It’s Time to Fish: 5 Common Types of Fish in Hawaii

For many people, Hawaii is the place to go to see a huge variety of wildlife. If you’re traveling there, you can expect to see dolphins, birds, sea turtles, and of course, hundreds of different types of fish.

But when you’re a fisher trying to plan a trip, all of that diversity can seem overwhelming.

Keep reading to learn about five different types of fish in Hawaii.

Ahi (Yellowfin Tuna)

If you’re a sushi or sashimi lover, odds are you’ve heard of this fish before. Ahi, or Yellowfin Tuna, is famous for it’s delicious and flavorful meat. It’s also well-known for the fight it gives once it’s hooked.

Ahi is recognizable by its two brightly colored yellow dorsal fins. It also has smaller finlets running down its back.

The biggest recorded Ahi from Hawaii weighed 325 pounds!

Blue Marlin

Are you a fan of the fight that goes along with deep-sea fishing? If you are, you need to add catching a Blue Marlin to your fishing bucket list.

Blue Marlin are tough for even professional sport fishers to reel in. Once they’re hooked, a battle between human and fish commences. For this reason, they are prized and coveted on fishing trips.

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The heaviest recorded Blue Marlin around Hawaii weighed 40.8 pounds.

Mahi Mahi

Mahi Mahi is another well-known fish, primarily on account of its unique appearance. It has a large hump on its head and also has a colorful body. It is also famous for its delicious meat and is featured in many fish dishes.

If you’re looking to catch a fish associated with Hawaii, Mahi Mahi could be a great choice. The heaviest recorded Mahi Mahi from Hawaii was 82 pounds.


If you see a sail rising out of the water, don’t worry, it’s not a sea monster. Odds are, it’s a sailfish.

The sailfish is characterized by a large sail that runs along its back. It’s known to be a hard fish to reel in and puts up a wicked fight when hooked. It also jumps and leaps when it has been landed.

A sailfish that weighed 151 pounds was recorded in the Hawaiian waters.


Ono is a fish that resembles a mackerel, but unlike a mackerel, it doesn’t school. Its name means “good to eat” in Hawaiin, which may give you a hint as to why it’s popular. It has a long and slender body, with a tube-like mouth and face.

Fishers either catch Ono on lines or by trolling. The heaviest recorded Hawaiin Ono weighed 133.2 pounds.

Come See the Many Types of Fish in Hawaii

These are just five types of fish in Hawaii. Depending on the season and which island you visit, you could expect to see some other amazing kinds.

What are some other fish found in Hawaii you can expect to see on a fishing trip? Let us know!

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