Best Rifles For Big Game Hunting

Big game hunting is a popular sport, but it’s also an expensive hobby. You need to make sure your rifle is suitable for the job. When buying a new gun for big game hunting, the first thing you should consider is what kind of animal you’ll be aiming at. Different rifles are better suited for other animals, so if you’re not sure which type of animal you’ll be shooting most often, then it might be worth spending more money on one good rifle that can handle any situation than buy two or three cheaper ones that will only work well in certain conditions.

1. Ruger M77 Hawkeye Rifles

Ruger M77 Hawkeye rifles are known for their durability and accuracy. They feature a tang safety, controlled round feeding, adjustable trigger, and smooth bolt operation. These guns use the Mauser-style extractor joint on most of the older-style bolt action rifles used today. The Ruger M77 tactical rifle delivers tactical features often required by tactical shooters or snipers for tactical operations. Some tactical features include an adjustable tactical stock, muzzle brake, Picatinny rail system, and a tactical flashlight.

2. Weatherby Mark V Rifles

Weatherby rifles have a considerable edge over other big game hunting rifles. They feature a three-position safety that locks the firing pin, bolt, and trigger. The mechanical function is closely fitted to ensure that the gun delivers exceptional performance. This gun is blessed with an attractive walnut stock and features fine engraving images of wildlife on the metal finish. The tactical lighting and laser lights can be mounted onto the tactical rail built into the Weatherby Mark V tactical rifles.

3. Browning A-Bolt Stainless Stalker Rifles

A great big game hunting rifle, the Browning A-Bolt features a non-rotating bolt handle, detachable rotary magazine, and an adjustable trigger. It also utilizes three locking lugs at the front receiver and the rear action. It is designed to mimic the LC6 trigger, LC6 three-position safety system, detachable rotary magazine, round bolt handle, and hinged floor plate, all earlier A-bolt rifles.

4. Ruger M77 Mark II Rifles

Ruger Firearms is one of the oldest manufactured firearms brands today with William Batterman Ruger Sr. created his company back in 1949 with some fellow gun enthusiasts. The Ruger M77 Mark II Rifle is perhaps Ruger’s most famous line of rifles since these are available in more than 30 different models. Like many other modern hunting weapons, these rifles are based on the Mauser 98 action, short-action, bolt-action. The M77 Mark II designs are similar to the Winchester Model 70, so you can expect highly customizable rifles with many different color options and various barrel lengths.

5. Marlin XL7 Rifles

The Marlin XL7 is a bolt action rifle that features a pillar-bedded blued alloy steel fluted barrel, tight tolerances, adjustable LOP, and an adjustable trigger that makes it stand out from the rest of the competition. This gun comes in both stainless steel and Mossy Oak Treestand camo.

6. Remington 700 SPS Tactical Rifles

The one rifle that needs no introduction is perhaps the most common weapon of choice for hunters worldwide. The Remington 700 has been in production since 1962, and it has garnered an enormous following among hunters and sport shooters alike, not to mention service members around the world. It’s also very adaptable, meaning you’ll find these rifles in bolt-action, semi-automatic, single shot configurations with various barrel lengths, calibers, and other customization options.

7. Winchester Model 70 Rifles

Another classic rifle that can be traced back to 1924 when Browning partnered up with Winchester Weapon Co., later known as just Winchester Rifles, to create what was then known as John Moses Browning’s final rifle design ever. The Model 70 is short-action, bolt-action that’s available in both sporter and pre-’64 Winchester Classic configurations. The latter refers to rifles built before 1964 when they started putting their serial numbers on the main body of the gun instead of inside it (which made no sense).

8. Browning BAR Mk II Safari

If you’re a big fan of classic hunting rifles, you will probably feel right at home with a gun nearly identical to the one used by legendary hunters such as Jack O’Connor himself back in the day. The Browning BAR Mk II Safari was one of these models and is still extremely popular among expert hunters worldwide. These rifles are available in various calibers ranging from smaller ones for deer and black bear hunting to more powerful ones for massive games such as elk or even African dangerous game species like Cape Buffalo or Elephant.

