How To Roast Hot Dogs On A Campfire

Once you venture out for a camping trip, one of your most astounding experiences is going to be cooking. In fact, campfire cooking has the ability to make your adventure enjoyable and happy, particularly when you’re consuming hot dogs which you have roasted on a campfire.

You will come across quite a few ways for cooking hot dogs; it is possible to put the hot dogs on a grill gate, you might even roast the hot dogs on a stick, put them into a pan, or even take the help of a roasting basket. You simply need to carry the buns along with you together with the basic condiments which will provide you with the desired flavor. In this article, we will mention how to roast hot dogs on a campfire’s open flames.

Prior to starting cooking ensure to keep the meat in a cold place. Also, bear in mind to take roasting sticks along with you together with other necessary ingredients. It will be imperative for you to purchase some extra given that several of them might fall into the open fire or might become burned.

Also, make it a point to keep the meat away from the open fire so that it is not overcooked. Stick to a few basic steps, and this should be enough to enjoy scrumptious hot dogs during the camping trip.

1st step

After collecting some dry wood, place them within the fire pit and in case there is any foliage, then remove it. If the fire pit has not been dug sufficiently into the ground, you need to use rocks or bricks so as to protect from the wind. Ignite the fire after placing dry wood into the pit.

2nd step

The hot dogs must be sliced in the middle and not all the way through so as to skewer the meat.

3rd step

Following this, the hot dogs have to be placed appropriately on the sticks or the skewers. Also, the meat should be pressed such that it becomes secured properly on the wood. You must take care of this; otherwise, there will be a possibility of losing the hot dog in the open fire prior to starting cooking.

4th step

Begin to cook the hot dog over the open fire and also rotate the stick while you are cooking. This will allow the meat to be cooked uniformly without burning any of the sides.

As a matter of fact, hot dogs are available in a precooked condition. This means that there is no need to leave them for cooking for more than 5 minutes. The hot dog is going to be roasted properly as soon as the outside becomes brown and begins bubbling.

5th step

The hot dog has to be removed from the open flames. For this, make use of a fork or knife for sliding the hot dog in the roasted condition from the stick. The hot dog can be placed in the bun in case you have carried along.

You might prefer to top using the desired condiments. Mustard or ketchup can be used for enhancing the flavor.

The campfire should never be left unattended while you are roasting the hot dog. Also, you must put on the appropriate clothing while cooking the hot dog over a campfire. Lastly, the fire has to be extinguished completely with water.

Roasting stick

It is important to cut the hot dog properly while roasting them on the campfire. In case you’d like to enjoy the wood’s flavor, it might be a sensible idea to cut the stuff spirally around roasting sticks which have been prepared from top-quality material. You can make use of a stainless stick given that it is easy to carry and is also durable.

The sticks have been designed in such a way that it is simple to clean them and they’re also appropriate for usage at the time of camping trips when you are planning to roast some mouthwatering food. If you want to enjoy hands-free cooking, the Roasting Post is a device that sticks in the ground and holds your hot dog stick for you.

Grilling in the open flame

At present, grill grates are available with large and flat surfaces which can be used for roasting hot dogs on the flame. It is almost identical to cooking on a hot dog cooker such as a gas grill or charcoal grill. In case there is any provision of using grills while you’re camping, it will be possible for you to prepare delicious and flavored hot dogs in the open fire.

Camping supplies are sold by grills which can be purchased by you. You’ll come across quite a few camping areas having the facility of using charcoal grills. It is possible to balance grill grates over campfire stones or the containment system.

You need to turn the hot dogs at regular intervals using tongs such that it can be cooked uniformly. You will not need in excess of 5 minutes for grilling the hot dogs. The hot dogs can also be placed on the stick and allowed to be roasted over the grill grates.

Roasting within a pan

It is possible for cast iron skillets to endure the open flame as well as high heat quite easily. You can easily roast hot dogs within the pans without any fear of getting them burned.

On some occasions, a char might develop on the outside during this process. The reason for this is that you are able to rotate easily while roasting on the stick. However, it is imperative for you to be nearer to the campfire while roasting on the pan and you might not feel comfortable while doing so due to the high heat.

There is a lot of difference between the taste of the hot dog roasted within a pan and on a stick. A different flavor is imparted to the hot dog by the exposure to the flame and the flavor of the smoke.

It is simpler to roast within a pan as compared to roasting on the grill grate. The reason for this is that it is safer to remove the pans from the open fire. The pan can be placed on a flat rock which is near the campfire and this will help to prevent any burning while roasting.

It does not matter what method you are using for roasting the hot dogs on a campfire, always make sure to use top-quality stainless sticks which will provide you with complete control and they are likewise easy and safe to use. You can also carry them easily within your backpack.

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