What Bow Does Joe Rogan Shoot?

Joe Rogan Experience podcast fans may already know this, but their host is passionate about bow hunting – which he helped bring into the public eye as an activity in modern society.

Archery requires dedication and practice for anyone to become proficient, which is why finding the appropriate bow is crucial to becoming a skilled archer.

PSE Nock On EVO NTN 33

Joe Rogan has attained great success thanks to his dedication and commitment to archery. His natural talent and willingness to try anything eventually led him down the path of bow hunting, landing him a popular podcast and co-hosting Steven Rinella’s hunting show. Joe has earned himself an audience through his honest yet often blunt commentary about gear; that has brought many who may never have considered hunting into listening closely for advice from him.

His favorite bow is the PSE Nock On EVO NTN 33 that he co-designed with John Dudley of Nock On Archery. This compound bow features innovative technologies and designs meant to improve accuracy and speed; for example, widening of riser shelf has enabled larger whale tail blades while the optimized string angles and deeper arrow trough increase accuracy through improved limb pocket performance.

This bow’s other feature is its lower noise and vibration, made possible through parallel limbs, an articulating cam system, and a longer stabilizer that eliminates hand torque. Furthermore, its riser features a straight cable guard with rollers to minimize friction on cable as well as roller grip grip with flatter back for increased stability when shooting off of bowstand or awkward positions.

Joe’s setup also features the Spot Hogg Fast Eddy sight and Carter Target 4 release aid. The Fast Eddy is lightweight, quiet, and adjustable – ideal for 3D archery and hunting alike! Meanwhile, its Carter Target 4 release aid offers greater accuracy by accommodating different draw weights while offering three trigger styles to choose from.

Joe uses a Bee Stinger stabilizer to effectively reduce vibration and noise during shooting, at an extremely affordable price point. Constructed of durable fiberglass construction for long-term performance and available in multiple colors to complement your bow’s appearance, the Bee Stinger comes in several sizes to fit any bow type – making it an excellent option for novice hunters as well as more seasoned ones.

Spot Hogg Fast Eddy Sight

This bow sight from Spot Hogg resembles other Spot Hogg sights in that it features a red shooter’s ring around the peep and multiple pins that can be individually adjusted, providing for more accurate sight picture in low light conditions. Furthermore, there’s a quick-release lock and second pointer which can be set to come in at longer distances for targeting smaller targets at longer ranges.

This sight is constructed out of high quality materials, featuring an attractive design that will stand the test of time. Additionally, it comes equipped with threaded connections for attaching quivers if necessary – though admittedly its price may make you shudder! However, its brand makes excellent products.

The Fast Eddie XL double-pin bow sight is ideal for hunters who demand more from their double-pin sight. It offers a wider field of view than standard single-pin sights and includes adjustable yardage indicators which give feedback for all three pins, helping improve consistency and accuracy when hunting.

Fast Eddie XL features tool-free adjustments, providing an efficient way to make adjustments quickly and effortlessly when shooting in a hurry. Its convenience will also save time when shooting with multiple people at the same time!

Joe uses top-of-the-line archery equipment that will help improve your performance on the field. His PSE EVO NTN 33 bow comes equipped with a Bee Stinger stabilizer and Carter Target 4 release aid; in addition, Joe makes use of a Spot Hogg Fast Eddy Sight as well as using Hoyt Carbon Defiants before switching over. Joe enjoys bow hunting with compound bows, taking full advantage of all their extra features while hunting with them – dedication and practice are necessary if one wants to become better bow hunters who make use of every minute spent hunting out on field.

Carter Target 4 Release Aid

Joe Rogan is an outstanding hunter with immense impact in the hunting world. He has brought new awareness to hunting while improving his skills and upholding ethics on the hunt field. Joe has featured many hunters such as Cameron Hanes, Adam Greentree, Donnie Vincent and Steven Rinella on his podcast and thus helped expand archery hunting to new markets.

