Carry handguns are the preferred choice among many licensed gun carriers for a number of reasons. The ease and comfort in carrying, using and concealing the handguns make it ideally suited for everyday life. 

A quality carry handgun provides great stability and can be easily used by beginners with little or no instruction. However, with many of these compact, portable guns on the market, it is important to find handguns are ideal for any particular situation.

Some of the qualities of a top class carry handgun include sight alignment which can affect the use of the gun depending on the degree of vision of the individual, the ease of controlling the magazine and the potential for retaining control in high-stress situations.

These requirements will help you select a great carry handgun and most of them can be paired with some of the best IWB holsters to make it easy to carry around. Here are ten of the best carry handguns currently available on the market.

1. Springfield Armory Xd-E .45 Acp

Carry handguns are not made for heavy shooters and those who are inclined towards big hitters and this little gun packs a lot of features that make it as functional as any other firearm.

It is equipped with a double-spring recoil system that makes it easy to shoot using the hammer firing style which is extremely simple to operate.

A deliberate low effort glide and superb design make it ideal for people who do not have the hand strength to fire most conventional weapons. This makes the Springfield armory xd-e variant a reliable carry handgun that makes solid contact with your finger when fired.

2. American Tactical FXH Hybrid

This high-grade firearm is designed with a luxurious polymer frame that also accommodates a premium steel glide and unique suppressor style. It is equipped with a magazine that holds 10 rounds and a 5-inch barrel length that helps to tunnel the bullet with optimum velocity.

The 9mm caliber weapon is 8.7 inches long and weighs a substantial 31.2 ounces and is a uniquely styled carry gun that can be used for a wide range of purposes and is a great item that can be easily hidden in holsters and carried around all day long.

A creatively sculpted gun that will surely come in handy as an accessory for self-defense and personal security.

3. Smith And Wesson M&P9 2.0 Compact

A handgun built for high functionality with a broad spectrum of features that include a superb grip angle, a comparatively lower bore axis that allows for a reduced vertical muzzle flip and a triple dot combat-like targeting technology that makes it much easier to keep your eyes on the bull when you’re firing the weapon.

As a result, the trigger can be easily tapped for rapid-fire action in extreme situations. In addition, the gun can be used with and without the mandatory safety option making it a good option for beginners.

4. Glock G17

This Austrian made elite handgun range is well known for producing world class firearms and is credited with revolutionizing the industry in a number of ways. The G17 model contains a set of eighteen 9mm cartridges.

With up to 34 different parts made from both plastic and metallic materials, this handgun is primed to deliver precise shots from range and is preferred choice among many gun carriers due to its reliability.

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5. Ruger Security 9

The Ruger security 9 is a hammer fired carry handgun that is reputed to have one of the very best factory triggers. The handle is mildly textured giving it a firm but the tempered grip that works for people with soft palms.

It also comes with a considerably lighter recoil spring and is complemented by an easily concealed form factor. With cool aluminum side rails and an allowance for thumb safety, this small firearm is one of the very best on the market.

6. S & W M & P

First launched on the market in thirteen years ago in 2005, this Smith and Wesson handgun model has remained a top-notch, high-quality firearm. A striker fired weapon with a peculiar polymer frame, it is one of the best ambassadors of the American made handgun variants.

It has a very solid grip and metal magazines that work perfectly without any glitches. The mild trigger texture is also efficient and makes the weapon very popular among gun carriers.

7. Charter arms bulldog

A unique addition to the already famous bulldog brand, this handgun is a .44 caliber weapon that is light to hold and easy to carry. When fully loaded with special grain bullets, it is a formidable handgun that belies its small size with its operational capabilities.

In addition, this carry gun is very easy to carry around and can be easily concealed in a holster without being detected.

8. Bersa TPR9c

This 9mm caliber handgun is an upgrade on the older TRP9 and comes in a premium aluminum alloyed metal frame that is accompanied by a well-fitted steel slide. With a 13 round magazine available, this firearm has a 10 round capacity and is considerably light at 23 ounces.

The deliberate outstanding geometric design favors a polygonal rifling mechanism through the 3-inch barrel that is able to release surprisingly explosive shots. This is exceptionally complemented by a combat grade 3 dot sight system that makes it easy to find the target.

9. Colt Night Cobra

Ideally named for the deadly king serpent, this carry gun is built to be concealed completely from view in all kinds of holsters. It is equipped with a bright tritium sight in front and measures just over 7 inches in length.

It is a lightweight in the handgun category at 25 ounces and a .38 caliber and fully functional 6 round capacity complete its range of small and simple features that make it an ideal handgun suited for everyday use.

A highly resistant coating allows the colt night cobra to look the same for many years while an extended trigger guard makes it easy to use gloves when firing the weapon.

10. S & W Shield

The Smith and Wesson brand has produced a number of top quality handguns and the shield variant is no different. It is equipped with the same type of progressive cartridge system found on the .44 and 9mm caliber models.

It is essentially a lightweight carry handgun that is can be carried around with ease and fired at will without making too many adjustments. The Smith and Wesson shield is also built for quick firing and comes with a light recoil that makes it easy to fire on one hand.

These ten handguns epitomize the simple, efficient functionality of carrying handguns and are able to perform with impressive efficiency as daily companions due to the ease of concealment, adaptable firing systems and textured grips that make the guns easy to handle.

For a lot of people, a gun is a necessity that has become part of their everyday lives. As a result, it is not simply enough to buy just any handgun and you will find the carry handguns on this list among the very best on the market.

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