What Is a Squirrel Gun?

Many squirrel hunters take pride in taking down small game with the same shotgun used for hunting turkeys, deer and rabbits. No excuses are made when taking down their limit of squirrels using full-bore pump action shotguns.

New squirrel hunters should start by sighting in their rifles for shots at distances under 30 yards to ensure clean kills and precise shot placement. This will allow for better performance overall and will ensure more reliable kills overall.

.22 LR

The rimfire cartridge is an economical and effective option for squirrel guns due to its affordability and short range effectiveness. The round can be fired using various pellet types that offer greater penetration than standard hollowpoints.

While rimfire rifles are the go-to choice for squirrel hunting, other hunters prefer using shotguns instead. Shotguns provide greater capacity than rifles while requiring greater skill to use effectively; squirrels can still be caught using open-sighted shots but adding scopes increases accuracy and allows longer shots.

Many hunters enjoy hunting squirrels as both an effective pest control measure and source of meat, often finding substantial bag limits in multiple regions. Selecting an ideal gun will depend upon both your needs and budget.

There are various options when it comes to this type of gun, ranging from economical break-barrel air rifles to more expensive bolt-action models that are often marketed as varmint rifles because they can reach distances beyond 100 yards – although new hunters may struggle reaching this distance when using standard ammunition.

Break-barrel rifles may also be inappropriate for children due to the force required to cock their action and an increased muzzleloader failure rate, both of which pose risks to beginners. A better choice would be searching for semi-automatic weapons with capacity of over 10 rounds which allow shooters to stay longer on target and improve their chances of hitting their mark.

One excellent choice is the Savage 93R17 Varmint XP, chambered in.17 HMR and featuring a factory bore-sighted Bushnell 3-9x40mm scope from Bushnell. Featuring a heavy barrel that makes for precise shooting at long ranges, and affordable pricing with AccuTrigger reliability. For even less money you could consider Stoeger side-by-side double barrel chambered in.410 which boasts pump action design to hold 15 long rifle and 21 short cartridges within its tubular magazine – perfect for novices or novice shooters alike.

.17 HMR

Rimfire rifles are perfect for squirrel hunting. Using small bullets fired at high speeds and producing less noise and recoil than standard cartridges allows the shooter to move silently into position before taking their shot. A high-quality scope should also be utilized when taking long shots for accurate shots with visible sights and strong triggers on their rifles.

CZ 457 American makes an excellent rimfire squirrel gun, offering multiple options including the HMR version with its greater power output. Although more powerful, it remains suitable for squirrel hunting at up to 150 yards when used properly; headshots should be made to hit those squirrels! Furthermore, its high ballistic coefficient allows it to cut through wind.

Rimfire rifles are perfect for hunting small game, such as rabbits and raccoons, because their bullets do not penetrate deep into their bodies; thus making it ideal for use against varmints with thinner hides like rabbits and raccoons. While they can be too destructive for coyotes or bobcats, skilled marksmen have utilized rimfire guns successfully on pelt-saving hunts as well.

Rimfire ammunition is more cost-effective and accessible for novice hunters, making it the ideal choice. Available in hollow point and soft tip varieties, you can find this ammunition at most big box stores – plus its cartridge is easy to load for greater accuracy!

Ruger Mark IV rifles are another popular rimfire rifle for shooting squirrels, featuring both rimfire calibers with adjustable sight systems, as well as threaded barrels and M-Lok compatibility. Additionally, their adjustable sight system and adjustable sights enable hunters to accommodate different optics if desired; plus its picatinny rail provides attachment options such as red dot scopes.

Squirrel hunting can be an engaging hobby that demands considerable skill. To be successful at it, one must remain silent and move slowly into position – which may prove challenging with leaves still on trees – while hitting your target, usually the size of a silver dollar from distances up to 100 yards. A squirrel call may help lure an animal closer, though having good aim and being quick with shooting will ensure success.


Squirrel hunting provides hunters with a fun challenge, and a quality squirrel gun can help develop your marksmanship skills while providing enjoyment in the woods. The ideal squirrel gun provides minimal recoil and easy control even for novice shooters, while boasting short barrels and lightweight designs for optimal shooting efficiency. Selecting an appropriate caliber will ensure more targets can be hit without effort!

No matter which gun you select, proper shooting techniques must be practiced regularly to improve accuracy and range necessary for successful squirrel hunting. Furthermore, doing this will build your confidence as a hunter overall and allow for improved success on the field.

One of the most popular squirrel gun options is a rimfire rifle. These lightweight weapons are easy to transport for long periods of time. Furthermore, beginners find them particularly suitable as their low recoil and quiet nature make it suitable for learning new techniques – however, accuracy cannot compare with that offered by bolt-action varmint rifles.

Single-shot shotguns may also make an ideal squirrel gun. While these guns can use various shell types, their effectiveness at longer distances is less impressive. If you prefer close range shooting, consider this Ruger Mark IV model that features adjustable sights, smooth bore technology, as well as being drilled and tapped for optics base attachment.

If you prefer shotguns, this Stoeger side-by-side double barrel shotgun is an ideal choice. At an economical price and featuring classic English double gun styling, this firearm makes an excellent entry level option for squirrel hunters. With its small length of pull and lightweight weight of only 6.5 lb it makes this shooting solution very user friendly but should not be used for long range shots.

If you are an avid video gamer, chances are that you have come across the trailer for “Squirrel with a Gun,” a new title set in an animated world of squirrels with guns who use weapons to rob people and fight shadowy government agents – scheduled for release later this year on Steam.

Air Rifles

A squirrel is a small game animal that does not require the same level of marksmanship as larger game, yet still requires careful consideration when choosing firearm and ammunition for hunting it. Your choice of handgun, rifle or shotgun will have an impactful result whether hunting them for food or skill – usually an.22LR is recommended; however this depends on how far and when you plan to shoot.

The best squirrel guns offer high degrees of accuracy while remaining easy to use. Guns with scopes provide more accurate shots from further away; however, some hunters prefer scopeless guns due to being lighter and easier to transport while hunting in the field; it may even be more cost effective than buying fully equipped rifles.

If you’re searching for an air gun to combat woodland critters, the GAMO Adult Precision Air Rifle may be just what’s needed. This model can fire.177 pellets at 1,300 feet per second and.22 caliber bullets at 900 feet per second respectively; additionally it comes equipped with either a reticle or magnification scope as well as accessories like bipod and laser rangefinder if desired.

Gamo Swarm Magnum rifle is another suitable option. Similar to its Marauder counterpart, but slightly cheaper and including a scope. Not intended for children due to a break-barrel design requiring 41 pounds of force to cock, this gun can fire 10 pellets simultaneously and comes equipped with a 3-9x scope.

Are You Serious About Varmint Hunting? Practice at Representative Ranges and Conditions in Order to Achieve Consistent Results and Improve Practical Accuracy It is essential that the point of impact varies with various cartridges; thus it is imperative that your rifle be sight in using ammunition you intend on using when hunting varmints.

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