How to Use a Progressive Reloading Press

If you are into shooting, you definitely need ammo and this can be expensive. Luckily, with the modern technology, it is easy to produce your own ammo. You need to get a quality progressive reloading press to achieve this. With this tool, you can have round going through by simply pulling the handle.

Before buying a progressive reloading press, consider the durability, whether it can change caliber and whether you can make adjustments. Also, know how many rounds it can offer. Check how you can use a progressive reloading press.

How It Works

However, keep in mind that when you make a round using a progressive reloading press, it advances the circle allowing every die on the tool to complete a particular task.
There are various types of presses in the market, and both work differently. Well, as per a progressive reloading press, it works by holding many stationary rounds. The round holds are in a circle, and the press uses a shell plate to make the rounds move from one point to another.

The tool works fast, depending on your pumping skills and its smooth operation. You can make up to 1000 rounds in an hour. It also comes with a unique design that allows multiple things to happen simultaneously each time you make a cycle with the press.

Progressive reloading presses also work differently as some features more functionality than others. When it’s in operation every cycle, you make loads of the device with a new case, thus getting rid of the old primer casing.

If you notice that something went wrong during the working process, you should carefully check every round in the queue and sample the affected one. When you pull the lever, the progressive release matches up to the numbers which are performed simultaneously. With more stations, it serves more work using less time.

Essential Parts of a Progressive Reloading Press

The section consists of the necessary parts that make up the equipment. Moreover, the parts enhance the function of the tool.


Despite the number of automated attachments, you got on the tool, it can entirely run with less or more work while using manual option. You can find powder measures, priming systems and automatic case feeders. However, in most instances, you will find out that most of these kinds of presses will require the primer’s manual setup. You will also have to put a bullet into the case at every crank of the handle.

If you opt for higher and greater speed, you need to consider including a case feeder as a necessary attachment. Even the shell plate won’t last long; it requires you to stop and insert a new case at each step. If you tend to use move moving parts, then you encounter risks of repairs and technical issues. Additionally, the automated functions can run a risk of accidental denotation.


Besides, the tool also features smaller stations, which comes at a low budget price. Most of the smaller stations consist of three presses. For instance, it features a die that seats the bullet in a case that crimps the issue in the same way.
As for stations, you need to have more stations to boost the tool’s production. If your press has more stations, then it can work on more tasks, and it becomes quicker. Some presses consist of about eight stations, while others consist of more. If you are working with a larger shell plate, then it gives you more space for work and reaches in making adjustments.

In this method, the press is left to handle all the necessary steps of reloading. If it’s a four or five press stations, you will have a better ground to add powder checking die on top or below the loads.

Pros of a progressive reloading press

  • The tool allows you to produce an enormous amount of bullets and shells that are similar using less time.
  • The tool consists of a solid turret, and its powder is accurate and useful.
  • The device works well and enhances the reloading of multiple rounds.
  • It is a high-quality press that delivers perfect rounds and reloads


  • A progressive reloading press requires too much care in its setup.
  • In some cases, it tends to be challenging to change the caliber.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a progressive reloading press?

Answer: It is a kind of machine that helps to assemble gun cartridges. It makes sure that it keeps the head of the tool foxed and its contents intact. You can also use it for deburring or measuring powder.

Q: Which is the best progressive reloading press tool in the market?

Answer: There are various types of progressive reloading press in the market. The best of them depends on what suits your needs. Well, you should do thorough research and weigh out the benefits and limitations of each type before you purchase the device.

Q: How does a progressive reloading press work?

Answer: the press holds a single case or shell, and a variety of dies rotates over the matter. It passes through a turret in which the issue revolves around it.  The tool consists of various work stations. The number of stations varies depending on the type and design of the tool.


If you are a gun enthusiast, then a progressive reloading press is the right tool for you! The machine might seem hard to achieve accurate results, but we believe it gets easier with the above information. If you want large amounts of bullets, then progressive reloading press works perfectly.

Besides, your choice of the tool must depend on its production, efficiency, and other features. If you are using large cartridges, this device is the best to consider. With the above information, we believe that you can make your ammunition. Let’s save money and make the best!


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