EDC Gadgets You Must Carry At All Times

EDC gadgets or Everyday Carry gadgets are essentials that you need to carry with you whenever you find the need of stepping outside your home or workplace. It might not occur to you, but these gadgets play a vital role in our lives. We start realizing how important they are once we step outside the house and find a button missing on our shirt and need to sew it on as soon as possible. It is important that you understand the role edc gadgets in our lives, and learn to carry the ones which can come handy in several situations. 

A Knife:

Yes, it might sound creepy and shady, but carrying a knife can help you in a number of situations. But remember to understand the laws of your state before you decide upon carrying a knife. Not every country or state would allow a person to carry knives in public, for the state of security. If you are caught carrying a knife, you might find yourself in serious legal troubles. But, for people who do not have such issues in their respective geographical locations, do not forget to carry a pocket knife with you wherever you go.

The main point of carrying a knife with you is because life is unpredictable. You could be attacked in the midst of any journey you take. The odds are really less, but the chances of this happening exist, nevertheless. Therefore, if you carry a knife with you for reasons of safety, you can do away with the gnawing tension of being attacked. You will at least have the means to fight back.

A Lighter:

Smoker or not, it always pays off carrying a lighter whenever you are outside. The reasons for this are many, and one of those is not because you might smoke or the person accompanying you on your journey smokes. The simple reason is that there might be several situations where you might need to light up certain things in the middle of the road when there is no light around.

Also, when you are in the middle of a campfire, and the fire burns out, a lighter in your bag can always come to the rescue. Try using a lighter that has enough fuel to sustain your endeavours. Zippo lighters look cool, but they run out of fuel soon enough. Make your choices carefully and after much scrutiny. Do not go by how pretty a lighter looks; rather see to it that they serve whatever purpose they were supposed to serve.

A Torch/Flashlight:

You must absolutely carry a flashlight with you at all times, home or outside. You cannot predict what emergency situations you might find yourself in. And it is, thus, always advisable to carry a flashlight with you in case you do not find any light source to light your way. If you have camping on your mind, carrying a torch or a flashlight becomes mandatory.

You cannot always depend on a campfire to sustain the night. Fire can burn out any time and without warning. In that case, you must always have a backup ready. Torches and flashlights serve as those backups. Even while at home, you might face situations where the light goes out, and the blackout can continue for hours. In such cases, you will require a backup source of light. There you go. Flashlights do not only act as your saviour when you are outside the confines of your home and have an emergency situation. They play a huge role even when you are at home.

Stationeries Like A Pen and A Notepad:

Make sure that you have a pen and a notepad handy at all times. You could find important information along the way that you might need to make a note of immediately. Rather than wasting your time trying to find a pen and paper, carry these two essentials with you while you are outside. You will be saving up on valuable time and will not miss out on any crucial piece of information that might come your way.


There are several vital gadgets that you must make it a point to carry every day while you are on your way to work or planning on setting a campfire. You might not understand the value of these everyday carry gadgets right now when you are sitting safely inside your bedroom reading a book or relaxing on a recliner in the hall. But, life outside the four walls of your home is not as easy as it promises to be. Very few people come to other people’s help in case of emergencies.

People are too self-absorbed with their lives, and no one has time to see what others might be battling their ways through. Therefore, you have to be your saviour. Little things matter and EDC gadgets are those little things that help you manage even the tiniest of exigencies on your own. They do not take up much space in your handbag or backpack and yet serve as the most essential things that can actually save a situation.

Rodney Heaton

I'm Rodney Heaton and I love hunting in the wild. In the past, I was in the military for over 5 years. After that I became a licensed hunter and a mountain guide.