The Uses of Decoys – Deer Hunting Tips

There are many ways of killing a cat likewise there are many ways of hunting a deer, you`ll need something like an walther ppx 9mm. In this article we will discuss some deer hunting tips on how to kill a deer.Patience is a virtue. But to be patient doesn’t mean that you are only going to wait for the bucks to come near you. Scouting for deer prior to hunting season is a must. To become effective deer hunter patience is not enough.

Some hunters are so aggressive in hunting, they go into the woods with all their hunting gear but they don’t have strategies in their mind.The virtue of patience, aggressiveness accompanied with initiative and knowledge of viable deer hunting tips makes a hunter achieve success.Rut season is short and your strategies and deer hunting tips may not be utilized to the fullest. Make it a point of preparing you tools before the pre rut start so that when the peak season comes you will not consume most of your time in preparing and installing it. Early preparation will give you the chance to enjoy the season to the fullest.

Deer decoys as far as I’m concern happens to be one of the absolute most efficent deer hunting tools during the rut season. This method involves using a fake deer to catch the attention of the others. When a deer spots a deer decoy the tendency of the real deer is to come nearer. Hi -Vis Decoying is my recommendation because if the decoy is covered by heavy woods the buck will not see them. The purpose of the decoy is for the deer to come near and for you set up an ambush with your tree stand or behind your blinds..

The following maybe useful deer hunting tips for you:

Choosing the Proper Location

Make sure that you choose a proper place to put up you treestand and blinds. Properly concealing yourself is essential. The following are some areas that most probably has a greater deer visibility.

  1. Bedding area – often times the big bucks appear in this area so positioning in here is an excellent choice.
  2. Travel area- this is best if your style is risky.
  3. Feeding area or food plot- this is where the bucks usually go after the dark. Your decoying strategy may not be effective because the bucks cannot see well in the dark.
  4. Cruising area- this must be the best place. These are usually in the river banks and creek bottoms where usually the deer cruises that will give you a chance to spot mature bucks. One more tip, ridgelines are also a good place to spot a deer. They usually pick up the sight and scent of does on the top ridges.
  5. Meadows with high grass, crop fields and pasteurs – During the peak season of rut these places can also be good locations to spot the deer.

Some more important deer hunting tips: Position your decoy in the places mentioned above to increase your possibility of bagging a big buck. No matter what kind of place you choose just be sure that your decoy is visible clearly so that the bear can see. No matter how good your decoy is if it cannot be seen by the bucks you will have nothing to hunt. Choosing one that is best and proven dependable will help you greatly.

Placing the Decoy – Deer Hunting Tips

Using a decoy for hunting sometimes creates a hassle of handling and hauling it into the woods. They can be noisy and clumsy particularly those with a heavy cover.

Here are some tips in handling decoy so that it can be hassle free to bring.

a.) Use a Delta decoy; it is made of foam as their 3-D targets. This can minimize the noise in hauling since it is soft. If you are using a Flambeau Redi-Doe or the Carry-Lite , its noise can be minimized by placing them in a bag so that brush will not slap against the decoy. Assemble the decoy before you walk in so that the noise will be minimized at your stand site.

b.) An electronic decoy also needs more time and effort to set up but its performance is worth it.

c.) A decoy that is made of soft foam can be rolled up quietly and can be carried anywhere easily.

Game Calls

This is one way of catching the attention of your deer to come up from their hiding place. Constant calling and rattling will make the deer come up and find your noise. As soon as they showe up they can easily notice the deer decoy that you have placed. If they can’t still find the decoy, call and call until they find it.

Visual Tactics – Deer Hunting Tips

Make your decoy is visible by studying the perspective of the deer you are trying to lure. Sometimes you can use either buck or doe decoy. Usually a doe deer decoy is preferred. Do not put your decoy on high grasses because they cover your decoy and it will be missed by the deer.

Using an electronic decoy as permitted by law in your state is much better because it is moving; it has head, neck and tail powered by battery. Because of this feature the deer can easily spot the decoy. There will be times when the deer just aren’t showing up and you’ll have to call or rattle in an attempt to lure them into your sphere of influence. In that case I always start off with passive calls such as soft bleats and grunts and then work my way up to more aggressive antler rattling. Give them everything you have and let the deer tell you what they like is some of the best deer hunting tips I can provide on this subject.

You’ve put your decoy where a buck can see it. Don’t let him miss it. Clear the area if necessary so the decoy can be seen.

Incase an electronic decoy is not permitted in your area you can still improve your visibility by putting a white tail on your decoy. Make it movable by attaching a string to it and pull it to make the tail swing. Choose light materials so that a slight breeze can make it move.

Spotting a buck is not easy. Using decoys increases your odds regardless of the hassle of hauling it into the woods.

Deer Hunting Decoys for the Bowhunter

When bow hunting deer one generally needs to get the deer closer to get off a successful shot than when using a rifle. In choosing a deer decoy, you have a number of options; just see to it that the decoy is realistic. The amount of effort to make it realistic is rewarding. If you prefer to use electronic, then that is all the better. High cost doesn’t matter in return of a successful hunt. There is also a photo silhouette decoy that is made of plastic. This type decoys can be folded and carried easily.

You also have the option of adding movement to your Carry-Lite or Flambeau by adding a Tail-Wagger kit from Come-Alive Decoy Products offers a battery operated device that wag tails every 8 seconds. This will catch up the deer’s attention. To be more realistic install glass eyes.

Deer hunting requires a thorough understanding of hunting tools and successful deer hunting tips. Please realize that decoying happens to be one of the top deer hunting tips. Using it in your hunting is a must. As long as you have the knowledge on how to utilize the decoy to the fullest this would be very beneficial to the hunter.

Equipped with all the deer hunting tips you can now be increase the odds that the buck you wante will just be around the corner. Come experience this exciting deer hunting sport and fulfill your passion. All that you’ve done in preparation for this hunting event will now be useful as you enter the woods.

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I'm Rodney Heaton and I love hunting in the wild. In the past, I was in the military for over 5 years. After that I became a licensed hunter and a mountain guide.