Top 10 Best Hunting Games for Android

There’s nothing like playing a good mobile game. In this day and age of people on-the-go with games being made to be portable, is it any wonder that mobile games are getting so popular?

One particular genre of mobile games that is increasing in popularity are hunting games. These games specialize in providing a real sense of adventure, amazing graphics, and time-consuming fun all within the convenience of your android device. These games give you the gritty and adventurous experience of actual hunting while offering time-consuming fun.

Whether it be realistic animal hunting games or the cross-genre zombie killing spree, here are the top 10 best hunting games perfect for your android:

1. Deer Hunter Classic

Price: Free to play

This is one of the oldest but most enduring animal hunting games out there. Deer Hunter Classic is an android game possessing good graphics, easy to learn gameplay, and a large array of animal species for you to hunt. This one is as straightforward as they come and offers simple beginner friendly gaming.

2. Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores

Price: Free to play

This one has some of the more original concepts of hunting games.. It puts you in a Jurassic World kind of scenario where you are on the hunt for large and scary dinosaurs to stay alive.

In order to do this effectively, you must gather a large arsenal of weapons that range from medieval to futuristic. This game is certainly as immersive as they come. This is the best game for those cinephiles out there who want to be plunged into a movie-like scenario.

3. Bigfoot Monster Hunt

Price: Free to play

We all know the legend of Bigfoot and watched the documentaries and conspiracy shows centered on finding him. Here, we have a game that tasks it to you to find the big guy. You must lay traps, engage in stakeout, and do everything you can in ensnare the creature once and for all.

You can rely on a range of equipment that includes spy cameras, bear traps, and, of course, the trusty hunting rifle. Be careful though because if you make one wrong move then you will end up at the mercy of the elusive big-footed creature.

4. Zombie Hunter Sniper

Price: Free to play

Zombie hunter sniper is a first-person shooter game where you are (as the title of the game suggests) a sniper shooting down zombies. You can play this game either offline or online and it boasts smooth gameplay and decent graphics.

Note though that there are also some in-app purchases for weapons upgrades among other things.

5. Hunting Simulator

Price: Free to play

Hunting Simulator is an indie game that offers the player nine maps to choose from, eight weapons to use, and 12 species to hunt down.

One of the better indie games out there, it definitely does justice with its graphics and content. You should be aware though that because it is an indie game, there are some bugs but it does not make it a bad game overall.

6. Dragon Slayer

Price: Free to play

If you’re a fan of fantasy then this game is perfect for you. In Dragon Slayer: you are put in a magical map and tasked with slaying everything from dragons to wyverns and other mythical beasts. The fantastical graphics and the beautiful imagery will certainly captivate the player and drive your imagination to new highs. This is one of the most visually pleasing games in existence on Play Store.

7. Wild Hunt: Sports Hunting Games – Hunt & Shooter 3D

Price: Free to play

This is a hunting simulator game that allows the player different modes of playing along with a vast array of different terrain. There is also a variety of different but realistically rendered animals for you to hunt.

And if you are the competitive type, the game has a PvP mode in which you enter into a hunting tournament and championships to climb ranks, improve your skills, and be known the world over.

8. Shark Hunting

Price: Free to play

If you like the movie Jaws, then you’re going to love this very scary but crazily fun game. Shark Hunting possesses great underwater effects and requires wit and endurance to be able to take down one of those great whites. The greatest part of the game is the rendering of the underwater environment. It capture the diversity of life and vastness of the sea like few games can.

Note though that the game can get a bit repetitive but if you love hunting down the oceans’ greatest predator then you’ll have hours upon hours of great fun.

9. Wild Hunter 3D

Price: Free to play

Wild hunter 3D is the kind of game you play if you are into missions with stories and a nice linear thread. Within the game there are a bunch of weapons – all of which you can collect and upgrade, decent mechanics, and graphics.

All in a game that possesses over 200 story missions. There are quite a few in-app purchases but this game is the perfect time killer when you have nothing to do and want to be immersed into a hunting environment.

10. Moose Target Shooting

Price: Free to play

If killing living entities grosses you out, Moose Target Shooting is the game made just for you. Here, you need only shoot targets and try your best to get them dead center. Aim is the most important thing in this game and to succeed you must become a master marksman. The game is surprisingly smart because it forces you to take into account things like bullet trajectory gravity and wind force.

Something about this game has a very classic and timeless feel to it too. it This is the kind of game that harkens back to the arcade games of old.

All these games are free to download and play and are available in Google Play store as or any app store available in your android device.

Rodney Heaton

I'm Rodney Heaton and I love hunting in the wild. In the past, I was in the military for over 5 years. After that I became a licensed hunter and a mountain guide.