Who Has The Best Water Filtration System In The US?

Water is essential to life, which is why you have to get the purest and healthiest form of it. When looking to supply your home with pure water, you must get the best water filtration system you can find around. There are several manufacturers of water filtration systems in the US, but your goal should be how to get the best.

The best water filtration system in the US is the Berkey water filtration system. Berkey is a manufacturer of superior quality water filtration system that yields the purest and healthiest water. Berkey water filtration system is capable of removing all sorts of contaminants in water. It can remove chlorine, fluorine, aluminum, arsenic, bacteria, viruses, pesticides, herbicides,  and even lead, which is a toxic element in water taps.

Berkey water filter is the best in the US because it has proven to be capable of getting rid of all kinds of toxic elements and contaminants in water. The product of Berkey water filters is clean, odorless, and tasteless water. Having a Berkey water filter in your home is a major step in insuring the health of your family members.

Features of Berkey Water Filter

Berkey water filter comes in different sizes and capacities, so you have the opportunity to choose which is appropriate for your household. There is a perfect home size Berkey water filter that can take care of your drinking water and cooking needs. The Big Berkey is large enough to provide water for your entire family

Berkey water filters are affordable. You can get your choice size or type of Berkey water filter for less than $400. Berkey believes that you do not have to break the bank before you can have access to pure and healthy water in your home. With less than $400, a Berkey water filter can be yours.

Berkey water filters run free of electricity. You can go off the grid and still enjoy the benefits of Berkey filters. They are gravity-fed water system, they do not require electricity to provide your household with purified water.

It produces 99.9% purified water. Berkey water filters are on a higher level of water purification. They are capable of removing even the tiniest contaminant from water. They leave you with water that is safe, pure, healthy and completely free of all chemicals, pathogenic bacteria, and viruses.

Types of Berkey Water Filters

Aside from the Big Berkey Water Filter that was mentioned above, other types of Berkey water filters include;

Travel Berkey Water Filter – Travel Berkey is a smart water filter option. It is designed for travel purposes. This product is made compact and portable. You can easily go everywhere with your Travel Berkey water filter. This particular product has a capacity of 1.5 gallons, which is enough to serve up to 3 people. It can serve as a great emergency kit due to its portability.

Royal Berkey Water Filter is a mid-range water purification system. It can filter up to 8 gallons per hour which makes it a good choice for a fairly large household. It has a storage capacity of approximately 12.3 liters. The Royal Berkey water filter is the perfect solution for clean, purified water

Imperial Berkey Water Filter is a wise choice when looking to cater to a large group of people. It is great for outdoor activities and emergencies. If you are looking to host a picnic or a small gathering, you may want to have the Imperial Berkey water filter as your official water filter.

Crown Berkey Water Filter is the largest capacity of Berkey water filters. It is great for medium to a large gathering. It is especially good for orphanages, churches, and outdoor activities.

Conclusively, Berkey Water Filters are considered the best in the US because of the consistently impeccable quality of every product. They are aesthetically appealing and are durable. When you buy a Berkey water filter, you will surely get more than the value of your money. These products are scientifically tested and proven to be safe and effective for water filtration.

With unmatched quality, Berkey water filters offer you the purest and healthiest water. See some of the hot-selling products at usaberkeyfilters.com

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