High-Tech Hunting: 10 Pieces Of Hunting Gear To Put On Your Wishlist In 2019


Are you asking for hunting gear as birthday gifts? Here are some of the hottest items you should include.

Did you know that about 10 million people each year hunt deer in the USA?

Hunting deer is one of the most popular leisure pursuits in the USA. Having the latest technology and correct equipment to hunt efficiently and safely is a must!

If you or a person you love are planning a hunting trip, what are the hottest items available in 2019 for hunters?

Check out our guide to the 10 pieces of hunting gear to put on your wishlist in 2019.

Portable Generator

Some hunting trips are unforgettable. The scenery, the game, the trail. You will want to keep your memories. Whilst purists may choose a “no-electricity trip”, for many the opportunity to recharge phones and camera batteries is a must.

Enter the 2000Wi portable inverter generator from Powerhouse. It weighs just 67 pounds and delivers 2000 watts of AC power. It makes minimal noise and includes many safety features. Retain your memories and stay safe by having a power supply by your side.

Hunting Bikes

Got a long trail ahead of you? Looking to set and check-up on several trail cams? You are going to need help to haul your backpack across the miles. Why not benefit from a Hunting Bike?

Hunting bikes have been around for a long time and are hybrid bikes that add electrical power to a traditional bicycle. You will need a dependable bike from a reputable retailer, which is why we recommend these hunting bikes.

Carry a heavy load more easily, escape more quickly from a tough situation. An electric bike can make a difference.


Experienced hunters know that most game can recognize a hunter a long way off by their scent.

The natural body scent of humans becomes locked into the clothes they wear for hunting. Meaning that it is actually your clothes that give you away. Scentmaster can prevent your clothes giving you away. Place your clothes in the box overnight. Heated air is recirculated in the box, this removes the scent and moisture from your clothes.

This gives you a fresh start and an even chance with your target every day.

Blind Webb

Remaining unseen for a long period of time can be a challenge. The Blind Web helps you to disguise your location. It is a bungee cord that can be attached to any type of blind.

Local branches and foliage can then easily be attached, giving the impression that the blind belongs to the local scrub. Weighing only 3 1/2 pounds, this will give you an advantage without weighing you down.

EOTech 512.Xbow

Integrating holographic technology into a crossbow sight, the EOTech 512.Xbow is a must-have for crossbow users.

The sight uses holographic technology to provide precise targeting. It will project a ranging scale on to your target and provide distancing information for any crossbow arrow scale.

All this runs on just 2 AA lithium batteries. If you are looking to get the best out of your crossbow this is your best friend.

Halo Xtanium P1000X Rangefinder

Want maximum flexibility from a rangefinder? The Halo Xtanium P1000X rangefinder is for you. It has a number of features that allow for movement and selecting multiple targets.

Artificial Intelligence technologies calculate the effect of slopes in the distance to the target, scan mode is constantly preparing for adjustments to the pitch. The rubberized grip means you can physically move your rifle as much as you want without traction.

Bow Trainer

There are a large number of injuries each year from bow use without prior practice. Avoid this with a Bow Trainer that you can use at home.

The Bow Trainer comes with a three-step training program that improves your technique with the bow gradually. It is lightweight, travel-friendly, and can ensure that injury won’t stop your next hunting trip.

Pivot Traverse Bi-Pod

If you are looking to train on multiple targets from a single location, the Pivot Traverse Bi-Pod is for you.

It will support your rifle and its rotation and track-back technology allow you to switch between targets easily. You can also lock your rifle into place easily. The Bipod is collapsible and fits into a hunter’s backpack.

Piranta-Bolt Knife

A knife is a staple part of your kit. However, you probably would prefer to take one knife rather than a selection. The piranta-bolt comes with replaceable blades that will help you to accomplish a number of different tasks.

Each blade is 20% thicker than normal and provides 30% more strength. This is the knife that can handle any situation you face on the hunt.  

PH Series Sticks

Looking to shoot from a standing position tripod? the PH Series sticks are custom made to the height of the shooter. They can be deconstructed in seconds in case you want to switch to a sitting position.

The wood used in their construction is maple wood and is covered at the top with cowhide leather to protect your weapon.

The Latest in Hunting Gear and Much More

For those looking for the latest in hunting gear, these items will be their best friend during 2019.

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I'm Rodney Heaton and I love hunting in the wild. In the past, I was in the military for over 5 years. After that I became a licensed hunter and a mountain guide.