6 Ways to Improve Your Rifle Accuracy

Whether you’re at the range or you’re embarking on a multi-day hunt, having confidence in your shooting is crucial. Knowing that you have the ability to hit your target with accuracy will not only improve your success rate but it will make the entire experience more enjoyable. Improving your rifle accuracy will allow you to get more from your shooting, allowing you to expand your skillset and confidence over time. 

From maintaining your gear correctly to buying the right equipment and accessories, there is a lot that you can do to improve your rifle accuracy. When you are looking at shooting accessories and rifles for sale, it can be difficult to know where to begin. However, with the right approach, you will be able to set yourself up for success and learn to keep your equipment working properly to ensure your shooting accuracy. 

Let’s take a look at just a few ways that you can improve your rifle accuracy. 

Invest In A Good Scope

Having a good scope can help to improve your shooting accuracy significantly, especially in low-light situations. With a quality scope, you will be able to identify your target clearly and aim with confidence. Quality scopes often have additional features such as windage and elevation adjustments to allow for a more precise shot.

Lap Your Scope Rings

Lapping helps to level out any high spots on the bottom rings so that they are centred with one another. If your scope rings are misaligned, your scope tube will bend, which will throw out your windage and elevation adjustments. As your scope becomes further from its optical centre, your sight will be distorted. This can cause issues with shooting accuracy. Lapping kits are inexpensive, easy-to-use and can help you to keep your shooting on target. 

Tighten The Rifle Screws

Loose screws in your rifle will result in an unstable setup and more potential for your accuracy to be thrown out. Be sure to check your rifles regularly to ensure that all of your screws are snug. The screws that secure your rifle to the stock, known as the bedding screws, need to be tightened to the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure the correct torque. These screws are particularly important for improving accuracy. 

Clean Your Barrel Regularly 

Over time, your rifle barrel will collect small particles of copper fouling and powder residue. These tiny particles can have a huge impact on the accuracy of your shot. To check if your barrel needs to be cleaned, ensure that the rifle is not loaded and carefully remove the bolt. Look at the muzzle under a light or in direct sunlight. If you see copper glistening in the light, then it is time to clean your rifle barrel thoroughly. 

Break In The Barrel

As eager as you may be to get out in the bush with your rifle, to decrease the chance of accuracy-reducing fouling you need to take some time to break in the barrel of your rifle. Spend some time at the range firing one shot, cleaning the barrel, then two shots, clean the barrel, and finally three shots before cleaning the barrel again. Repeat the process a few times to break in the barrel properly. You should notice there is less cleaning required as you move through each repetition. 

Consider The Trigger

Trigger pull has a major impact on how accurate your shooting will be. To ensure that the trigger pull on your rifle is optimal, it’s best to visit your local gunsmith. They will be able to adjust the trigger pull so to reduce any excessive creep and ensure the trigger pull is calibrated correctly. A trigger job can be a simple solution for anyone experiencing problems with their rifle accuracy. 

Improve Your Rifle Accuracy For A More Precise Shot

Taking the time to set your rifle up correctly and maintaining your equipment can help to improve your rifle accuracy significantly. However, to take your shooting to the next level, it’s important to spend time practising at your local range to get your technique, your mindset and your breathing down. With the right setup and enough practise, you can be sure that your rifle accuracy will instantly improve. 

About the Author

I'm Rodney Heaton and I love hunting in the wild. In the past, I was in the military for over 5 years. After that I became a licensed hunter and a mountain guide.