9. Ruger Model 77 MKII Bolt Action Rifles

The Ruger Model 77 MKII is an ultra-accurate rifle with a medium-heavy barrel and a three-position safety with a gold bead front sight. This gun comes in different models for both right- and left-handed shooters.

10. Remington Model 700 Rifles

Remington firearms are among the oldest gun manufacturers in the world today, with the company (not counting each one of their numerous brand name spin-offs) tracing its roots back to 1816 when Eliphalet Remington Jr. founded his own company and started producing some of the finest flintlock rifles of his time. Eliphalet’s great-grandson is still at it today with a line of weapons he calls Remington Model 700, including famous models such as the SPS (Special Purpose Synthetic).

11. Ruger American Rifle

The Ruger American Rifle was introduced in January 2015 to bridge the gap between traditional hunting rifles and more modern sporting weapons. The Ruger American Rifle comes with one of the most accurate factory barrels on the market today to provide you with tack-driving accuracy at extreme long-range distances. Another great feature about these rifles is their short bolt throw coupled with their smooth non-rotating bolt that ensures lightning-fast cycling without any hiccups or other obstacles that could potentially ruin your hunt, not to mention your day.

12. Browning X-Bolt Rifles

The Browning X-Bolt is a great big game hunting rifle that features sculpted lines along with tight tolerances, controlled round feeding, and tight bedding for enhanced accuracy. It also comes in different models with features that include a large bolt handle, 3-position safety, an adjustable trigger, and a hinged floor plate.

13. Ruger American Rifles

The Ruger American Rifle is a bolt action rifle with an ergonomic design to fit different hand sizes easily. This gun comes in black synthetic stock or stainless steel for other hunting conditions. It also has some of the best scope mounting options on the market today so that you can enhance your accuracy even more.

14. Remington Model Seven Rifles

One of the most lightweight big game hunting rifles around, the Remington Model Seven is known for its accuracy and fast handling capabilities. This gun features a short-action magnum receiver that uses AICS style magazines, making it ideal for fast loading. It also has a high-grade walnut stock with different calibers to choose from, or you can go for the Model Seven Youth model with smaller dimensions.

15. Browning X-Bolt Composite Stalker Rifles

The composite stalker is a great big game hunting rifle with an Inflex recoil pad and DuraTouch armor coating to make it comfortable to shoot even in harsh conditions. This gun also comes in two finishes, matte blue or Mossy Oak Break Up Country camo, which makes it suitable for your favorite hunting spot no matter where you are.

16. Remington 700 6800 Series Rifles

Another bolt action rifle is the Remington 700 6800 Series that features three-position safety and a synthetic stock with an adjustable length of pull. This gun comes in different models and is more accurate with its carbon steel barrel and non-rotating, Mauser-type controlled round feed extractor.

17. Ruger 77/22 Rifles

The Ruger 77/22 rifles come in different models designed for both right and left-handed shooters. This gun features a stainless steel receiver that makes it ideal for hunting no matter the weather conditions you face or where you are hunting. It also comes with some of the best scope options on the market today, so you can enhance your accuracy even more, especially when taking longer shots.

18. Savage Model 11 Scout Rifles

A scout rifle is a perfect choice if you are looking for a versatile big game hunting rifle. Savage model 11 scout rifles come in different with short actions, which is ideal for lighter bullets. This gun also has an adjustable length of pull to make it easy to fit most shooters easily.

19. Browning A-Bolt M-1000 Rifles

The Browning A-Bolt M-1000 features a heavy barrel that makes it ideal for all weather conditions you might encounter when out hunting, even if it takes longer shots. This gun comes in three finishes, matte blue or satin finish and camo patterns, as well as different grain weights depending on the caliber you choose to use. It also offers interchangeable recoil pads so you can make it according to your needs, including the need to switch calibers.

20. Ruger Precision Rifles

The Ruger Precision Rifle comes with interchangeable barrels available in different calibers, including .223, 6.5 Creedmore, 6mm Creedmore, and .308 Winchester. This gun also features a Ruger Marksman Adjustable trigger for enhanced accuracy when taking longer shots or make it shorter when shooting closer range targets. It comes in black stock with a three-lug bolt system for smooth cycling for quick follow-up shots.”


There are a variety of rifles that can be used for big game hunting. With the right gun, you will increase your chances of having a successful hunt.

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