5 Types Knives Every Hunter Should Carry

When speaking about hunting equipment and setup, hunters often overlook the importance of knives. While high-quality bows, chokes, and tactical gear are important on their own, knives have their own place in hunting.

If you are a hunting enthusiast, you need to remember that you should be fully equipped to face any kind of challenge at any given moment. Similarly, knives are one piece of equipment you must have in your collection. They can be used for cutting weeds, wood, hunted animal/meat, and for skinning.

Bowie knives are especially known for hunting and skinning. Razor-sharp knives, boning knives, and Kershaw knives are other examples of knives you can carry on your hunt.

1.   Bowie Knives are Old-School and Reliable

Nothing beats the old-school Bowie knives. They are basically fixed blade knives mainly used for butchering and skinning purposes. They have a unique design, with a sharp, curved top that is used for skinning. However, it is important to first know how to use this type of knife. The curved top is what makes it different from any other ordinary models and hence, needs to be used accordingly.

Bowie knives are known for being reliable since they are strongly built and are also multi-functional. The Bowie knife is actually named after an American pioneer. It was first made in the 19th century and has been trusted by all pro-level hunters ever since.

So, to upgrade your hunting set up with the most reliable, old school and multi-functional knife, get a Bowie knife from any archery store! It’s better to get one with a leather cover/case with it, like the one in the picture. Also, make sure that the one you are getting has a good grip and is strongly built.

2. A Razor Sharp Skinning Knife is a Life Saver

Hunting may be considered a sport and is sometimes also “just a hobby” but it’s not something that is simple in and of itself. There are many occasions when hunting that you may wish you had a sharp, strong knife with you.

This is why you need to have this razor sharp skinning knife in your hunting collection. Even though skinning can be the most time-consuming, tiring, and the boring job during the hunt, a good skinning knife will make it much easier. In fact, a good skinning knife like the one in the image with a razor-sharp blade will cut through the skin quickly and easily. It won’t interrupt your flow and will surely not waste your time.

Before you buy a skinning knife, the sharpness of its blade is one thing you should consider. The second most important thing is its size. If it is too big, it will become difficult to use and manage. Conversely,  if it is too small, it will not skin larger animals easily. Therefore, before buying a skinning knife, check to see if the size matches your hunting needs and requirements.

Like the razor-sharp knife in the image, the knife should also be very sharp and must be the ideal size.

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3. You Can’t Go Wrong With a Kershaw Knife

Another important thing to consider when looking for a knife for hunting is their brand or manufacturer. Those that are manufactured by reliable brands are very safe to carry and also durable.

Similarly, you need to add a Kershaw knife to your hunting setup immediately, since these are considered to be the best in the market. They are known for their portable, compact, and convenient design. They are also popular for their weather resistance and strong, sturdy build. They have sharp blades that will make cutting through anything easy and fast. Kershaw was originally operated by a Japan-based company call Kai. The manufacturer was one of the first to manufacture hunting knives with high-quality metals, which are now widely used in the industry.

The best thing about carrying a Kershaw knife, like the one in the image, is that they are available in pocket sizes as well. Plus, they also come with automatic retracting and opening functionality, which again, makes it really easy and convenient for you to use during a hunting session.

These can be great for hunting, butchering, skinning, opening boxes, and cutting through tough materials. They are available in a wide range of traditional pocket knives and other varieties too.

4. Folding Pocket Knives Are a Must and Extremely Versatile

Speaking of Kershaw knives, let’s not forget how important a folding pocket knife is for hunting. Other than pocket-sized versions of the above knives, there are also specific foldable pocket-size variations widely available.

The benefit of carrying one of these foldable units is that they are very easy to store, carry, and manage. At the same time, they are also sharp enough to get a lot of your hunting work done. They might not be able to replace Bowie knives and boning knives but are still multi-functional enough. They can be used for skinning if they are sharp enough.

Another advantage of these models in hunting is that they are the best when it comes to fighting dangers and emergencies. It takes less than five seconds to get these foldable knives out of your pocket and ready to use. Therefore, for hunters who are on-the-go and want something quick and easy to carry, we highly recommend investing in a high-quality folding pocket knife.

 5. When Duty Calls, a Boning Knife Will Make Things Much Easier

Many people think that hunting knives are rare to find in everyday spaces. However, this one is easily found at home care stores and even in your regular kitchen at home. This is because boning knives are primarily used for food preparation, and hence, are also applicable for hunting purposes.

They have a narrow blade with a pointed edge. The narrow blade measures about 12 to 17 cm in length and is used for removing bones of poultry meat.

For hunting, this is a must-have, since its size is quite convenient and small and can be carried very easily. It’s also very easily available, so you won’t have to waste a lot of time and money on finding the perfect boning knife.

Make sure the knife model you purchase has a pointed edge and a sleek, narrow blade. The narrow blade helps get rid of the bones faster.

Boning knives, like the one in the image, are also referred to as kitchen knives. However, you won’t see them used in the kitchen as often, because removing bones from poultry meat is not an everyday kitchen chore. Therefore, these are more popular in the world of hunting rather than the cooking world.


In conclusion, hunters, whether professional or beginner, need a hunting knife with them at all times. A knife can come in handy on a number of occasions. There’s a wide variety of different kinds you can carry with you when hunting. The most important thing to remember is how and why you will be using it, and then you will be ready to decide which type you want to invest in.

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