Different Reasons For Deer Hunting

There can be a myriad of reasons for deer hunting. It may be taken as an interesting sport or an individual’s hobby. Overpopulation also serves as one of the important reasons. This is because the number of wolves and panthers who are considered to be the natural predators of deer, has decreased to a considerably less number making the population of deer to increase consequently. There are also some people who relish eating the meat of deer. Some of the most prominent reasons for deer hunting are mentioned as follows:


Many people indulge themselves in the act of eating or consuming deer meat which is also termed as venison. It is a very healthy choice to have deer meat as it has a high content of protein and less content of fats. One can consume venison in many different ways like braised, fried, in sausages or in hamburgers. Apart from this, there is also a constant feeling that keeps disturbing every mind nowadays is the thought of not knowing that whether the meat we are consuming is hygienic or not. In this regard, deer meat is considered to be much cleaner and healthier than plastic wrapped piece of meat bought from any grocery store.

Overpopulation Is Controlled

There is a huge decrease in the number of deer predators like wolves, panthers etc. This subsequently results in an abrupt increase in the population of deer. This in turn leads to a number of problems. Starvation is the most prominent problem faced by the deer population. This is because the available food is not sufficient enough to feed the large deer population. Such a large population of deer also increases the pressure on the forest floored plants. This may also lead to their extinction. Tree growth can also be affected due to the overpopulation of deer. Therefore, the act of deer hunting helps in controlling the population of deer to a large extent.

Protection Of People

People need protection from the deer. Therefore, hunting of deer help and protect the people from the over growing population of deer. There have been a number of instances where some deer species enter into the residential areas of the people. This poses a great amount of threat to the people living in those places. This often leads to damage to lives and property. The deer species wandering on roads can lead to traffic problems. This may result in the loss of lives. Damage to vehicles like car and bus are also likely to occur. Ticks that carry Lyme disease is spread by deer. This may also spread many other harmful infections.

Health Benefits Of Hunting

Hunting a deer and dragging it out is a great exercise. Hunting is not an easy job. It requires a lot of strength and energy. A hunter needs to be in a perfect shape and form as moving through the woods, crossing long fields and walking over streams together with carrying the weight of bow, arrow, gun and a pack needs a great amount of effort with a proper understanding of balancing one’s body weight. On the other hand, hunting also helps in reducing stress to a great extent. It is shown in various studies that mere walking through the forests and fields reduces stress levels by stimulating body processes and chemicals, thus improving the metabolism of an individual. It also lowers blood pressure and anxiety.


A large population consider hunting a good hobby. A good amount of money is spent by them for this. Many people use rifle and shotguns for the hunting of deer, while others still, make use of bows and arrows. For some, it is a game of thrill which they derive out of chasing the deer, while the act of hunting provide a sense of pleasure to the others.

Quality Time For Family

Hunting provides a very good opportunity to a family to build better and deeper connections. Going to different places for deer hunting offers a good quality time for the family. It allows them to share different stories that may help in a better bonding between them. The experiences of the hunters also help in developing a good traditional connection with hunting.

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I'm Rodney Heaton and I love hunting in the wild. In the past, I was in the military for over 5 years. After that I became a licensed hunter and a mountain guide.

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