How Much is a Mounted Deer Head Worth?

As a hunter, it’s likely you have heard one or more of your hunting partners inquire whether their buck merits mounting. While this question can be difficult to answer, here is some guidance from hunters:

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Taxidermy is an art that involves the preservation and stuffing of animal skins to produce lifelike specimens. It requires many skills ranging from carpentry, tanning, molding, casting and casting as well as carpentry itself. Aside from animals used as models, taxidermists also often utilize man-made materials such as glass eyes, fake fur or antlers, epoxy or wax sculpture and epoxy/wax mixtures in order to complete this intricate process – even deer head mounts require incredible skill to complete!

Taxidermists tend to charge a premium for their work, and you should expect to pay more if you request larger or more intricate mounts. The price of taxidermized deer heads depends on size, how many you want mounted and where it will be displayed – an shoulder mount will typically run between $350 and $600 while full body mountings can exceed $2,300.

Taxidermists will produce natural-looking mounts, and also give you options to personalize it to make it even more realism-like. You could add extra antlers, plaques or other embellishments that add character. Furthermore, taxidermists can sculpt facial expressions to give the deer an authentic appearance.

There are numerous taxidermy cash buyers, antique stores, and gun stores willing to buy your old mounts; however, you should do your research beforehand as some are more reputable than others. Furthermore, your mounts could always be donated to organizations like Salvation Army, Goodwill or local charities instead.

Deer mounts can be costly investments, so it’s essential that you understand why you want one before making the investment. Perhaps you want to impress your wife and children or show off your trophy buck to friends and neighbors. DIY kits may be available online if a professional taxidermist isn’t within budget – before purchasing one be sure to read reviews online and talk with former customers first.


Deer heads range in price from $100 to $4,000. Their value depends on age and condition of the trophy, as well as whether or not it comes complete with its shoulder mount. When purchasing one of these, be sure to shop around and compare prices before making your decision; pictures may mislead you about its condition compared with what the animal might actually be like in person.

Shoulder mounts are one of the most popular ways to display deer heads. This style can help honor memories from hunts while serving as a constant reminder. These mounts are available both online and at stores; their costs depend on who your taxidermist is; more experienced professionals may charge higher prices.

Deer antlers have long been prized for their beauty and size, appearing in native drawings, explorer diaries, and settler camp conversations about deer antlers. Today’s deer fanatics can take this one step further by selling shed antlers online; but before doing so it is crucial that one understands their value; this depends on both size and species of animal (for instance Boone and Crockett-sized whitetail antlers are more valuable).

Condition is also an integral factor when valuing antlers. Fresh antlers tend to be more desirable than older ones as they’re stronger and have an appealing tan hue more appealing than their sun-bleached white counterparts. Broken or damaged antlers often don’t hold as much value.

Antlers come at an additional price when considering mounting and any necessary accessories, like lighting solutions. Expect to spend an additional $110-$230 when having the antlers made into lights that can be hung. A higher-end plaque made of walnut or solid oak wood as well as personalized nameplate will further add to the total costs.

Shed antlers can be readily found for sale at flea markets and yard sales in your area, while there are brokers across the country who specialize in buying and selling highly sought-after antler sets. However, it’s important to keep in mind that selling antlers from wild animals could get you into serious federal trouble.


Mounting deer heads as a reminder of a successful hunt is an enjoyable way to commemorate a hunt’s success and is widely appreciated among hunters. After all, killing a deer requires effort and time – why wouldn’t you want a trophy hanging around as a reminder of all that hard work? Additionally, having this mount hanging in your house will serve as a constant reminder of all those wonderful hunting memories made.

Shoulder mount prices can range widely and it’s not uncommon for people to spend significant sums of money for them. Small animals might cost as little as $300 while larger creatures will incur much higher costs and full body mounts may reach $1,400 or higher in price.

One of the key aspects of mounting a deer head is maintaining its skin, to both prevent damage to it and make it appear more realistic. A great way to clean such an item is with mild disinfectants like horse spray; this will remove hairs while protecting from dust build-up on its mount surface. You may also use soft brushes for fur or antler cleaning and glass cleaner on its eyes; please take care not to touch any portions that might be damaged by this method.

If you want your deer mounted professionally, it is recommended that a qualified taxidermist perform this service in order to ensure an enduring mount is created. They can ensure the mount will last and be completed correctly.

Price for deer mounts typically depend on several factors, including your location and taxidermist, so it is wise to get an estimate before making a decision. A basic deer mount typically features limited poses, simple details, and a dry preserved cape, while more elaborate mounts might include multiple poses, more realistic cape detailing and lifelike colors.


Deer head mounts that capture their animal’s unique characteristics will present deer at their finest, from nostrils, mouthlines and nose color to nostril droop and nostril color matching antler color for an appealing appearance. Furthermore, good mounts should feature well-defined jawlines and jawlines as well as clear eyes centered.

Many hunters celebrate their hunting accomplishments by mounting the heads and antlers of deer they killed as conversation pieces or rustic additions to any room in their house. Unfortunately, if these mounts are neglected over time they can become discolored and produce an unpleasant odor which makes for an unsightly mount display piece in any home.

If you are considering purchasing a deer head mount, be aware of its costs. Prices can differ depending on factors like size and location. In addition, consider expenses such as bases or plaques when making this decision.

Antelope are another favorite game animal often mounted as trophy mounts for trophy purposes. These gorgeous animals weigh up to 100 pounds and boast distinct spiraled or hooked horn styles; their long necks and height of 3 feet make for ideal viewing angles; full body mounts of these majestic beasts can cost as much as $4,000.

Before purchasing a deer head taxidermy mount, it is crucial that you research its taxidermist thoroughly. Ask to view samples of their work and speak to previous customers, in addition to receiving an accurate quote before making a final decision. Furthermore, ensure you know the shipping costs before finalizing a transaction.

Freezing deer heads as soon as they’re killed is one of the fastest ways to ensure quality taxidermy work, helping preserve their skin and prepare them for processing by taxidermists without overprocessing and unpleasant odors. If this option is unavailable to you, visit a reputable taxidermist as soon as possible for their expertise.

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