Alpen 45×60 Waterproof Fog proof Spotting Scopes Review

ALPEN Waterproof Fogproof Spotting Scopes. Straight or 45 Degree Models Available with BAK4 High Index or BK7 Glass, and Fully Multi-Coated or Multi-Coated Optics. Table-top Tripod and Field Carrying Case Included
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Review Summary:

The company Alpen is a renowned company since nearly two decades for its stable establishment and up gradation in producing the most high-quality optical instruments, specifically spotting scopes. The company is committed to the mission of giving their customers the best in class and affordable in price. The ALPEN Waterproof Fogproof Spotting Scopes: Straight or 45 Degree Models Available with BAK4 High Index or BK7 Glass is a sparkling example. One thing, which proves right, is that small size does not mean ineffectiveness. This spotting scope comes with many amazing features that make it the most outstanding and ideal spotting scope with its flawless performances.

spotting scope is a small type of telescope that is portable with added features to present an erect image. It is mainly optimized for viewing and examining the terrestrial objects. There are other uses also for this product like birdwatching, hunting, and other naturalist activities. For any application that will need more magnification than a pair of simple small binoculars, then spotting scopes come to the rescue. The eyepiece is oriented at an angle of about 45 degrees with the body of the scope.

The diameter of the objective lens of the spotting scope determines the light gathering capability and resolution of the lenses. The mass and cost of the telescope increase with the increasing diameter of the objective lens.

Product Features

This range from Alpen spotting scopes comes with a variety of features just to make them reach the mark of excellence beyond imagination.

ALPEN Waterproof Fogproof Spotting Scopes. Straight or 45 Degree Models Available with BAK4 High Index or BK7 Glass, and Fully Multi-Coated or Multi-Coated Optics. Table-top Tripod and Field Carrying Case Included

ALPEN Waterproof Fogproof Spotting Scopes. Straight or 45 Degree Models Available with BAK4 High Index or BK7 Glass, and Fully Multi-Coated or Multi-Coated Optics. Table-top Tripod and Field Carrying Case Included

1. Great Resolution

The ALPEN Waterproof Fog proof Spotting Scopes has 15-45x zoom magnification power for a bright image and good resolution too. This extent of magnification helps in the panoramic view of objects at low power and close up view of objects at higher power. It has a large diameter of the exit pupil, the larger this diameter, the brighter the image is. The light gathering power of this spotting scope is very large hence producing a crystal clear image. It is the most important, and main feature required by a customer.

2. Ease of Use

If you have any backpacking plans or any hiking plans or, do you want to have a look at terrestrial objects with a very close approach? Then you are in the right place. A spotting scope can fulfill your every wish related to photography or sight-seeing. It is easy to use on the top of mountains or hills as it comes with a rubber armored design table top tripod stand with BK7 glass. Its nylon case and aluminum foam filled case provides car window mount facility to the product. It could become a little more accountable to view objects if the spotting scope has eyepiece oriented at 45 degrees to the body.

3. Quality

Customers always need a product with amazing features and outstanding results. It is more stable than other spotting scopes in the case of winds on hilly terrains. Moreover, it is of lighter weight, which makes it easily accessible. You need not worry about its diameter adjustments. There is a wide range of such spotting scopes to serve your needs, all providing a pretty much better quality than others. The correct choice of the scope depends on what you want to shoot, which will describe the other factors like magnification power and lens diameter of the scope.

4. Installation and Working Demo

How to use the spotting scope can be a big question in your mind. Are they going to teach you about the way you should use it? To answer these questions, a DVD will come along with the package to give you an idea of how to use it. This DVD can also make your certain other doubts regarding the product, clear too.

Pros & Cons


  • A complete package for people who love shooting: The spotting scope comes with many additional accessories like a nylon case; rubber armored designed table tripod stand, BAK4 high index glass or BK7 glass. Also, it has multi-coated optics fully. Additionally, it has waterproof, and fog proof features too just to protect the images from getting unclear. The customer need not to buy any other additional accessory of feature for the spotting scope; it is itself a whole complete package.
  • Complete care and maintenance: The lens of the spotting scope should be kept clean and away from the minute dust particles, which can cause scratches on the surface of the zooming lens. By proper care of your spotting scope, you can achieve crispy clear and bright images. However, the maintenance needs more attention. The HD glass of the optics provides clear details, even at a larger distance.
  • Longer lifetime: The shooting scope has an advantage of longer life duration because of its protective covering and nylon cases, which comes along with the shooting scope. Moreover, it comes with a lifetime warranty for the customers.
  • Other similar magnification models: The Alpen spotting scopes comes in different ranges like 15-45X60, 18-36X60, 20-60X60, 20-60X80 and the 20X50. You can get as much magnification as you want for better hunting experience. All are designed for view adjustment.


  • Not suitable for amateur shooting: If you are thinking to buy this product for general photography purposes then this product can prove to be a wrong choice. It is not meant for only small photographs and video recording. It can only serve a few purposes.
  • A bulky unit to carry: If you want to roam across everywhere carrying this telescope then I suggest it won’t be a comfortable option. The whole unit consists of many add ups, which need to be present everywhere with the scope to provide better functionality. The tripod stand needs to be carried with the telescope to make it easy to use, but on the other hand it will only result in a cumbersome task to travel with all these accessories and all its supporting units.


After reading so much about the ALPEN Waterproof/Fog proof Spotting Scopes, the decision of buying one unit for you should be made with your eyes closed. Although, there may be few negative side of the product too but on looking to its brighter side it will always be a yes to buy it. As such it gives you few reasons to. It comes with many supreme quality features and many additional utilities. The product could have been better if the size of the product was not a big issue. But on the other hand, it provides great magnification power and light gathering capability. Moreover, this level of clarity always comes with a great price tag, which is not so great that it becomes non-affordable for the customers to buy it.

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