Camouflage Clothing While Hunting

Our instant reaction on hearing the word “camouflage” happens to be an image of a chameleon in our minds. This unique animal can change its body color and turn similar to that of its surroundings in order to mislead the foes. Homo Sapiens do not have this natural aspect in them but had it been there, it would have been advantageous in many scenarios. As we, human beings do not possess this special feature, it was required by us to invent something on the same grounds. The result of this invention turned out to be Camouflaged Clothes. Here, we will concentrate on the use of such clothes while hunting.

Hunting Gear

Hunting refers to an act of finding, chasing and killing of animals (especially wild animals). Some people take it as a sport; others opt for it in order to fill their bellies (as a food). Whatever be the reason, hunting is not a child’s play. It can prove to be dangerous and fatal if not performed appropriately. Proper gear and proper behavior plays a pivotal role here. Some of the majors could be the weapons, safety instruments, edibles, tents, appropriate clothes etc. Also, training your hunting dog properly is important because the dog is your weapon in this case. Apart from comfortable clothing, you need to ensure that you choose the colour and design that blend with the surroundings.

A Wise Disguise

It can be said that wearing camouflaged clothes when you go hunting is a witty decision. This serves as a protective tool. As you blend well with the surroundings, it makes it difficult for the animals to detect you.  Masking your body odour is also very important while hunting. Holding on to these can help you hunt in a safe manner. Apart from keeping you safe, these specially designed clothes are comfortable. They keep you free of sweat and helps retain the required body temperature.

Conceal In Style

Go hunt, but in style. Yes, with a plethora of clothing options available in market, hunting turns out to be more enjoyable. These clothes are available in different patterns and colours and are quite durable. One can find T-shirts, pants, hoods, caps, overalls; ponchos and the varieties extend widely. You can choose online as well as sports stores to buy one and will pinch your pocket accordingly. These clothes are becoming popular as casual wear too. Many of the youngsters are choosing this attire owing to the comfort and durability that it provides.

The Orange Story-Camouflage For Deers

It is one of the requirements to wear hunter orange garments while hunting deer. These are the outermost items of clothing and must be noticeable from all the sides of the person wearing them. This color is carried as a camouflage for deer. A hunter donning this colour can escape deers as the deers are unable to differentiate between green, yellow, red and orange. All these appear gray to animal. Therefore, it is advised to wear blaze orange while in a hunt of deer.

When In Rome, Do As Romans Do

We are talking about concealing and changing in a way so as to mix with the wildlife flora and fauna. We do so with the help of specially designed clothes. But we also need to take care of the way in which we are hunting. Let us say rifle vs. bow hunting or hunting with the help of dog hunters. Each of these has their own set of rules and hence demand different clothing styles. Although the difference is minute yet it is of value. For example, the proximity with the animal is more in case of bow hunting as compared to rifle hunting.

Camouflage Your Actions Too

If you are thinking that to wear camouflaged clothes is enough to win the hunt game, then let me correct you.Agree, that it is an important aspect but equally important are your behavioral norms and actions. Make sure that along with your attire, you manage to get that required temperament and be calm. There are places around the globe where people have been hunting without camouflaged clothes but their ability to hunt, makes it for them.


Remember, hunting is an art and without adequate skills, abilities and practice, nobody can master this. But mastering an art and executing it in a beautiful manner is a joy in itself. Relying on camouflaged clothes for hunting expeditions provides an edge and gives you more confidence in performing the task.Hence,if you are really keen on hunting,plan,make a list, grab on the requisites, make all the arrangements and go deceive the beast you have an eye on.

About the Author

I'm Rodney Heaton and I love hunting in the wild. In the past, I was in the military for over 5 years. After that I became a licensed hunter and a mountain guide.

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