Training Your Hunting Dog

‘Training’ refers to the process of imparting specific skills, knowledge or behavior in order to help conduct a particular task. One who trains is called ‘trainer’ and the one to whom the training is given is called ‘trainee’. The success of the trainee depends a great deal on the ability and the behavior of the trainer.

It is easier, better and more fruitful for a trainee to learn from an assiduous trainer as the work turns out to be more systematic. Here, in our subsequent discussion, we will specifically learn how to train a hunting dog and the know- how associated with it.

Classical Conditioning

From the very beginning i.e. starting from an infant stage, we are directed by our parents and elders and we act accordingly. They instill certain beliefs and thoughts inside us and help us in differentiating the goods and the bads.

To my surprise, these values and actions are so deep rooted that we end up engraving them in us for the lifetime. We are CONDITIONED. We react differently for different stimulus. The CLASSICAL CONDITIONING theory can provide a strong base and an anatomy on how to train effectively. There are several others, for e.g. Some can provide the tips to ensure while deer hunting and the likes.

Keep A Check On

In order to train hunting dogs become draconian hunters, it is very important to keep a check on the following things:

  • A proper training kit
  • The younger, the better.
  • Discipline.
  • Consistent teaching.
  • Physical training.
  • Mental training.
  • External source of motivation.
  • Choose and ameliorate wisely.

Training Kit

There are several things that constitute a hunting dog’s training kit. They can be found at any pet store. Some of the essentials are mentioned below Dummies resembling the prey

  • Dummy launchers.
  • Launcher baskets.
  • Launcher receivers.

There are different ranges and varieties depending on your need and cause. and varies according to the need. Let us say for e.g. Rifle vs.bow hunting will demand varied approaches.

The Younger, The Better

It is advisable to start training a young dog as the receptors are more active and it helps building an amiable relation between the dog owner and the dog. It is more like writing on a blank cd which is easier and less time consuming. Here the blank cd analogizes to a young dog’s brain-alert and receptive.

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In order to teach commands and obedience to the dog, it is important for the trainer to first imbibe such qualities in oneself. To train a hunting dog requires a sincere effort as it is not a cake walk.

Consistent Teaching

You need to ensure that the training happens daily. Do maintain consistency if you desire to see an expert hunter in your dog. A proper routine will also teach the dog, the importance of time and its judicial use.

Training Your Hunting Dog

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Physical Training

The hunter dogs must possess strong muscles and indefatigable stamina. They are your hunting tools and must be Argus eyed, fit and alert. A regular exercise regime with proper food intake will serve this purpose. Make sure not to discontinue this ever.

Mental Training

Apart from being physically fit, it becomes extremely important for a hunter dog to develop a sharp grey matter. Recognizing a prey by the hunting dog happens either through eyes or nose. These two sense organs of a hunting dog must work in sync.

You can train your dog using scents based on hunt.Usually, the dogs trained to identify the prey through smell, catches its prey more easily than the sight trained dogs.

Training Your Hunting Dog

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Source Of Motivation

The theory of motivation applies to the hunting dogs similar to that of a man. To liaise with this trainee of yours, ensure to back up every activity or achievement with a reward. This wish to possess a reward will please your hunter dog which will please you manifold in return.

Choose And Ameliorate Wisely

In order to get the best out of your hunter dog, choose it as per your need. To put it simple, your needs must intersect the basic qualities possessed by the dog. Some dogs are sprinters and can be apt to hunt a live prey while some are extremely receptive of sound and can hunt a bird well.


Training a hunting dog is no joke and had to be performed with utter dedication. However, keep these tips and tricks in mind, follow them and you are all set to tame the beast.

Rodney Heaton

I'm Rodney Heaton and I love hunting in the wild. In the past, I was in the military for over 5 years. After that I became a licensed hunter and a mountain guide.

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