The Best Digging Tools for Treasure Hunters

Are you an ambitious treasure hunter who is looking to test their luck? If yes, you would surely need some good digging tools for your hunt. 

The thing that you must keep in mind is that many of the treasures buried underground are metallic in nature, and it’s easier to trace them using metal detectors.

Once traced, many digging tools are also available that help you in digging up the soil from all the right places, so you can get to the treasure that you are looking to find.

Listed below are some of our most favorite digging accessories that will help you in your pursuits:

Metal Detector Shovel

A metal detector shovel is a vital tool when it comes to treasure hunting. It helps you in finding what you are looking for and then helps you to dig it up.

A metal detecting shovel helps the hunters in digging up the metal objects, and its special features make sure that the object doesn’t get damaged while the hunter is at it. There are major detector shovels available on the market in various price ranges.

Coin Metal Detectors

Coin metal detectors are also very useful for those hunting for old coins or relics. There are coins in the soil that have been accidentally dropped by people or hidden and perhaps forgotten for many years. These coins are now being found by treasure hunters.

There are coin metal detectors now available that help these hunters in looking for the coins, specifically tuned to find coins as opposed to other scrap metals.

Coins are made up of metal, so normal metal detectors can be used to detect for coins as well. As for the gold coins, they too can be detected using metal detectors, so you do not need a special gold detector for those either. However, metal detectors that are used for coin detecting have some special features in terms of frequency, etc.

If you are looking for a good metal detector for all sorts of metals, whether it be coins or something else, you should keep the following things in mind:

Frequency: For old coins, a good frequency at which the coins will be easily detectable by the detector is equal to or greater than at least a 6”.

Operating frequency: Operating frequency is one of the major factors that should be kept in mind while looking for old coins. A low frequency ranging from 2 to 4 kHz hits much deeper than an average machine with a frequency that typically lies between 5 to 10 kHz suitable for all purposes.

Electronic Pin-pointers

Electronic pinpointers are for target recovery. They will increase the speed of the recovery process by many folds and will also make a recovery far more accurate, so it’s easier for you to know where to start digging. They pinpoint more exactly where you should dig so that you don’t dig for hours in the wrong place.

Coin Probe

Coin probes help the hunters in tracking the location of the treasure even before you have started digging. These come in real handy when looking for coins, as they are small in size and hard to trace.

Once traced, there’s still the possibility of the coin accidentally getting lost in all the soil that you have dug up.

With a coin probe, you can rest assured that it won’t happen, and once you get closer to the object, you can start digging carefully with your hands instead of the shovel, etc. to avoid damaging the object.

Sand Scoops

These tools help in metal recovery. They have special screens and filters that are designed for treasure hunting. These sand scoops are available in different materials and all sizes, ranging from small handles, medium handles too long handles depending upon what kind of material are you looking for and what kind of place you are looking in.

Underwater Metal Detectors

Now, if you are looking for treasure hunting under the water, then you will need an underwater metal detector. These metal detectors are not affected by salts and ground minerals in the water but are highly sensitive to metals.

These detectors work with low frequencies ranging from 3 to 30 kHz and are suitable for detecting all coins, jewelry, and relics. Also, keep in mind while you are shopping for an underwater detector that if you are diving and looking deep in the water, then make sure that the model comes with a diver pole so that you don’t have any trouble while looking.


Treasure hunting is not an easy task. It requires both skill and patience. But alongside these two qualities, it also requires some tools. Use these detectors and digging tools to find what you are looking for.

About the Author

I'm Rodney Heaton and I love hunting in the wild. In the past, I was in the military for over 5 years. After that I became a licensed hunter and a mountain guide.