How to Throw Throwing Knives and Grow as a Thrower?

If you want to be a good thrower then you must know how to throw a throwing knife. In this write-up, the entire process of throwing a knife and methods to become a good thrower are briefly described for your guidance.

How to Throw a Throwing Knife?

If you are throwing a throwing knife for the first time then you should control your mental keenness and have patience and follow discipline while choosing a knife as well as while becoming a good thrower.

Choose the knife

The first step to learn the ways to throw a throwing knife is to choose the right knife as well as a right object to target at.

While choosing a throwing knife you will have to consider a number of things including the shape, design, type and size etc. It should not have sharp edged but it should have round corners, sharp point and thickness to throw it properly. It should not be less than 12” in length and 200 grams in weight. It should not have perforation and its handle should be simple and maintenance free.

Choose the Target

After choosing the right knife you should choose the right target on which you can throw your knife. To start with you can use cardboard or cereal boxes, planks or wood logs. It can be a round target in mounted, freestanding or hanging position. It should be made of soft material but not much thick.

Preparing for throwing knife

After arranging a right knife and target, you should prepare yourself to throw the knife. For this purpose you will have to learn the ways to grip the knife, stand in right posture, set suitable angle of your body and throw the knife.

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How to grip the knife

While holding the knife you must try to throw it from heavier end to make your action more forceful. So you can hold its heavier end, either the blade or handle

You should use your three fingers and thumb to hold the knife from the center near the end of its blade with your little finger curling in the hand.

The commonly used style of holding a throwing knife is Hammer Grip in which the knife is held in horizontal position in the entire hand with your thumb on the side in the middle. If you hold your knife in vertical position then it will be called Mcevoy grip.

Make a right posture

Now you have to learn how to make your posture right while throwing a knife. Your right posture will allow you to throw your knife more efficiently.

You should put the weight of your body on your stronger leg. The other foot should be put ahead of the body without putting your weight on it. Now raise your stronger arm perpendicular to the ground ahead of your body. Now raise the knife on the side of your head at a comfortable distance, with your elbow bent. You should be relaxed without losing your focus.

Direct the knife properly

Before throwing the knife you will have to set your knife at proper angle so that it can follow your orders when released. Your wrist should be bent towards forearm while throwing the knife from close distance. But for middle distance you will have to slightly bend your wrist whereas for long distance you should not bend your wrist.

Throw the knife

While throwing the knife perfectly you must have special skills as it is not similar to throw ball. To throw knife you will have to swing the knife forward by shifting your weight on the weaker leg as well as swinging the forearm forward to gain momentum. You should keep your arm straight and throw the knife releasing it from above the point. You should allow it to slip through your hand smoothly.

Your efficiency to throw a knife depends mainly on the flexibility in your movements instead of your physical strength as you need not apply much force for this purpose.

How to be a good thrower?

You are a good thrower if the knife you threw hits the target from its blade instead of its handle. However if it hits the target with handle then you will have to adjust the rotation of the knife in the air instead of adjusting the speed of the knife.

Your knife should not be heavier than 200 grams as it is difficult to hit the target with a heavy knife as you will have to apply additional force which can disturb your posture.

Honing the skills

In order to be a good thrower you will have to hone your skills by learning some ideal throwing techniques like:

Half Spin: In this technique you will have to position yourself nearly 6 feet away from the object and the knife should make half spin before hitting the object.

One Spin: In this technique you will have to stand almost 10-11 feet away for the target and the knife should make one complete spin before hitting the target.

Advanced Tricks

The advanced tricks of throwing knife include no spin and more spins.

More spins: You can use the technique of more spins perfectly depending upon the distance between your target and you. Distance per turn can be determined by the formula toe-distance minus reach distance divided by turns + 0.25. it will allow you to measure the estimated distance between the turns made by your knife in the air.

No spin: In this technique of throwing a throwing knife your knife will not make any turn or spin in the air before hitting the object. This technique is ideal for throwing knife as a target placed at a short distance. The knife will hit anything that comes in its way t the target as it is not making any spin.

You will have to adjust the distance and you grip on the knife so that it can hardly rotate before hitting the target when you throw it. So your position should be closer to the target in this technique.

Thus, the information provided in this write up can help you to know how to throw a throwing knife and how to grow as a good thrower.

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