Should You Wear Gloves When Shooting?

In recent times, there has been significant advancement of tactical gear, and it is quite difficult to keep up with the most recent trends. This consists of shooting gloves as well. Considering the fact that these gloves might be imperative under certain situations, when should you put them on?

It is a fact that gloves will not be actually required for all the shooters out there and it depends largely on the circumstances whether you ought to wear them or not. While individuals who are training for self-defense might not need gloves, preppers, shooters, and military personnel training under field conditions will require gloves as an essential component of their gear.

Below, we will be mentioning the benefits provided by the best shooting gloves out there.

1. Provides you with protection

On most occasions, tactical enthusiasts put on durable footwear or boots for safeguarding their feet. However, in most cases, they do not put on protective gear for the hands.

It is one’s personal preference whether he likes to put on shooting gloves; nevertheless, we are of the notion that lots of home defenders, survivalists, and gun enthusiasts do not provide adequate consideration when it comes to making a sensible decision on using gloves. Military personnel usually put on gloves on most occasions, and there is a good reason for that.

It is quite difficult for you to execute tasks properly when your hands are not functioning fully. Shooting gloves have been designed for safeguarding your hands similar to boots that are intended to safeguard your feet.

Making use of shooting gloves while training and also in real-world situations will help to safeguard your hands in the subsequent ways:

• Injury and infection

It is possible for a pair of shooting gloves to safeguard your hands from abrasions, cuts, as well as damage caused by tearing. These wounds might result in disability or infection, thus restricting your capability of operating, and might be a result of rocky surfaces, thorns, and also your firearm’s sharp edges.

• Heat

It is possible for firearm components including the forend and the barrel to become quite hot while operating in extremely hot conditions. The hands might be subjected to burns in case one handles the firearm incorrectly in such situations. In fact, it is quite common for the forend of rifles to become quite hot at the time of rapid-fire engagements.

• Cold weather conditions

Loss of feeling and numbness can be caused to the fingers because of cold weather which is known as Raynaud’s syndrome. This is going to restrict your ability to function properly, and your only solution will be to put on shooting gloves.

2. Helps to improve your grip

Many shooters are of the notion that gloves will help to enhance their grip while operating a firearm. This can actually work in 2 ways since putting on gloves will help to enhance your physical grip on the weapon while preventing slipping, and will also help to minimize interference with your natural feeling of the weapon along with dexterity.

Dexterity here refers to the skill in performing jobs, particularly using the hands. One has to do lots of practice wearing gloves so as to overcome this problem of dexterity. Apart from live fire training, it is advisable to indulge in dry fire practice which can be done at home.

• Shooters will be able to handle a firearm without putting on gloves in case they are experts in using gloves.

• Shooters not training using gloves are going to feel rather uncomfortable while handling any firearm while wearing gloves and they might lose manual dexterity.

In case you train in wet weather conditions on a regular basis or are struggling with sweaty palms, you will observe a tremendous improvement when it comes to grip control while wearing gloves.

Below, we have mentioned some essential aspects to consider while selecting the best shooting gloves for you.

You will come across lots of good pairs of shooting gloves on the market at present, and selecting the most appropriate pair will be depending on how you are going to use it. It is essential to realize that a glove is not just a glove, and every single glove has been designed for a particular purpose. Moreover, the materials used to construct the glove should match your application.

The subsequent features might be desirable according to your requirements; however, bear in mind that they might enhance the overall cost to a great extent.

1. Cut resistant

Usually manufactured from lightweight Kevlar, these items are quite tough. In fact, Kevlar comes with a supreme stretchy strength-to-weight ratio and is many times stronger as compared to steel. Cut-resistant gloves will be ideal for you in case you’re going to navigate through difficult topography.

2. Fire resistant

Built utilizing synthetic stuff such as Kevlar or Nomex, these gloves will not melt and fuse under extreme heat to the skin.

3. Breathability

This is an essential feature for all shooting gloves. It will ascertain the versatility of the gloves in regard to the general weather conditions. It will enable sweat to evaporate in extreme heat while maintaining the dryness of the hands in cold conditions as well. In fact, it will be sensible to go for a breathable glove instead of a water-resistant one while practicing shooting.

4. Touchscreen capable

This is definitely an essential feature for any shooting gloves to have in the contemporary era. It can be quite difficult to remove a glove every time while using a tablet or smartphone. You will come across lots of modern gloves made from synthetic leather which are touchscreen capable, and still provide the flawless blend of protection and dexterity.


In case you are training with firearms on a regular basis wearing a plate carrier as well as a pair of combat boots, then gloves ought to form an integral part of your gear as well. In case you are training in firearms intending for home defense plus concealed carry during your normal day-to-day chores, then you might consider not wearing gloves whatsoever. Either way, let us hope that this above-mentioned information has provided you with the knowledge that is required for making a sensible decision.

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