8 Fun Activities You Can Do While Camping & Have A Blast

Going outdoor and spending some time with your friends or family can be quite rejuvenating and if it also involves camping, there’s nothing like it. A great outdoor activity, camping can be lots of fun. Sleeping under the open sky and eloping from the daily hassles of life, can be very refreshing. You get plenty of time for leisure and have fun while doing so.

But for the ones who are probably new to the concept of camping, might be a tad bit confused about the second part. Yes, you have dipped your toes in camping but if you are clueless what to do next, some certain ideas and suggestions will make this camping experience the one to remember for the rest of your life.

If you are unable to decide what to do during your camping journey, here’s what will save you. We have put together some fun activities that you can do. They are bound to give you that adrenaline rush!

Playing Games

What’s better than playing games with your friends or family? There are so many ways you can keep away from your phone, and playing games is one of them.

  1. Card games are refreshing and have easy access to your backpack. A deck of normal cards will let you enjoy limitless games. You can also carry another fun addition and that’s UNO.
  2. Board games can also be quite entertaining. There are so many options like Family, Pictionary, etc. that you can play. Just be cautious when you are outdoors as the chances of losing it are higher.

Exploring Nature

Depending upon what you have chosen as your camping site another thing that you experience bliss with has to be with nature. Serenity lies here and if you delve in it, here’s what you can do:

  1. Watch different species of birds.
  2. You can collect fireflies in a jar
  3. You can gather things from nature.
  4. Going for a short safari.
  5. You can head to collect firewood for the bonfire

Relax, Relax & Relax

Most people take vacations to get away from the daily grind of a job or a business. Camping sure is a great idea but this is what you can do in between.

  1. You can listen to nature and meditate.
  2. You can stargaze at night.
  3. You can up your photography skills.

Around The Fire

Camping is incomplete without a campfire and if you wish to make the best of it, these are some activities that you can do around the firelight.

  1. You can tell each other ghost stories.
  2. One of the best games is playing truth and dare. Try it, it’s probably the best time to get all the gossips.
  3. You can sing songs together.
  4. You can dance while you do so.
  5. You can also play dumb charades a score some points for your A-team.
  6. You can crank it up a notch with ‘never have I ever’ game.
  7. Sip coffee by the fire using the best camping cookware.

Things You Can Do Near Water

You can get creative with some more activities around and not just enjoy water sports. Check this list!

  1. Fishing can help unwind and shed all the stress of life. It’s challenging but fun at the same time. Take a long rod and wear some sunnies to up your fashion quotient. Grab a beer and enjoy this activity around the water.
  2. Packing a swimsuit in your bag won’t occupy space. Hit the shores of a lake and jump off the pier and experience that rush. Best feeling ever!
  3. You can also sunbathe with moderate sun exposure. Look for an area near your camping site that lets you enjoy sunbathing.

Things You Can Do In Your Tent

Tents are like a home away from home. You small space that lets you enjoy nature and keeps you secure feels great. Make it more worthwhile by doing these things

  1. Carry a novel that you have been wanting to read for a while. Nighttime reading in a tent is life’s simple pleasure. Read a few pages before you go to sleep and make the most of it.
  2. If you have your partner with you, snuggle. Wink!
  3. Carry your Ipad and watch a movie or start a new series. Try and watch something light so that you don’t end up pulling an all-nighter.
  4. Spend some alone time and let your thoughts come through. It so happens that life hustle can make our feeling suppressed. Let it all come out and explore yourself.

Things To Do If You Take Your Kids

Kids are always interested in exploring nature. Let them cherish the days too as you take them for camping whilst also enjoying these activities

  1. A camping site being a great place for hunting nature things, you can ask your kid to collect different types of leaves and preserve them. This sure makes for a good memory.
  2. Manhunt is one game that even adults enjoy. Add it to your recreational routine and play peek-a-boo. A word of caution though, this game should only be played under parental supervision.
  3. You make it even more fun for them by making them a part of your chores like chopping vegetables for food or collecting wood for a bonfire. Since this is a time where you all refresh, you can also spend some quality time with your kid and hear him/her out.

Things To Do While Camping With Your Pet

Pets also need some time away from home and taking them along with you for camping is one of the best things. Here’s what you can do then you travel with your little paw buddy.

  1. Nothing excites a dog than a trip. Dogs like to go around the woods so take them with you. And when they are tired, they automatically sleep off. That’s a bonus!
  2. You can let him explore different areas and different smells that he may not have experienced otherwise. Since they have a very strong sense of smell, they can be fun to tag along. Basically, if you ever got lost, your dog can be your savior. Win-win!
  3. Dogs are natural swimmers and if your dog loves water, just let him free and see him enjoy in the water.

Some other fun activities that you can do:

  • Socialize as it helps. If it’s your solo trip, don’t miss out on the chance of talking to other campers. You will make new friends that way!
  • Glide some mini lights and decorative materials for your campsite to make it look more bright and cheery.
  • Remember to learn some new recipes and prepare it with your camping cookware.

With all these activities, you will never be bored and only fun moments to cherish from this trip. Try out these fun ideas for your next vacation.

About the Author

I'm Rodney Heaton and I love hunting in the wild. In the past, I was in the military for over 5 years. After that I became a licensed hunter and a mountain guide.