How to Make the Most of Your .338 Lapua

Owning a gun is synonymous with hunting in the United States of America, and you must ensure that you have the suitable types of guns for the animals you wish to hunt. Over 15 million hunters across America use several gun options for their hunting needs. Many who hunt for large mammals view the .338 Lapua as the go-to round for distance and power.

Your responsibility as a gun owner is always to operate your firearm with safety as the highest priority. That said, purchasing a new gun chambered for the .338 Lapua round is an excellent investment if you’re ready to hunt for elk, bear, and bison.

Luckily, you’ve found the perfect guide to learning more about the .338 Lapua, its uses, and some helpful tips for operating it in a safe and controlled manner. Keep reading to learn more today!

What Is the .338 Lapua?

The .338 Lapua is a relatively new round compared to other large caliber hunting rounds that many gun owners use. The military developed the round during research to create the perfect sniper rifle round. The British put the finishing touches to it to help it become the most accurate round possible.

Finnish armaments company Lapua found ways to increase the strength of the casing, making the round capable of withstanding massive amounts of pressure when fired. A drawback to this type of ammo is its limited quantity, so you’ll need to anticipate paying higher prices if you want to use it for your hunting trips.

It’s an excellent hunting round, producing enough muzzle velocity to experience zero drop from 200 yards out. Purchasing the types of guns that use the 338 lapua will give you the ultimate hunting experience.

Benefits of the .338 Lapua

The .338 Lapua brings some impressive benefits to the table, making it one of the best gun options for deer and elk hunters. It’s one of the best rounds to use if you plan on taking down deer, antelope, and elk at staggering distances. Hitting targets from a distance requires a powerful round, and that’s precisely what you’ll have as a gun owner with a rifle chambered for this round.

This around is accurate out to 1750 yards. Anything under a mile is within your grasp when hunting with the .338 Lapua.

Drawbacks of the .338 Lapua

The primary drawback of the .338 Lapua is the cost. It’s one of the most expensive options for ammo when owning a gun in the United States. Ammo isn’t plentiful for this gun option since it’s a newer invention. Expect to pay around $2.70 per shot to purchase a new gun chambered for this large rifle round.

Packing your own ammo is a viable alternative to purchasing new ammo each time you want to hunt or spend time at the range. Taking that route will still set you back $1.50 per round. You shouldn’t hesitate to consider your .338 gun options if you have a large budget.

Tips for Firing the .338 Lapua

Now that you know some basics about the .338 Lapua, you need to know the best tips for firing it. It’s a big round that produces some kick, and underestimating it will result in inaccurate groupings and a sore shoulder. Here’s a closer look at some things you can do as you adjust to your new gun.

Be Steady

Remaining steady is a vital tip to follow when you’re firing a .338 Lapua round for the first time, as patience is required when firing a large-caliber rifle. Maintaining a sturdy position allows you to collect yourself and place the round precisely where you want it to go when you’re looking down range.

A steady hold is also required since the rifle will have some serious kick when you pull the trigger but avoid gripping the rifle too tightly as you’ll hurt yourself when your body absorbs the recoil. The goal isn’t to fire as many rounds as possible, the goal is to fire an accurate shot that hits the target when you’re using your new gun.

Go Prone

Going prone is another essential step to take when you’re getting used to larger types of guns that fire the Lapua round. Many hunters opt for a bi-pod to stabilize the rifle so they can lie down when firing. A stand makes aiming and firing with greater accuracy a much easier task.

It’s possible to fire a Lapua round standing, but your accuracy will take a hit as will your body. It’s easier to remain calm and steady when firing from a prone position. 

Get the Right Equipment

Having the right equipment is also vital if you want the best experience possible with your Lapua gun options. Getting a top-notch scope and bi-pod for your hunting rifle is the best route to take if you have dreams of taking down that trophy buck from 600 yards away.

Look for scopes that eliminate glare when the sun hits them, as this allows you to guess your range and calibrate your scope for an accurate shot. A stable stand will also do wonders for your accuracy as a gun owner. Consider getting a gun lock or safe for your home when you’re not using your new rifle.


As mentioned earlier, ammo for the Lapua isn’t cheap, but you’ll need to get your practice in at the range if you want to master your new firearm. Every weapon requires some time to get used to how it fires and its tendencies. Track your performance with each shot you take at the range to perfect your groupings.

Purchase Your First .338 Lapua Firearm Today

Purchasing a new gun chambered for the .338 Lapua round is a great investment if you’re planning to hunt for large animals like deer, elk, and bison. Your new gun is accurate at distances up to one mile, and it offers zero drop on shots out to 200 yards. Make sure you get a top-notch scope and bi-pod to ensure a safe and accurate hunting experience when owning a gun chambered for this round.

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