How To Choose A Good Scope For 17HMR


Knowing how to choose a good scope for a 17HMR is important. Especially when you’re looking for something that will be reliable, accurate, and will last you a long time. There are several other scopes for a 17HMR. But a lot of them are low quality and are not as reliable. So it’s up to you to know how to distinguish a great one from a not so great one. Thankfully, you’ll learn how to make that vital distinction between the two.

 What Characteristics Should You Look Out For

 A great scope consists of a few great characteristics that will stand out and make it interesting to you in some way. As you look for a 17HMR scope, the important thing to do is keep your eyes peeled for the following characteristics and features:


 The body or tube of the scope will be made from high-quality materials. Most manufacturers will choose different types of aluminum. A material like aluminum is proven to take on the bumps and bangs. Furthermore, it also has the ability to protect your scope settings (or your zero settings) from being thrown off due to the shock that originates from recoil.


Obviously, your scopes will include adjustments for windage, elevation, and parallax. These three adjustments are important since you’re going to make some adjustments depending on the conditions you’re in. As far as parallax goes, you need to made sure your crosshairs and eyepiece are lined up exactly perfect. Parallax can throw off your shot the alignment is out of place.

 Multi-Coated Lenses

The lenses are definitely one of your all-important elements to the scope itself. If they are multi-coated, there’s a good chance that they won’t scratch easily. Also, they will have the ability to draw in a good deal of light so you can still be able to see it in low-light conditions. So if you’re hunting at dawn or just finishing up at dusk, you can still be able to see through the scope and recognize your target.


Your objective will determine your entire field of view. The wider your objective is, the much larger your field of view is going to be. A larger objective might work to your advantage if you’re looking for a lot of coverage. Even then, it will still allow you to quickly acquire a target.

A wide objective, for example, would consist of something measure between 40 to 50mm. However, some scopes that have objectives between 30mm to 40mm will still give you an ample amount of ground to cover.


Your reticle is the eyepiece. It will also include what is known as the crosshairs of your scope. Not all scope reticles are the same. Some will have red dot sight reticles while other reticles will be BDC reticles, illuminated reticles, and glass etched reticles.

No matter which one you use, a great reticle should give you an excellent ability to fire precise, pinpoint accurate shots. Find a reticle that is comfortable for you and you’ll be able to knock down as many targets as you like with consistent accuracy.

Other Aspects To Consider

Aside from the characteristics, there are some aspects that will help you make a decision. Knowing the characteristics of a good scope is one thing, but what will be the reason why you chose the scope in the first place? Here are a few aspects you should consider before buying:


Let’s face it, not every scope is going to be affordable. So you may have to resort in setting a budget for yourself. At that point, you’ll need to figure out your floor and ceiling when it comes to a budget. It’s highly suggested that you should find a scope that is excellent in quality.

This will mean spending money that is on the higher end of your budget scale. It’s better to invest in the best quality that you can afford than investing in a low-quality scope just because of the low price tag. Do not let the appeal of a low price allow you to make a reckless decision. Find out what other additional qualities and characteristics your scope of interest has before making a purchase.


Quality should be an aspect that should trump everything else: even the price tag. The goal here is to find a scope that will last you years (and possibly decades). So it’s important to take a look at what the scope is made of in terms of material. For example, aluminum should be your best possible option for what the tube is made out of. Aluminum can take the abuse and can take the heavy hitting recoil of most rifles (including 17HMRs).

Which Scope Has The Best Optics

Optics will be important. The clearer they are, the better they’ll work to your advantage. You should find a scope that is high definition so you have a crystal clear image picture each time. This optic should also serve you well in poor weather conditions. So be sure to find lenses that are resistant to fog, rain, and other elements that might hinder the optical performance.


 A good scope for your 17HMR should be something where you can be able to install easily. This can be attached to any scope mount or even a top rail that’s attached to your rifle. Most of the scopes will take minutes to install with the right kind of tools. No gunsmithing skills needed or having to shell out all kinds of money for a professional to install it.


Choosing a good scope for a 17HMR will take time. And there are several options to choose from. Find the scope that will best fit your personal needs, preferences, and your budget. Even if you have a good amount of money to play with, you’d be surprised to see a scope that is considered a “budget” scope to perform much better than higher end ones. Either way, you want a scope that will get the job done with better accurate shooting.

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