7 Must-Haves You Cannot Forget on Your Next Hunting Excursion

Hunting is the oldest profession in the world. In the past, hunting was hard and very violent, but in the current day and age, hunting has been revolutionized. There are many apps and gadgets that can make your hunting experience more exciting and successful.

These gadgets make tracking and finding animals easier, and they make you able to put them down in a more humane way. There are many hunters that are still only taking a hunting rifle and knife on their hunting trips. So, if you want to take your hunting trips to the next level, this list is for you.

A Good-Quality Hunting Rifle

Of course, you can’t go on a hunting trip without a weapon to hunt with, but to make the trip more fun and exciting, you should invest in a high-quality hunting rifle. Many people still use shotguns using 12-gauge buckshot, but in my opinion, the best hunting caliber is a 22” long rifle as it can be fired accurately and does not damage as much meat as 12 gauge buckshot.

You should also get a high-quality optical scope for your rifle so that you can shoot targets at a longer distance accurately. If you are not a fan of guns, then you should get a crossbow or a compound bow. These are also great for small to medium range hunting, and they don’t damage the meat at all.

A Rangefinder

If you are going to be doing any sort of long range hunting, then a rangefinder is a must for you. This device can tell you the approximate distance between you and your target, which is very helpful when adjusting your shot for bullet drop and other factors which come in to play when smaller caliber hunting rounds are used. And the great thing about a range finder is that you can also use it instead of binoculars to locate targets.

A Safety Kit

In any case, where guns and other weapons are being handled, you need to have a safety and emergency kit. You should have shooting glasses to protect your eyes from a ricochet, and you should also have ear protection such as earplugs to protect your ears from the loud noise of the gun. You can find many ear plug reviews and reviews on other hunting equipment on the web to help you choose the best.

Your hunting safety kit should also have some basic first aid essentials in case anyone falls or injures themselves in any other way.

A GPS Device

Another very important gadget that you must have when you go for a hunting trip is a GPS device. You can also get an app on your phone for GPS, but it is possible that the area that you’re hunting in may not have good reception, so for cases like that a GPS device is best. The GPS device can really help you plan the trip and the route you will take to find animals to hunt. It will also make sure that you never get lost in the wild.

Cellular services together with the advancement of smartphones have since been a reliable way to navigate new roads and cities. But are smartphones reliable for hunters?
The answer if smartphones are reliable for hunters is a yes and no question, you see in deep remote areas cell phones tend to lose services and may even mess up your GPS coordinates which can be detrimental to a hunters safety.
It may seem like old tech but if you are serious about your own safety of yourself and others then having an independent GPS is essential to any trip. Check out this comprehensive List of the best GPS watches for hunters here.

A Tactical Flashlight

If you are planning to hunt at night, then you will definitely need some flashlights. Instead of carrying those big heavy lights, you should invest in a good quality tactical flashlight that can also be attached to your rifle to make it easier for you to navigate the wild in the dark.

If you can afford that instead of a flashlight, you can also get night vision goggles. Night vision gadgets can be very expensive, so the combination of a tactical flashlight with a night vision scope on your rifle can also be very effective.

Walkie Talkies and Ghillie Suits

One of the most annoying things that can happen on a hunting trip is when you spend so much time and effort in tracking an animal, but it gets spooked at the last minute. To avoid this, you should invest in ghillie suits that match the terrain of the area that you are hunting in. This will make it harder for the prey to spot you and will increase your chances of success.

You should also invest in a set of Walkie Talkies, especially if you are hunting with your friends so that the animals don’t get spooked when you have to call out your teammates at a distance. Also, it is entirely possible that the areas that you are hunting in may not have good cell reception. So, in such a case, Walkie talkies can be very useful.

Also, these Walkie Talkies are more durable than your smartphones, so when you’re on a rough hike, Walkie Talkies are a better option than your phones. For many people, hunting trips are a way of getting off the grid and smartphones can be a hindrance in this so for such people, Walkie Talkies are a great option as they get to be off the grid and have a way to contact their teammates at the same time.

A Good Set of Knives

A high-quality hunting knife set is an essential part of any hunter’s arsenal. Prepping the game after the hunt is a main part of hunting and having a good set of knives can significantly reduce the time that is spent on prepping so that you can spend more time hunting.

Standard hunting knife kits are equipped with everything that you may need to skin and prep any sort of game. You should at least have a good quality camping knife, a boning and fillet knife, game shearer and bone saw. You should also keep some cooking essentials so that you can cook some meat on the trip and enjoy your hunt.

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