Why My Dog is Panting and Restless?

A lot of people ask why is my dog panting and restless? Many dog owners may be wondering and are concern when their canine friend is restless and panting. As dogs can’t express themselves to us whether they are hurting, pacing or panting, we should pay more attention to them. A dog’s body system is never the same as a human being.

It is common to see dogs pant as it is a form of releasing and reprieving from the heat as well as a form of stress relief. Hence, it may seem to be nothing serious, however, there can be serious consequences that can endanger your dog’s life. As such, dog owners would have to look out for unusual panting and restlessness from their dogs and know the reasons behind them.

Why My Dog is Panting and Restless: Here are the Reasons Why

Below are some explanations of why your canine friend is panting as well as restless.

Experiencing a Serious Pain

When your dog is experiencing serious pain, you might notice that your dog is whimpering due to irritation. This is a sign of an aching and throbbing condition that significantly affects a dog’s panting and causing it to be restless. Additionally, dogs with this condition will display lack of enthusiasm as it sleeps, and they may lick or gnaw regularly.


Notice that your dog constantly wonders pointlessly, pacing around or panting around? This might be a symptom of Cushing syndrome. It is a kind of illness that happens when your dog’s body produces too much of a hormone called cortisol. It is an important hormone that helps a dog to respond to stress, however too much of it would cause hormonal imbalance.

Thus, it is essential to monitor your dog’s behavior regularly so as in an event that your dog displays unusual conditions or symptoms, you can treat them instantly. It is also vital to give your dog nutritious food to keep its health level at top-notch condition. You may ask where do I find the best food? Not to worry, there are tons of healthy pet food exclusively made for dogs that are high in nutrition value.

Fear, Stress as well as Anxiety

When your furry friend has a phobia, panting occurs and it is normal. However, if this symptom constantly appears, it may be something serious. This may cause your dog to feel uncomfortable and worse still, it may develop various physical disorders.

If such symptoms are not found early, it may become worse and can hinder your dog’s lifespan. This is especially so in hunting dogs, where they get a lot of stress from hunting, unlike ordinary dogs. Hence, there is a need to get proper dog food for hunting dogs to provide them with essential nutrients to keep them healthy and away from stress.

Cardiac Disorders and Lung Disease

Heavy panting could also be a sign of cardiac disorders or lung disease. If the heart is not working well, the whole body will be lacking blood and oxygen which will lead to various health issues or even death. To avoid such conditions from happening, dog owners would need to increase the respiration rate of your dog to balance the oxygen.

Experiencing Obesity Issues

As dog owners, it is possible that you subconsciously feed your dog too many times a day which results in overfeeding and may lead to obesity. This will cause your dog’s panting to be abnormal due to its heavyweight and makes it difficult for it to breathe. Hence, to improve our dog’s health, it is essential to have regular workouts with your dog to help it lose weight.

Brain Tumour

A tumor will hinder the normal functioning of your dog’s brain in various ways. A canine that has such a condition will be pressured to behave in a specific way, such as high panting as well as difficulty in breathing. This behavior will either surface instantly or gradually. This is the difficult part as you will not be able to easily determine if it is a tumour as there are no clear signs. So, the best thing to do is to call a vet to clarify the situation.


This is considered one of the main reasons why your dog is panting and restless. The reduction in the number of red cells in his body will bring out this medical condition. This is because blood is not able to carry an adequate amount of oxygen throughout the body. That is one reason why our dog pants. Anemia symptoms include lethargy, increased heartbeat, mucous membranes, pale gums and tongue, being pale, fast breathing, and many others.

Treatments For Panting and Restless Dogs That You Should Know

The best method that you can take is to call the vet. This is vital if your canine friend is experiencing a strange and severe panting, which is not normal.

You can calm your pet using various methods. Exercising is one of them as it helps to ease their mind. Massaging is good too as it helps to relieve their nerves. You can play some soothing music in the background as well.

There are other methods such as using sedative to reduce your dog’s anxiety and stress.


It is normal for our dogs to pant. Although too much panting is a factor that you should be aware of. Make sure to do check-ups as well as monitor your pet’s health condition regularly to ensure that your dog is living healthily.

Always keep in mind that a dog doesn’t talk like a human being, and it is the dog owner’s responsibility to know that their dog is sick. Remember that you need to act immediately to treat the issue before its condition becomes worse or before losing your furry friend.

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