7 Tips to Stay Warm While Hunting In Cold Weather

Hunting at an extremely cold temperature means gearing up appropriately. You’ve got to be a smart hunter if you want to stay ahead of the game. So here are 7 tips to stay warm while hunting in cold weather.

And these tips involve inexpensive methods as well to fight the cold. In fact, they’re inexpensive AND effective. Most importantly, the different ways I’ve discussed allow you to hunt all day long. No matter how plummeting the temperature is!

7 Tips to Stay Warm While Hunting In Cold Weather

#1 Wear High-Quality Boots

It’s your feet that first feel the effects of chilly weather when outdoors. That said, it’s only sensible to cover your feet properly. And the best way to do so is to wear tough, water-resistant rubber boots. And underneath them, make sure to put on thick socks.

What boots do is keep your feet warm and protected against harsh conditions. And I say rubber boots because the material is durable, wear-resistant, and water-resistant.

#2 Add Cardboard Pieces In Your Shoes

Sometimes just wearing cold weather hunting boots isn’t enough. When you place cardboard under your feet, it blocks out the chill that tends to seep in through the soles of boots. Because boots can sometimes let in cold air. So you can prevent the coldness from reaching your feet by tearing off pieces of cardboard. And then stuffing them into visible holes and cracks.

#3 Make Use of Heat Packs

There are large heat packs that you can use for keeping your body warm. These are mega-sized, thus designed for large body parts. And many hunters buy them to prevent the chilly weather from destroying the much-needed heat produced by the body.

#4 Use Boot Blankets

There are hunters who simply can’t tolerate cold weather at all. Some of them are more likely to get cold feet, no pun intended, even with boots equipped with tons of insulation. So, at such times, what you can do is buy a pair of boot blankets. These are affordable in case you’re wondering.

Boot blankets are great add-on insulation, which helps a great deal during winter hunting. All you have to do is put them on over your hunting boots. And just like that, you prevent from getting cold feet.

#5 Wear Two Hats

Wearing two hats can keep you warm not only during hunting but whenever the weather gets unbearably chilly. Imagine you’re sitting and waiting for your game to show up, which is something that takes hours. On top of that, matters just get worse when the weather is cold.

So you should be wearing two hats. Make sure one is made using wool while the other is made with fleece. These two materials, no doubt, work together for keeping your head warm during the wait.

#6 Eat the Right Food

So what is the right food? Firstly, let me tell you that the food you eat determines your body’s resilience to cold. Secondly, there are foods that keep you warm. And these help a lot during cold weather hunting season. The foods are loaded with vitamins and nutrients. These perform the task of keeping the body warm.

In that case, introduce oatmeal into your diet. It’s packed with minerals and nutrients and is inexpensive. Moreover, oatmeal has a high content of carbohydrates. So it slowly breaks down to release the much-needed energy for sustaining your metabolism.

Even peanut butter is carbohydrate-rich. And it breaks down slowly to sustain your metabolism for a longer time. So does pasta. In simple words, foods high in carbohydrates and even protein keep you full and warm in cold weather.

#7 Drink Hot Water

It goes without saying that drinking hot water staves off dehydration and cold. You can keep yourself warm from inside when hunting outside by consuming hot water. Or maybe a hot beverage.

The Most Important Tip for Cold Weather Hunting – Cover the Feet, Head, & Hands In Layers

Let’s start with the feet since they’re the first ones to feel the chill of the weather when hunting in winter. On that subject, let’s talk about boots. Make sure the fit of your footwear is not too tight. Otherwise, blood circulation gets restricted. And when that happens, blood flow is reduced, which means your body doesn’t keep you warm.

Moving on to socks. Keep away from cotton since the material tends to hold and absorb moisture. So your feet are more likely to get cold very quickly. Try a wool blend or heavy merino wool instead. After all, the socks should offer excellent moisture-wicking properties.

Then the head. If you want to know how to effectively control the way your body manages chilly weather, then it’s important to cover the head properly.

Hunters, more often than not, face the wind, right? And in winter, this wind is cold. That means your chances of feeling cold and even developing a nasty headache are pretty high. But you can avoid your head from feeling this way simply by adding a thick beanie. Or two hats to your hunting outfit.

And now let me tell you about what type of gloves to wear? Needless to say, the gloves should be heavily insulated. Many hunters can’t shoot very well wearing gloves. So instead they choose to put on hand muffs. And in the muff, you can have 2 to 4 chemical hand warmers. These work quite well when it comes to heating up your hands very quickly.


Staying warm late season deer hunting is not only important but also necessary. Otherwise, your hunting expeditions are bound to fail. A huntsman or woman who chooses to go late season hunting is considered to be the most confident of the lot. So why allow the chilly weather to ruin that confidence!

All you have to do is be prepared beforehand. And you can do that simply by keeping in mind the useful tips I’ve discussed for you in this article. Also keep in mind that layering goes a long way when it comes to staying warm. If you want a faster solution you can use the Prohuntvest– one of the warmest vests in the market.

Rodney Heaton

I'm Rodney Heaton and I love hunting in the wild. In the past, I was in the military for over 5 years. After that I became a licensed hunter and a mountain guide.