6 Hunting Gadgets You Need for the Perfect Hunt

A lot has changed in the hunting world. Now you can use hunting gadgets to improve your hunt. Check out these six gadgets for efficient hunting!

In 2016, a whopping 101.6 million Americans took part in wildlife-related activities. That’s about 40% of folks in the U.S. aged 16 years and older!

Hunting is one such activity that many Americans continue to enjoy. Despite the decline in hunters, there were still 11.5 million people who hunted on US soils in 2016.

So, if you’re thinking of jumping on the hunting bandwagon, there’s no other better time than now to do that. But like any wildlife-related activity, you need access to quality hunting gadgets. You don’t need the most expensive gear, but you at least need them to be reliable.

Of course, it won’t hurt if you invest in some of the latest and coolest hunting accessories.

Ready to make every hunt as perfect as possible? Then keep reading to learn about some of the best hunting must-haves you should bring with you!

Wind Detector

Did you know that bears boast a sense of smell 2,100 times greater than that of humans? Or that the nose of a white-tailed deer has a whopping 297 million olfactory receptors?

That’s right! That’s how impressive these games’ noses are, and it’s why hunting them can be downright hard. They’ll detect your presence from miles away, even before you have the chance to say, “Oh deer” (sorry).

The good news is, today’s best-hunting gadgets can help you stay away from these animals’ scent trail. One such gear to have in your hunting arsenal is a wind detector. This tool allows you to calculate the wind, including speed and direction.

Knowing these wind variables allows for a successful hunt in three ways.

First, you’ll know which direction the wind will carry your scent, which can be where the game is hiding. Second, you can adjust your shooting trajectory based on the speed and force of the wind. Third, you can make more use out of deer attractant if you let it travel with the wind.

Rangefinder-Equipped Rifle Scope

Some of the latest hunting gadgets are highly-precise and accurate rangefinders. What’s more, the best RFs are already built into stable and reliable rifle scopes. These even come with ballistic calculators that you can match with your own rifle and load.

With an RF-equipped rifle scope, you only need to pre-set the system with your gun’s ballistic info. A single touch or tap of a button then lights up a dot on the scope that you’ll see on the crosshair. Aim that dot on your target, pull the trigger, and you can bag your shooter.

Night Vision Optics

Night vision optics are some of the cool hunting gadgets every game-chaser should own. However, only the latest nighttime scopes offer the enhanced capability for night use. Older units won’t cut it when hunting at night, be it on enclosed spaces or open fields.

That said, the best night vision optics include 1 – 6x power rifle scopes. These have extendable scoping power, so you can choose to level up or down depending on your needs.

Most also boast an auto-brightness control feature. This means the scope automatically factors in the darkness of your hunting grounds. As a result, you’ll get optimal site and field picture.

Some of the top-quality night scopes you can buy today also deliver up to 6.5-degree field-of-view. Moreover, they feature 100% shockproof lens, complete with a waterproof built.

Scent Control Gadgets

The human body, on average, has three million sweat glands. Most of these — the eccrine sweat glands — produce odorless sweat. It’s the apocrine sweat glands that generate smell-laden perspiration.

It’s also the latter that carries a distinct odor that game animals can detect from many yards away. That’s why scent control is a major focus of many new hunting gadgets in the market.

Today, you’ll find “washing machines” that help remove body odors in hunting clothes. Some of these hunting appliances come with a motor that pumps out heated air. It then recirculates the air to eradicate moisture and odors in clothes and footwear.

You’ll also find scent control “washers” equipped with activated carbon filters. Many studies have found that activated carbon helps remove residual odors. These filters may also help get rid of body odors still lingering in your hunting clothes.

Location-Based Hunting Apps

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service alone manages 336 national wildlife refuges. It’s also tasked to look after 36 wetland districts. Let’s not forget the National Park Service, which manages another 76 areas.

All of these are places where you can hunt small and big game alike. The question now is, do you know which specific animals you can take down in these areas? Do you even know which zone boundary you’re currently traversing?

If not, and you make the mistake of shooting that prohibited elk, you’re in big trouble.

Luckily, you don’t have to memorize all zoning rules, nor do you have to keep Googling it whenever you move. There are location-based apps that’ll tell you exactly what you can and cannot hunt in that area you’re in. Check out this page to find out more about what these hunting apps can help you with during your hunts.

Smart First Aid Kit

Smart first aid kits are no 911 responders, but they can be a real life-saver in emergency situations. For starters, these kits come with labeled supplies for easy identification. Second, they feature a tablet that gives detailed instructions on what to do in case of an accident.

Some intelligent kits are also pre-programmed to ask questions about an injury. The kit will then analyze the answers you give so that it can provide you with first aid instructions. It’ll give you step-by-step directions to treat the injury and which supplies to use.

Bag Your Game Trophy with these Reliable Hunting Gadgets

There you have it, your ultimate list of must-have hunting gadgets to take down that shooter. With these hunting gear and accessories, you have higher chances of taking home a trophy. And don’t forget to get a zoning-based app, so you can stay on the good side of the law.

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Rodney Heaton

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