi-automatic with a 16 ” barrel costs about $1000. While an automatic AR/M4 with a short barrel will cost about $2000.

Only an organization can buy a silencer, not a private owner. To do this, some register a special type of organization to get a permit for a silencer. The process costs about $1000.

In other states, the laws vary. Somewhere weapons are completely prohibited. Somewhere there are strict restrictions on the size of the magazine, the size of the barrel, the rules of carrying, etc. In this regard, Alaska, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, and a few more are the most liberal states for gunsmiths.

Rodney Heaton

I'm Rodney Heaton and I love hunting in the wild. In the past, I was in the military for over 5 years. After that I became a licensed hunter and a mountain guide.