Hoyt Bows – What Cam is Hoyt Most Known For?

Hoyt is a premier producer of compound bows designed for 3D shooting, hunting and competition archery. Their bows are known for being extremely durable yet comfortable to shoot.

They created this powerful hunting bow using a new limb pocket design and ultra-durable Tec-Lite riser, which ensures an incredibly quiet draw cycle and draw cycle.


Hoyt’s RKT cam is an innovative design meant to shoot at high speeds with an effortless draw cycle, perfect for beginners to advanced archers alike. The Hoyt RKT Cam & 12 System boasts an advertised speed rating of up to 330 fps at 6-inch brace height while offering forgiving valley shoulder support and reduced vibration/noise levels from its angled limb pockets.

Hoyt’s RKT Cam is an exciting innovation using sealed inner-race bearings for maximum performance and efficiency, providing both accuracy and consistency while aligning perfectly with center of gravity for each limb. Perfect for hunters and target shooters alike, its use makes the Hoyt RKT Cam an attractive solution that works on various limbs and bows.

RKT modules are available for various Hoyt models. As RKT modules can help to adjust draw length, it is essential that you purchase the suitable one for your particular bow. You can find one by visiting their website or calling customer service.

The RKT cam differs from others by not using dual-cam design, meaning it can handle both high draw weight and low brace height braces without becoming inflexible. As such, its power to fly straight and true makes the RKT ideal for creating smooth draw cycles and forgiving valleys to allow comfortable full draw.

Hoyt’s Charger compound bow offers top-of-the-line features and technology at a remarkable value, featuring various draw lengths and weight configurations to suit every shooter, along with sights, stabilizers and an arrow rest – plus many additional Hoyt accessories and limbs available from Hoyt itself!


Hoyt’s HBX Cam is one of a cutting-edge series of bow components designed for maximum performance, providing smoother shooting experience while being less cumbersome and weightier. Furthermore, it allows shooters to draw and release faster with minimal hand shock.

Hoyt’s new cam system boasts an innovative sleeve design that eliminates limb-bending during release cycle to significantly increase accuracy, absorbs vibrations around the bow and routes them away so it remains quieter and more comfortable to shoot. Hoyt also added a dampener to reduce residual vibration post shot; optimized placement of Hoyt Shock Pod Technology/SL Sidebar Mount/Limb Shox and Stealth Shot string stops were optimized resulting in the quietest Hoyt aluminum bow ever with 31% less hand shock than an equivalent bare bow!

In addition to the HBX Cam, the 2021 Carbon RX-5 also boasts numerous innovations and technologies not previously seen on a Hoyt compound bow. These innovations include Hoyt’s Hollow Carbon Tube Riser technology for an innovative hand-laid riser which is both lighter and stiffer than previous versions as well as an inline sight mount featuring Picatinny rail attachment for easy sighting.

Hoyt’s 2021 lineup features the REDWRX Carbon RX-5 as the flagship model, featuring Hollow Carbon Tube Riser technology to bring together Hoyt’s latest technologies. Its HBX cam system couples with Hybrid EXT split limbs for draw lengths up to 30-inches; with speeds reaching 342fps at the axle axle this rig can achieve speeds of up to 342 fps!

Hoyt’s Ventum Pro bow for 2021 features an all-new machined riser and its innovative HBX cam system, as well as a module size to accommodate draw lengths from 25-30 inches, and letoff of 80-85%. In addition, it boasts an inline sight rail, SL Sidebar Mount and Hoyt Integrate Ultrarest by QAD for added functionality.

FUSE Custom Strings

Hoyt has long been at the forefront of archery. Over this century, they have pioneered many innovations in bowhunting and target archery, designing bows with superior craftsmanship using only quality materials and state-of-the-art technologies to produce durable yet reliable bows that have made waves throughout archery history. Hoyt bows also offer accessories designed to improve performance – something other brands don’t offer!

Hoyt utilizes an innovative system for stringing their bows that helps prevent stretch and reduce vibration – the Fuse system. Each string is carefully constructed, twisted, and tensioned using computer controlled, custom-built Fuse Continuous Tension Technology string machines under preloads of hundreds of pounds for an optimized experience that delivers long-term durability without stretching. Hoyt offers various colors and styles of bowstrings so you’re sure to find one to meet your style needs!

Fuse bows also offer an extensive selection of accessories, such as silencers and speed nocks, available online to meet the individual needs of its users. Their products use premium BCY string materials with their exclusive serving process to guarantee consistent and accurate bowstring performance, eliminating string separation, zero peep rotation, and vibration through zero pocket flares in each product.

Carbon RX-4, the company’s latest flagship model, features the ZTR Cam system for smoother draw cycles and an IBO speed of 350 fps. Furthermore, this bow is more compact than previous versions with an increased axle-to-axle ratio for increased stability and balance and boasts higher letoff than other similar bows.

Hoyt Ventum 33 bow is an extremely powerful bow that has been enhanced to make it even more competitive. Using its innovative asymmetrical cam design, which eliminates multiple modules, you can adjust draw length with its sliding bar system or let-off percentage between 80 to 85 percent – Liko Arreola and Abhishek Verma have already earned gold medal performances using this bow at World Cup Stage 3.

ZT Pro Cam

Hoyt’s ZT Pro Cam system combines balanced side-to-side loads with their patent-pending Split-Cable guard design to reduce cable torque and lateral nock travel, keeping the bow more in balance and increasing accuracy and speed. Furthermore, these cams draw smoothlyer than previous Hoyt models while featuring flared ends which look like they’d catch string derailing but actually increase rotational speed and reduce vibrations.

Hoyt has also improved the limb pockets, beefing up material to reduce vibration. As a result, they created an extremely quiet, comfortable, and precise shooting rig capable of supporting up to 70 pounds. Furthermore, this Carbon Spyder ZT 30 features one-piece Pro-Fit grip designed to promote neutral wrist position as well as wooden side plates with an elastomeric option and various shock noise and vibration-killing technologies.

Contrary to traditional paper tuning methods that involve adding twists to one yoke and then the other, ZT cam system uses spacers in axle assembly as an innovative solution to preventing left-right tears by keeping cams vertical instead of tilting them side to side using twists in either yoke.

Hoyt has introduced numerous innovations into its limb pocket to reduce vibration, including an elastomeric insert and dual cable stops that provide rock solid back wall support. Furthermore, its lightest and most forgiving limbs have ever been created by Hoyt.

The Ventum 33 bow is one of the easiest and most comfortable compounds ever created, which explains its popularity with tournament winners and podium finishers alike. Thanks to the RKT cam and FUSE custom strings combination, it has proven itself in tournament after tournament as the winner of tournaments and podium finishes alike. Adjustability enables users to achieve up to 85 percent let off for optimal hunting experiences while quickly swappable modules make this bow an invaluable option when selling or gifting bows to someone with different draw lengths.

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