Leupold RX650 Laser Rangefinder Review

Live your exhilarating outdoor adventures and fun-filled moments with the next level Leupold RX650 Laser Rangefinder. This rangefinder is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and outdoor activities like target shooting or golf. The main objective of using a rangefinder is to accurately take measurements between the source and the target object.

The outlook is key when it comes to buying a rangefinder. A good review and experience allows more people to purchase the product. You will get views of impeccable clarity with such an item and even on a gloomy day, we found the optic to be very bright and crystal clear.

Let’s look closely at the excellent features of this product.


The RX650 Laser Rangefinder is easy and budget-friendly and offers accurate measurements up to 650 yards. With 6x magnification and a top-quality LCD screen, this device comprises a rubber armor to protect it from all weather conditions.

It is compact, portable and climate-proof and contains a charger case and a lanyard for carrying it without any struggle. This rangefinder emits a sequence of invisible bursts of infrared energy that are reflected to the optical system from the chosen target.

Lightweight and durability makes the unit a wise choice for outdoor enthusiasts. The device is operated by a CR2 battery and is protected by a 2-year warranty covering components and manufacturing defects.


This product comes with one button operation which makes it simple and easy to operate. You will have one configuration which can be adjusted to get the range of the device. For regular activities, click the button once the device gets activated to get the range.

The scan mode can be used tapping the button down which allows you to scan multiple creatures at once. This mode also helps you to track a moving animal while the screen continuously updates distances.

The product is created to operate under cloudy or rainy conditions as it is water-resistant. People can use it anytime and on any weather since the device is weather-independent.

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Various choices will be made while purchasing a rangefinder. So you have to consider the features of what you want to have and what you need to have. Many people just prefer a target-priority design, while others may be happy with a specific brand.

It is always important to remember that having an accurate rangefinder should be a huge battle as it is generally a terrible idea to estimate distance while stalking prey.

The RX650 Laser Rangefinder consists of a top quality monocular with a measure of 6 mm x 20 mm. If the target is an animal and it is 550 yards away, you can accurately estimate the distance with ease. If your aim is not an animal, it will raise your range to 600 yards.

Modes and Field of View

This product operates in dual mode – either in scan mode or single-range mode. In scan mode, the system provides continuous updates to keep you on target as you navigate through the moving objects of a region.

The field of view is the sum of the area which a person can see while looking through a lens. With a field view of 6 degrees, the Leupold RX-650 Laser Rangefinder provides a wide field of view as compared to binoculars.

This rangefinder also consists of a multi-layered coating which reduces reflection. We have found the picture of the target object too good to be true and they were of impeccable clarity and depth.

Battery Life

This rangefinder uses a Li-ion battery which is well known for its durability. Many users who have used this product claimed that they have been using the battery for more than two years. While testing we found a remarkable feature of the battery as the power supply automatically stops if the battery is inactive for just 30 odd seconds.

This rangefinder comprises of an LCD Display that monitors distances like all other rangefinders. The display is black and clutter-free which shows a target reticulum at the center followed by an “m” or “y” indicating the units of measure used. The bottom of the screen displays an indicator showing the battery life.

The battery can be modified just below the eyepiece by turning a foldout tab and then unwrapping the compartment. The small size of the battery ensures that you can carry it easily while going out reducing the need to carry heavy chargers or extra batteries with you.


This rangefinder holds a maximum range of 650 yards. On our testing phases, we used the product on a few large objects beyond the maximum range and we were amazed to see that it extended beyond the maximum spectrum it offers.

This device has a rubber shield that provides you a decent grip to protect it from any falls. It is also waterproof and fog proof with the optical chamber being nitrogen-purged.

We also liked the 6x magnification that could be used in several different hunting scenarios, as it provides decent flexibility in providing sufficient field of view for near targets while still providing adequate visibility for moving targets.


The only thing you have to know about this device is the one-button which is located at the head of the device itself. Just push the button once it has been adjusted with your eyes to aim at the actual target or tap it down and brace over moving targets to reach the scanning mode.

A major disadvantage of this rangefinder is that while using it from a kneeling position sometimes it picks up the grass between the source and the target object. When you chase your target, it’s not recommended to standing up and this is proved to be a drawback for hunters who never use tree blinds to hide.

Another drawback is that the hand needs to remain steady when approaching items of long-distance.


This device is easy to operate and provides accurate distance measurement, wide field of view, and is fog proof. This comes handy wherever you go, be it on a holiday or a jungle safari. For the adventurer and explorer in you, this will always find a place in your backpack. So get these rangefinders and escape into the wilderness.

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