What Is The Best Off-Grid Home Water Filtration System?

In truth, there are lots of water filtration systems around today. But most of these systems depend on electricity and power grid, which makes them unreliable in the face of an emergency or in a place where there is no access to constant electricity. Meanwhile, nothing should prevent us from having access to clean and healthy water, not even electricity.

Water is a basic requirement for survival. Humans can’t live for long without water. This isn’t just any kind of water, but clean, safe, and healthy water. Now, the grid shouldn’t stop us from getting clean, safe, and healthy water. You can live reliably with an off-grid water filtration system.

Getting good water shouldn’t be dependent on the grid. What if you are stuck in the wilderness where there’s no potable water? You wouldn’t want to get down to drink contaminated water because the effect of drinking contaminated water is worse than not having water to drink. In such a case, getting clean and healthy water will be a challenge. This is why USA Berkey Filters has created an alternative method that you can use to get safe and healthy water even if electricity and gas are not available.

With USA Berkey off-grid water filters, you can have access to safe and healthy water at any time and anywhere. Even though there are other off-grid home water filtration techniques you can use to get quick access to safe and healthy water, off-grid water filters from Berkey is the best. Berkey filters give you water that is cleaner than you would get from any other method. They filter all forms of contaminants including heavy metals, herbicides, and pesticides.

Some off-grid water filtration techniques


Boiling is one of the oldest techniques used in purifying water. If you don’t have access to the power grid in your home, you could boil the water to kill bacteria, viruses, germs, and parasites. However, boiling can only kill the viruses, bacteria,  parasites, and germs, but it cannot improve the taste of the water. To improve the color and taste of boiled water, you may need to take it through further processes.

Disinfecting with chlorine

If you don’t have access to clean water in your home, you can make the one you have clean by disinfecting it with chlorine bleach. Chlorine bleach can kill most harmful diseases, viruses, and bacteria in water. However, if the water is contaminated with a chemical, disinfectant won’t solve the problem or make it drinkable.


You can make your water safe for drinking through pasteurization as it can kill microbes in water. To do this, heat water up to 149⁰ F for several minutes. You can check with a Water Pasteurization Indicator/ WAPI if you have successfully pasteurized the water. Pasteurization is an effective water purification method, but it cannot remove contaminants such as heavy metals, salts, and some other chemicals.

Hot Rocks

Hot rock is a traditional method of making water drinkable. To achieve this, you need to build flames with woods, add in a few rocks. Keep them there till they become hot. After about 30 minutes, get the rocks out and drop them in your water container. The heat from the rock will kill the bacteria in it and make it safe for drinking.

Other water-purifying techniques include the use of Calcium Hypochlorite, Pump Water Purifiers, Solar Silt, Tablets or Purification Drops, Tree Branch Water Filter, UV Purifiers, and Water Bottles with Purifiers.

The Best of Them All

When you are looking to get the best off-grid water filtration system that won’t stress you out for your home, you should think Berkey water filter system. It is a free-standing water filtration and purification system that requires no electricity. The Berkey gravity-fed filtration system achieves a degree of purity that no other system comes close to. Meanwhile, it does all of these off-the-grid.

With Berkey water filters, you can enjoy all-round the clock access to safe, clean, and healthy water. You can use Berkey filter in your home, for outdoor activities, as well as, in hostile environments without having to worry about electricity. Visit usaberkeyfilters.com for all-round access to good water.

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