A Buyer’s Guide to Two-Person Cots for Camping

You don't have to do too much camping before you're likely to run into one of the pastime's most common problems: a shortage of sleeping space! It's never a fun issue to stumble into, and poor sleeping arrangements can spoil an entire trip for the unfortunate individuals who have to suffer through inadequate, uncomfortable nights.

This is a problem that can be easily and permanently solved with smart buying decisions. Double cots are an especially effective way to boost your sleeping accommodations and provide comfortable beds for even large groups of people.

Double camping cots are ideal for solitary couples or groups that include partners. The opportunity to share a bed even while camping can be a powerful draw for couples who want to experience the great outdoors without drifting apart from each other.

If you need useful advice on your own double camping cot purchase, this buyer's guide will answer all of your questions and familiarize yourself with the sort of products currently on the market in this niche.

Basic Thoughts On The 2 Person Cot

Like many areas of the camping equipment market, the range of cots for sale today has exploded with seemingly-endless new choices. Don't make the mistake of assuming that every cot wide enough to sleep two people is more or less equivalent! Different cots deliver different levels of quality and different features, and if you're going to get good value for your money, you need to think carefully about what you, specifically, need out of a 2 person cot.

Unless you aim for the absolute cheapest option on the market, you'll need to subject your choice of cot to the usual sort of smart shopper research. Take a little time to learn about a product's warranty coverage, durability, and customer reviews before you make any final decisions. When it comes to the decisions that are exclusive to buying a two-person cot, what matters most is following this five-step process:

1) Set your budget for your purchase.
2) Consider your aesthetic options. Do you have a specific color preference for your cot, or will you be happy with any appearance that meets your other criteria?
3) What sort of materials are you looking for in the construction of your double cot? Plastics and lightweight metal are generally cheaper and the weight savings can be important if you're going to carry the cot any distance by hand. On the other hand, pricier materials like aluminum and steel will last longer.
4) Do you want a double cot with an integrated air mattress or a mattress-free frame?
5) Confirm that your sleeping bag (or bags) will fit comfortably on the double camping cot.

Moving On To The Double Sleeping Bag

In a lot of cases, picking out the perfect double camping cot is only the start of satisfying your sleeping needs. If you want to put together a complete all-season sleeping solution, you should be thinking about adding a double sleeping bag to your camping cot.

While it's technically possible for two people to get a good night's sleep on a double cot when each is cocooned in a single sleeping bag, it's really defeating the purpose of the oversized cot, isn't it? Double sleeping bags are ideal for use with two-person cots, and taken together, the two products deliver the absolute best results in two-person outdoor sleeping.

To learn more about your double sleeping choices, simply proceed to our sleeping bag buyer's guide!

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