How to Make Purified Water in Black Desert Online

Water is one of the key crafting materials in Black Desert Online, used for everything from cooking to alchemy and guild crafts.

Player can easily obtain purified water by purchasing an empty bottle from a material merchant and drinking it near an accessible water source, helping them avoid Heat Stroke during the day and heal debuffs that damage them every five seconds.

Gathering Water

Water is an indispensable resource in Black Desert Online, not only as drinking water but also for cooking and alchemy recipes. Due to the game’s hot climate, not having enough water could quickly lead to heat stroke or even death; fortunately, players can easily gain access to its many sources or create their own supply with little need for special equipment or knowledge.

First, players need to acquire empty water bottles from materials vendors (shown as scythe icons on the map), which cost 20 silver each. Next, players should head out to bodies of water such as rivers, oceans or ponds and move their character near any source before right-clicking their bottle – this will start collecting water into it – repeat this step until either your bottle is full or your character runs out of energy – either way will do.

To speed up this process, check the “Repeat Drawing Water” box that appears next to the gathering bar. This will automatically cause your character to gather water until either you stop him/her or their energy runs out.

Filtration should then take place to further purify the water collected, using either the processing window and selecting “Filtering,” or by opening up an appropriate tab from within it and pressing start on any one or more filters. Filtration will begin, producing up to 2.5 purified water for every bottle filtered (at processing level artisan 1). Take care not to overheat the water as this could produce distilled instead of pure water. This will ensure that the water collected is safe to drink, and won’t pose any potential health hazards. Boiling water can also be very helpful for combatting the hot climate of Black Desert Online; its cool temperature makes it perfect for use in cooking, alchemy, guild craft items or storage in inventory for later use.

Filtering Water

No matter where you find yourself after an earthquake or natural disaster or just playing Black Desert Online, water is essential. Luckily, BDO provides plenty of bodies of water which can be collected and disinfected before drinking; these include streams, rivers, ponds lakes and brackish or salty waters as well as precipitation that can also be collected as drinking sources. Any natural source water must first be treated for contaminants that could potentially cause cryptosporidiosis and giardiasis among other illnesses.

Purified water is one of the key components in this game, essential for both cooking and alchemy recipes. Water can be collected via various means but the most cost-effective and straightforward means is using a Watery Filter which can be purchased or crafted from Material Merchant on the map (representated by an icon with a scythe icon) at relatively cheap and straightforward rates.

Once you’ve acquired the Watery Filter, it’s time to collect water! River water can be found throughout Ibellab Oasis and Kunid’s Vacation Spot; for purified water production you can also use Bag of Muddy Water obtained through shovelling in desert or gathering with workers) and Cactus Sap sap as ingredients – simply open up the processing window by pressing L and select Filtering > Filtering before selecting water for filtering (press Start to start) with care so as not to overheat it or you will end up with distilled instead of purified purified water!

BDO water is an invaluable resource, helping players avoid heat stroke in the desert or recover after combat encounters. Luckily, this game makes getting purified water easy so players can survive the harsh landscape while enjoying every step of their adventure to its fullest. Hopefully this guide can be of use to anyone just beginning or improving their existing BDO experience.

Brewing Liquid Reagent

Crafting liquid reactant is key to mastering alchemy in Black Desert. This essential reagent can be found in many recipes used for processing, cooking and guild craft; additionally it plays an integral part in producing valuable potions and elixirs that can be sold off at significant profits to other players. While players can purchase this reagent from various vendors within the game, making their own using an easy process can also prove fruitful.

In order to create liquid reactants, players will first need to gather water from a nearby river. To do this, empty bottles may be purchased from materials vendors (represented on-screen by scythe symbols on maps) for 20 silver each. Once you have collected enough river water, it must then be filtered using the processing window; select your collected bottle of river water and press start in order to initiate filtering process and receive up to 2.5 purified waters per bottle filtered this way.

Making clear liquid reagent, an ingredient necessary for most alchemical recipes in Black Desert, requires collecting all the required ingredients and placing them in a mixing bowl before selecting “Start Mixing” to begin the brewing process. Once complete, store this resulting liquid until needed for an alchemical recipe.

Elixir of Wings is one of many useful potions available to players in Black Desert and provides an instant increase to jump height. Crafting this Skilled potion requires one Dead Tree Essence, 2 Silver Azalea Flowers, 3 Loopy Tree Sap and 2 Ash Sap Sap as ingredients.

Perfume of Swiftness is another fantastic item to create, providing significant boosts to various combat-related stats. Crafting it requires 1x Blue Whale Oil, 4x Powder of Time, 6 Everlasting Herb, 1 Pure Water Bottle and 2 Clear Liquid Reagent bottles.

Baking Soda

Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) has an array of food-related uses beyond what its name enumerates. From cleaning dishes and bakeware, to rinsing away pesticide residue from produce and even deodorizing wooden chopping boards of garlicky flavors. Baking soda also works to aerate water so it becomes more enjoyable to drink, such as when used to improve hard-boiled egg or tea flavors that have become distasteful over time.

Baking soda can also serve as an effective leavening agent in baked goods, though it should not be used as a replacement for baking powder in any single recipe, since they serve different functions. While baking powder increases volume by releasing carbon dioxide and is responsible for lightening and fluffiness in dough through neutralization by acid in it reacting with baking soda; on the other hand, baking soda boosts browning through Maillard reactions that give golden hued baked goods.

A base such as sodium bicarbonate requires an acid to react with in order to produce carbon dioxide gas, so early recipes for baking soda often called for sour milk as an acidic component to enhance browning and reduce overly sweet baked goods. In addition, its tart acidity enhances browning.

These days, sour milk may be uncommon in most kitchens, but acids like citrus juice and vinegar remain staples that help add depth of flavor to food items like citrus salad. Vinegar makes an excellent dressing!

When making dressings with vinegar, never mix it with baking soda! Doing this would be sheer folly as anyone who has studied basic chemistry knows that baking soda is alkaline while vinegar is acidic; mixing them together neutralizes each other, leading to an unnecessary waste of time and money. For best results, simply keep these items separate in your pantry!

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