7 Tips For Having A Successful Javelina Hunting

Javelina hunting is not only challenging, it is exciting, thrilling and adventurous too. The cryptically colored quarry is easier to stalk, compared to deer. They can see and hear and can smell and sense your presence if you are not a little careful. You are to be careful about the direction of the wind; else they will disappear before you locate them.

Although javelina hunting calls for a good amount of good luck, you can succeed in your game, if you follow the following 7 tips for locating and hunting the pigs.

Preparatory Session

Make your homework before you go out for javelina hunting. The home ranges of Javelina herds are mostly well-defined. They go to water sources for drinking water freely. Obviously, the water holes are the proper locations for finding their trail. Get yourself acquainted with their likely movement and distribution pattern.

Keeping the Sun at the Back

Once you keep the sun at your back, your eyes will not be dazzled with sun light and you can have a clear vision of objects in front of you. Moreover, the canyons and hillsides, the possible areas of finding the pigs, will be clearly illuminated to clear view of the javelinas.

Elevate Yourself

Keep yourself at an elevated position by climbing up higher. Even if you are tempted to stop, keep on moving up. Your vision will be greatly increased for every 50 feet you go higher up. You can better inspect an area sufficiently below you.

Taking Time to Glass

Take reasonable time for getting settled and rely upon your field glasses. If you look through your glass to a distant location, you may not have to walk for longer to be lucky to locate a javelina.

Be Systematic

While looking through your glass, do it in a systematic way, rather than glancing around in a haphazard manner. It is rather a kind of scanning that must be scientific and skill-oriented. In order to systematize your scanning, you may make use of a tripod stand and manipulate your glass to the desired locations.

Detail Attention

Javelinas have better maneuverability in their respective surrounding areas. Locating them at the first glance may not be possible. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the details of the objects in front of you and you can succeed in locating these naturally colored animals.


If you are a dedicated javelina hunter, you will always be there at the desired location before sunrise. That first hour of the day is the most appropriate time when you can harvest better. That’s not all. You should come prepared to stay there till sunset because the last hour of the day too is the appropriate time for locating a javelina.

While you are going in for a javelina hunting, it is equally important for you to take care of the mistakes to avoid while hunting. The following are few tips in this context.

Avoid Too Much Scouting

Animals are extremely sound and smell sensitive. If you do too much of searching, the human activities will warn them for fleeing. After green-up of spring, stay out of your hunting area and go there only on the day of your hunting.

Be Careful of Ground Scent

Make use of creeks and ditches for keeping your scent away. It is better, you wear PVC wader. Also, be extra careful when you enter or exit the area.

Choking Under pressure

Be ready for anything at any time. Don’t get choked with pressure.

Hunting Gears are essential while going in for hunting. The following are the essential gears required for a hunter

  • Gun Cleaning Kit takes care of the wear and tear subjected to the gun by firing. The carbon and other materials get stuck to the inside of the barrel and therefore needs cleaning after every shooting
  • Camo is used to camouflage you while hunting.
  • Boots of sturdy make should be used to withstand the rough and tough use during hunting
  • Knife and Honing Stone

The above tips will equip you adequately for javelin hunting. While making use of the required gears, you should try to avoid certain things while you are on a hunting trip.

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