How to Stop a Dog from Barking

Dealing with barking can be tough. Not only the excess barking can be annoying, but the regular neighbor complaints also make it harder to deal with. But how to stop a dog from barking?

I can’t give you any definitive answers, but what I can give you is a good amount of tips to prevent it. There can be many reasons why a dog barks continuously and frequently. Curious to know about them?

Let’s get started!

Possible Reasons for Why Dogs Bark

Well, to tell the truth, it works for them. Dogs bark for many reasons and all the reasons are somewhat valid. However, before you know how to deal with it, you need to figure out why he’s doing what he’s doing.

These are the main reasons behind your beloved dogs barking nature. Check them out and find out which one is causing your dog to bark:

  • Sensitive to Territories: Sometimes dogs can be a bit overprotective of their territories. In this case, when a person or their dog tries to enter their personal space, they start to bark.
  • Prone to Attention: Maybe your dog is feeling a bit lonely or just wants to go outside to play. In these cases, your dog may bark and let you know that he/she wants to play or go out. Sometimes when they are hungry, they bark too.
  • Barking While Playing: Barking can be a sign of being happy. When they get too excited, they start to bark.
  • Alarming You: Your dog might be barking to alarm you of something. When they hear any strange noise or feel a strange smell, they tend to bark.
  • Frustration over Something: Dogs tend to bark when they feel irritated about a thing. It might be that he is trying to do something for a long time but can’t. This type of situation irritates them and makes them bark louder.
  • Too Bored: Dogs get bored pretty easily, and barking could be a way to entertain themselves. It’s another way to self-soothe, which makes them feel good.
  • Frightened: This type of barking is always misunderstood. While it may sound a bit different, some owners can’t distinguish it from normal barking. Your dog could be afraid of something or someone and bark out of fear.
  • Too Excited: Your beloved pet might bark while seeing something that makes him happy. Could be a car ride or a walk in the park.
  • Depression: Maybe you work all day and have very little time for your pet. This can trigger separation anxiety or depression. Dogs suffering from this problem will bark to let you know.

So, these are the possible reasons for barking. Before you move to stop methods, you should always figure the core reason behind it. If you don’t, using a wrong way might scare him more.

How to Stop a Dog from Barking

Sight Barriers

To deal with territorial behaviors this method is extremely crucial. The best way to stop this is to block the view. A certain environmental view might trigger this type of barking. So, blocking it would calm him down.

Sometimes the sight of street cats could also trigger barking. That’s why you should use a high fence to block any kind of outside view. Also, when your dog is in the house, you should keep all the blinds closed and the doors shut.

Your dog will start to adjust to the new changes and will stop barking eventually.

Bark Controlling Devices

Some advanced new techs can help you out in your quest. These products will stop your dog from barking and maintain a peaceful environment.

Some of you might not find it ethical but when nothing works owners do use a bark collar. Bark collars can work in different ways. Some of the collars could emit an ultrasonic sound while others may give him low shocks to releasing pheromones.

I am again telling you, this might not seem ethical at all-time, but when you are left with no other choice, you can try using them.

Distracting Toys

It can be beneficial if your dog suffers from anxiety issues or boredom. Give him a distracting toy that he can play with while you are gone. Rubber toys are a good way to go here. The primary goal is to keep him busy at any cost.

You could try introducing a new pet. Once they get along, your furry friend will never bark out of attention seeking or boredom. But be a little careful while introducing a new pet. It might also go sideways if you don’t introduce them carefully.

White Noises

Sometimes your dog might get triggered hearing some special noises outside. Maybe it’s the mailman or known friends passing by. You can utilize a white noise machine to cover up this kind of triggering sounds.

However, you would need to pay extra attention to what your dog does when he hears certain sounds. Once you pinpoint the reason, it’ll be easy to add the white noises.

Training and Exercising

Exercises and training can be a good way to stop your dog from barking too much. You can train them to bark when you command. So, when you are not using the special phrase, your dog won’t bark in normal situations.

Exercising him will also be a useful action here. Exercising will keep him content and in the long run, stop him from barking.


We dog owners always seem to concentrate on the bad behaviors. This way we forget to acknowledge the good ones. If your dog somehow didn’t bark in a triggering environment, make sure to recognize that.

Reward him with a treat or pay extra attention to him. Praising him here would make him understand that you love this behavior. This way your dog will be more prone to continuing the behavior even in extreme barking situations.


These are the best ways to stop your dog from barking. But don’t forget to figure out the reason first. If your dog is barking out of depression or anxiety issues, ignoring him would make it worse.

So, all of the tips aren’t effective for all kind of situation. My advice would be to figure out the cause and get rid of it right from the start. If nothing works always seek professional help.


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