How Wide Is a Polaris Ranger?

As buyers search for their UTV, many tend to focus solely on horsepower, torque and seating capacity – however width should also be taken into consideration.

This decision should be especially considered if you plan to use your Ranger as a work machine and need the extra stability that comes from choosing a wider model.


Polaris offers a selection of accessories designed to enhance the experience when hunting, playing or working on your Side by Side vehicle. From full cab options, gun scabbards and mounts, rear bed racks and accessories as well as heaters – Polaris Ranger accessories provide additional storage and capabilities while still taking into account trail width restrictions if making modifications – but be mindful of your modifications in terms of width as adding too many will potentially limit how often it can be used!

Polaris Ranger length is another critical element to its stability, especially if you plan to haul cargo in its bed. A cargo box must be large enough to contain your gear without hampering maneuverability; additionally, you should keep in mind the turning radius as this can be an obstacle when hauling or maneuvering in tight spaces.

While longer Polaris Rangers are great at carrying loads, their handling and ride quality may suffer due to being longer. When traversing windy trails or technical terrain, long UTVs may become difficult to control when traversing winding paths; additionally they’re likely to bounce across obstacles more frequently and cause negative fuel economy impacts.

Polaris Ranger owners have customized their vehicles for various purposes and capabilities, from creating more comfortable rides to increasing performance or towing capacity. One common modification involves chopping off a cage; however, this can limit headroom and the ability to use roof-mounted accessories such as stereo systems and gun racks. However, there are ways of lowering a Polaris Ranger without compromising its height; one possibility being installing a lift kit that keeps its factory height while providing increased ground clearance.


Polaris Ranger UTV was specifically designed for off-road adventures. Equipped with an efficient twin parallel twin 999cc single overhead cam engine that produces an impressive 61 horsepower, and featuring a spacious low profile cab which offers ample storage and seating capacity for two passengers, its quiet performance favoring torque over top end power makes this vehicle perfect for hunters or deer herders who must cover long distances on backroads.

Opting for accessories designed specifically for your UTV is essential to its performance and longevity. There are countless Polaris Ranger aftermarket products available to add extra capabilities to the vehicle – from winches to rear bumpers or roof racks; even lift kits are available that increase ride height, so that you can tackle more challenging terrain.

Size can play an influential role in the weight of a UTV. Therefore, it is imperative that you know its dimensions before purchasing a trailer – otherwise you could find out that your brand new Ranger is too large to fit on it and cause unnecessary damage both to its trailer and UTV!

Polaris Ranger’s cab enclosure was created with accessories in mind, so owners could personalize their Ranger to be used as the perfect work, hunt or play vehicle. Full cab options, gun scabbards and mounts, rear bed rack accessories and rear bed accessories; heaters; snow tracks can help make your Ranger an indispensable utility side by side vehicle.

Polaris Ranger Tracks can quickly improve the performance of any UTV on rough, muddy, and snowy trails. From large rocks to fallen logs or even rutted ground, Polaris Ranger tracks provide the traction necessary to navigate any obstacle-laden path without straining axles, CV boots or drive train components. Furthermore, adding Polaris Ranger tracks allows you to cover more territory faster while increasing traction on your Polaris Ranger UTV.


Polaris Ranger UTVs are designed to conquer any terrain and offer many options to meet the individual needs of users, from customizable cab configurations and accessories that make your ride your own to full-sized 72-inch snowplows for winter jobs.

Polaris Ranger UTVs are specifically designed to meet your needs, making customizing and outfitting an UTV easier. There are plenty of pockets and storage areas to store all your gear securely; additionally, you can equip it with roof and windscreen protection for added protection from the elements.

Rangers provide seating for two to six passengers depending on the model you select, as well as various power options that meet individual needs. They feature class-leading towing capabilities and come with an ample dumping box so that everything necessary for work or play can be safely hauled along for the ride.

Mid-size Ranger UTVs provide reliable and comfortable transportation for working or exploring. These models feature 58″ width and tight 12.7″ turning radius to enable maneuvering through narrow trails or tight areas easily, plus are easy to store and transport.

Polaris’ Ranger XP 1000 utility side by side is unrivaled as an excellent mid-size utility side by side on the market, boasting a class-leading engine, high ground clearance, smooth ride quality and seating up to six people comfortably – as well as ample storage capacity and the Polaris Lock & Ride system for adjustable suspension settings and enhanced rider security.

The Ranger XP 1000 features an industry-leading payload capacity of up to 1,250 pounds. With its powerful engine and smooth ride, this mid-size utility side-by-side makes an excellent choice for hardworking owners who rely heavily on side by sides for work. Plus, its exclusive high-performance clutch and engine stop will help save fuel!


Widening your UTV is an effective way to tackle various terrain, helping it fit through tight trails more easily, cross large rocks more effortlessly, and reduce environmental damage as well as side-by-side damage. But be wary when increasing its width too drastically; too much extra width can place undue stress on axles, CV boots and drive trains of your side-by-side. There are various methods to widening a Polaris Ranger such as adding wheels/tires/long travel axle kits/Portal Gear Lift setups all easily installed into its frame; all will increase its width while simultaneously improving handling/comfort as well as increasing its handling/comfort level simultaneously.

Polaris Ranger features a spacious cab designed to accommodate plenty of accessories, with six cup holders, seven dash pockets, a glovebox that can store a gallon of water with room to spare and full cab options that allow owners to customize their Polaris Ranger into a work, hunt or play rig – as well as heaters designed to keep riders warm in any climate condition.

Polaris Ranger side by sides are some of the most capable utility machines on the market, boasting industry-leading towing and payload capacities that provide its owners with confidence to tackle any task – be it working on farms, hunting for game or simply riding with friends – with unsurpassed towing and payload capacities, the Polaris Ranger is built for any task!

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