How to Choose the Best Air Rifle Scope

If you are the owner of an air rifle or if you are planning to buy one, then you will find this article interesting and informative. It is quite obvious that you also need to buy a suitable scope for the air rifle. However, you must understand the meaning and scope of an air rifle and only then choose on. Further, with so many options available, you also need to have the right knowledge about the various aspects that should be kept in mind while choosing an air rifle scope. Hence, in this article, we will try and have a look at the various things to be kept in mind when it comes to answering the question of how to choose the best air rifle scope. We are sure, it will be useful in buying the right scope based on information and knowledge rather than taking a decision based on hearsays and opinions.

What is an Air Rifle Scope?

Put in simple words, when we talk about an air rifle scope, we are referring to a device that attaches to a mount that is located atop the air rifle. It helps in zeroing in on your target accurately and you also will be able to see a magnified image of the target. Without a scope, you may find it difficult to have a clear idea about the target and are likely to miss it more often than not.

If you are choosing small targets quite some distance away, you certainly need a scope. However, if you are planning to hit big objects like cans located some 30 feet away, you may not need a scope. Hitting without a scope may improve skill set and be more exciting and challenging. But when it comes to identifying a small target located quite some distance away, there is no doubt that choosing a scope of the right configurations would be the best way forward.

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Make Sure as to which type of Scopes to buy

There are basically two types of air rifle scopes that are available in the market and they both are related to the kind of magnification and amplification of the target. The main categories are fixed and variable. Fixed scope has a fixed magnification option. These devices mostly come with a lower magnification power. They are best suited for targets that are not too far away and also for plinking.

Variable scopes come with the facility of allowing the users to change the magnification power. Therefore, you have the facility of choosing between a lower powered and then moving to a higher power. They have the capability of offering almost up to 12 times magnification.

According to Air Guns Daddy 99% of air rifle shooters pick a wrong magnification when choosing the scope. Therefore, you have to make sure during the purchase that the magnification is not too much or too little.

Do They Have The Right Adjustable Objective?

Before buying an air scope make sure you have some decent understanding about the adjustable objective feature. This allows the users to zoom in on the target. The target could be located anywhere from a hundred yards to quite some distant horizon. Typically those who use air rifles for hunting purposes need to get as close to the target as possible and often the distance that separates the target and the shooters could be between 20 to 50 yards. Therefore make sure that the scope you plan to buy allows you to also change the parallax. This will come in very handy when it comes to shooting the targets at shorter distances. This feature is extremely important and necessary so that you are able to get the most accurate shooting of the target, especially when you are required to aim at them from reasonably short and mid-distances.

Size of Tube

Also pay attention to the size of the tube of the scope that you are planning to buy. Most scopes come with a 1 inch diameter body tube. However, when you decide to go in for larger scopes that have larger magnification capacities, you may have to go in for tube sizes of around 30 mm. Though the light transmission will not be impacted too much by the tube size of the scope, those will larger tube size perhaps have the advantage of better turret adjustment. This may also prevent the need for ring mounts though in some cases it may be required.

Length of the Scope

If you are planning to go in for a long rifle scope, you have certain issues to keep in mind. You may have some problems and issues when it comes to getting the right eye relief. You can move the scope forward by reaching forward along the scope rail or by extending the ring mounts as you desire. This could go some way in increasing the eye relief by around 1 inch. This is enough for the shooter to get a good shooting position and make use of their air rifle more successfully.

Have Some Idea about the Brands

There are dozens of brands of rifle scopes in the market and therefore you must do your research and choose the ones that can perhaps give you the best value for money. There are some time tested and proven brands like Bushnell and Hawke and it would be better to have a look at these and various other such brands. You will be able to come across a range of scopes when you are ready to look for the best manufacturers of scope instead of looking for something that comes with a lower price. Never compromise on price when deciding on a scope because it could make a big difference to your overall shooting experience and overall results. If you look around, do your research and are clear about your specific needs and requirements, you can be sure that you will be able to get the best brands at the best prices.

A Few More Things to Keep In Mind

Apart from the above, also have a reasonably good idea about some common problems when it comes to choosing air rifle scopes. Pay attention to Parallax problems, shift of the scope, temperature that the scope can handle, and elevation amongst other things. This will help you to identify the problems and then choose the right option based on your specific needs and requirements.


Choosing the right scope is not a child’s play and there are many things that you should be aware of as a prospective customer. You must approach the market with some basic knowledge about these things if you are a beginner. You also could take inputs from various sources and also from friends who have a decent knowledge about air rifles and scopes. Never, get into buying a scope in a hurry without understanding the basics.

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