Tips On Getting A Hunting License

Hunting is a good source of adventure as well as for spending past time for pleasure and entertainment. But, it has to be as per the law of the land for which you have to get a license for hunting. And if you ever chance to go for hunting without valid license, you are sure to get trapped in legal complications. Here are certain tips that will make it easy to get a license for hunting

  • Ascertain the specific provisions of law related to hunting license that are applicable to your local county or state government.
  • The law related to license for hunting vary according to age, type of animals you intend to hunt, intended duration of hunting period and the weapon you intend to possess. Select the type of license suiting to your specific requirement
  • Submit your application in the prescribed format, furnishing there in, all the information as required. As per certain rules of certain states, you have to apply for purchasing the license before actually getting it.
  • Ascertain, from where you can purchase the license. In some states, you can purchase a license online through major credit card. You may contact your state or local government for locating the address of a seller of weapons.
  • After obtaining a hunting license, make a photocopy. This will help you if the original one is lost by any chance, for showing to the enforcing authorities.

You should be extra cautious for the following.

  • In case you intend to hunt in your own private land, said hunting land specialist at LandCashin, the rules may not be rigidly required. Otherwise, you need to consult an expert prior to going for hunting in other areas.
  • Hunting laws are not under the purview of federal issues. Keep your hunting activities limited to the provision of the respective state from where you are purchasing the license. Be within the parameters as permitted in your license.
  • Hunting license is not transferable. You can neither sell to nor purchase from another person. However, under very special circumstances, it is transferable. It is better to consult the concerned authorities, prior to making any exchange through purchasing or selling the hunting license.

Shooting Tips for Bow and Arrow

Tree-stand Technique

Drop a little or lower your bow arm instead of bending your waist for creating a downward shot angle


Keep your feet and legs relaxed and bend your bow arm sufficient enough for unlocking the elbow and letting your fingers hang naturally.

Focus on Target

Put all your concentration on the object of target

Follow through

Keep your grip hand relaxed till the arrow hits the target. Do not drop your arm immediately after releasing the string.

Two-finger Release Technique

Adopt the mechanical release or use only two fingers for holding the bowstring at full draw. Once you reach the let-off, drop your top finger off the string and execute your anchor and re-leasing by the other two fingers.

Make surprise release

Instead of telling’ now’, make a surprise release.

Float your arm

Don’t try to get the pin settled rock-settled on the target; otherwise you will be subjected to target panic.

Aiming Time

Perform your shot within seven seconds from the time you have locked on the spot

Mid-Flight Obstacles

An obstacle could be lobbed by aiming with correct sight pin

In-Season Practice

Maintain your form throughout the season without shutting down your regular practice.

For getting a Hunting License, you should be aware of certain facts related to it.

  • Show your hunting license to an authorized officer, when asked for enforcement of the law.
  • A paper copy license is not valid without the signature of the licensee
  • For qualifying for residency qualifications, you need to be bona fide resident of the city, county or state for six consecutive months prior to the date of purchasing a license.
  • The following persons are exempted from holding hunting license. Resident or non-residential landowners, their spouses, children and grand children. Tenants on the land they rent if they have written permission from the landowner.
  • You can get license online, or by purchasing from some clerks of the circuit court and other license agents.

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