How Wide Is a Polaris General?

The 2023 Polaris General lineup offers an excellent way to own an ergonomic recreational UTV with a functional cargo bed and sport-oriented suspension. Powered by a 106 horsepower ProStar 1000cc engine, this model includes the class-leading Ride Command system.

The two most popular trim levels offer an exceptional Rockford Fosgate Stage 4 audio system that’s worth every extra dollar spent, along with durable PVT belt-driven continuously variable transmissions that offer reliable performance.


Polaris General side-by-sides are designed for anyone seeking to tackle challenging off-road terrain, with their wide stance featuring 30-inch Pro Armor Crawler tires for plenty of ground clearance and wide tires with 30″ Pro Armor Crawler tires that provide ample traction on any surface. In addition, this UTV boasts a powerful engine as well as a cozy cabin that seats four comfortably – ideal for hunting in the woods or exploring remote backcountry regions! The Polaris General can tackle anything life throws its way!

The Polaris General comes equipped with FOX Podium 2.0 shocks all around, which offer excellent suspension and handling performance on and off road. Plus, its fully adjustable FOX Podium 2.0 shocks make for a customized ride experience! With dual A-arm front suspension and trailing-arm rear suspension capable of taking on rough trails easily, its spacious cargo bed holds up to 300 pounds of gear or equipment!

Although it can’t tow or haul as much weight as its Ranger counterpart or handle as efficiently as an RZR, the Polaris General still provides plenty of versatility for those searching for a high-performance UTV with room for passengers. Deer hunters who need gear hauled out to their blind or duck hunters needing to transport trailer fulls of decoys across muddy rice fields will find this UTV ideal.

Polaris offers an assortment of accessories to tailor your Polaris General to meet your specific needs, such as winches to help pull gear from mud or heavy-duty snow chains for deep powder terrain. Furthermore, bed extenders allow for an increase in cargo capacity.

Overall Length

When purchasing a side-by-side vehicle, its overall length and weight should be taken into consideration. This will dictate whether it can fit on a trailer and how much can be towed; also determines cargo bed space available as well as passenger capacity – which makes the Polaris General an excellent option for sharing adventures together with friends!

The 2023 Polaris General comes equipped with plenty of standard features and options that give buyers plenty of choice when it comes time to making a decision. Available as both two and four seat versions with the same 999cc inline two cylinder engine producing about 100 horsepower each, buyers have many choices when it comes to customizing this vehicle to meet their individual needs.

This engine provides enough power for smooth terrain travel and makes the General feel like a true sport machine. Front and rear sway bars help prevent it from tipping over on steep cambered trails; its 30×10-15 Pro Armor crawler tires work particularly well on our lava rock trails.

Inside the cab you will find comfortable bucket seats designed to provide all-day riding comfort. Their padded bolsters offer excellent support, with adjustable length straps to fit almost any rider comfortably. Furthermore, controls are easily reached and operated thanks to digital and analog instrumentation; furthermore there’s also an adjustable steering wheel tilt feature.

Other features on the 2023 Polaris General include a high-output Rockford Fosgate Stage 4 stereo system and Polaris Ride Command with GPS functionality, enabling you to keep an eye on crew members without needing radio communication; additionally, tracking is handy when traveling on public land.

Polaris Generals offer ample space for gear, with a cargo box that features a hinged lid to make loading items easier. They’re also equipped with an HD 4500 LB winch, giving them additional utility when faced with difficult trails or hauling more gear on an overland camping expedition.

Seating Capacity

Polaris General UTVs provide plenty of passenger space, making them an excellent choice for families or groups of friends looking to experience life on the trails together. Plus, with plenty of storage capacity to bring all of their gear along for their adventure.

The General is built for tough trails and is an enjoyable drive, boasting a powerful 100 horsepower engine capable of taking on big hills and deep mud. With compliant suspension and effective 4WD system, its high seating position provides outstanding visibility of its surroundings and superior viewing ability. Plus it comes equipped with full doors and bodywork which provides more protection than sports UTVs!

Polaris engineered accessories can transform the General’s interior, making it even better suited to meet your needs. From roof, painted bodywork and front/rear padded center consoles to adding a Rockford Fosgate stereo system – there are endless ways Polaris engineerered accessories can enhance its interior.

With these accessories installed on their Polaris General UTVs, they make for an excellent choice for anyone searching for a reliable and durable UTV on a tight budget. Be sure to know its dimensions and weight for optimal trailer matching purposes.

Polaris Generals offer ample cargo capacity of 1,500 pounds and feature a 2inch receiver hitch to tow additional gear. They feature lots of storage space as well as compatibility with Polaris accessories for optimal performance.

The General is an incredibly flexible UTV with plenty of features and options to meet any riding need. Able to traverse rough off-road trails with ease, it makes an excellent outdoor activity choice for families and friends looking for fun adventures together. However, its speed or agility may not match that of Ranger or RZR vehicles; additionally it may not offer as comfortable riding experience but nonetheless still delivers an enjoyable riding experience.

Ground Clearance

Ground clearance is one of the most critical measurements when it comes to side-by-side vehicles. Not only can it protect your undercarriage from being scratched when driving on rough or uneven routes, but it’s also vital in how a UTV handles and drives. A higher ground clearance will help you easily drive over low obstacles without scraping against their surfaces when turning or breaking, and prevent your tires from scraping against surfaces when turning or breaking.

Polaris’ General 1000 and 4 1000 models are robust machines built to tackle any challenge put their way. While not the sportiest models in its lineup, they’re equipped to handle both work and play equally well – powered by a 999cc ProStar engine with On-Demand True AWD capability for optimal traction control and customizable accessories to meet individual user requirements.

With its large cargo bed, you can carry loads of gear comfortably while accommodating two or more people comfortably in its seats. The rear cargo box has a maximum payload of 1,100 pounds; you can upgrade this capacity up to 2,280 with the Trailhead Edition. Furthermore, an upgraded 4000 pound Polaris heavy-duty winch provides added towing capability.

The Polaris General XP 1000 comes standard with Ride Command infotainment and Rockford Fosgate Stage 4 stereo packages, but you can enhance its customization further using high-grade aftermarket accessories. Install winches, roof racks and windshield covers to increase versatility of use; add bed extenders to make room for more cargo in its cargo bed; or upgrade with Polaris bed lifters to increase cargo volume in its cargo bed.

A higher ground clearance allows you to drive over speed bumps more smoothly and park in more spots, but keep in mind that vehicles with a higher ground clearance are more vulnerable to damage from strong winds and may find it more challenging to fit their car into parking spots in crowded areas. Furthermore, keep in mind that it will make turning into narrow alleyways more difficult with such a tall vehicle.

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