The Carter Target 4 Release Aid is an extremely popular release aid used by professional bowhunters to increase accuracy and range. Crafted from durable material, this release aid is easily customized according to individual user needs. Being lightweight and portable makes it convenient for transport between home and the field for practice or hunting sessions; in addition, its wrist sling reduces arm fatigue while eliminating hand force during drawing and shooting.

One of the primary advantages of using a release aid is that it helps eliminate target panic. Target panic can make shooting more challenging, leading you to miss shots and lose focus quickly – however a release aid will ensure you hit every time and increase both accuracy and range.

This release aid can be customized to suit the needs of any archer, making it an excellent option for both beginner and experienced bowhunters alike. Easy to use and fitted directly onto your bow for optimal use, it helps prevent flinching by keeping the bow centered in your hand while simultaneously keeping fingers in their natural positions for an accurate shot.

Joe currently shoots with a PSE EVO NTN 33 fitted with a Spot Hogg Fast Eddy Sight, Bee Stinger stabilizer and Carter Target 4 release aid. Prior to switching, Joe shot a Hoyt Carbon Defiant that was custom hand-tweaked by John Dudley specifically for him. Joe’s hunting setup features a Spot Hogg Fast Eddy sight attached directly to his bow riser; this allows him to shoot at full draw without moving his nocking hand at full draw without having to move his nocking hand or move his nocking hand from position 1.

Bee Stinger Stabilizer

Joe is an enthusiastic and engaging bow hunter, making it abundantly clear he genuinely loves bowhunting and strives to become an exceptional archer. Joe takes a very precise approach to bowhunting process – including equipment choices – believing that having the proper setup can have an immense effect on accuracy and distance hunting distances. In particular, Joe prefers using wrist slings which help stabilize bow hands during shots by decreasing vibration.

Joe Dudley designed and customized his PSE EVO NTN 33 bow specifically for Joe to ensure it met his exact preferences, with features including optimized fall-away riser shelf placement, precise lock cable guard placement and parallel limbs to reduce hand vibration as well as direct drive rest cord connector and comfortable synthetic gripping capabilities. Its first production model bore the inscription “Rogan 001”. It boasts features like optimized fall-away riser shelf design with fallaway riser shelf support; optimized lock cable guard placement; optimized fall-away riser shelf performance as well as parallel limbs to minimize hand vibration as well as comfortable synthetic gripping capabilities and comfortable synthetic gripping capabilities that make this bow stand out from its peers – features made exclusively for Joe by John Dudley designed this bow is truly exceptional in terms of accuracy and quiet shooting capabilities compared with its counterparts – set-up especially tailored specifically designed just for him inscribed “Rogan 001”. Joe created this bow specifically tailored to his specifications including optimized fallaway riser shelf placement; optimized lock cable guard design; parallel limb alignment for decreased hand vibration reduction as well as an optimized lock cable guard setup on parallel limbs which minimize hand vibration reduction along with direct drive rest cord connector for comfort as well as an ergonomic synthetic grip to complete its capabilities a unique brand name Rogan 001!

Bee Stinger Stabilizers offer great features, and this lightweight yet effective stabilizer reduces vibration effectively. While most other stabilizers consist of one piece of rubber vibrating like leaves, this model comes equipped with an internal harmonic dampener and de-resonator which work to lessen vibration and noise pollution.

Bee Stinger MicroHex Counter Slide Stabilizer Dovetail 15″ is ideal for bowhunting elk as the longer an arrow travels, the greater its vibration will be. This device helps balance your bow front-back-side-side when shooting long distances; its hex-shaped bars mimicking Mathews riser Geogrid pattern cut wind extremely efficiently making this an excellent choice when hunting in windy conditions.

Bee Stinger stabilizers offer several advantages over their counterparts. Being shorter means easier concealment. Furthermore, its convenient adjustment system means you can move it in or out to alter bow balance as needed. Furthermore, this budget-friendly option compares favorably to more high-end stabilizers.

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