5 Of The Best Outdoor Team Building Activities For Thrill Seekers

So you have a team of adrenaline junkies!

Cooping them up in a room for the sake of team bonding is the worst thing you can do to them. They have spent the last few months boxed in their cubicles and are looking for someplace to pour out that pent-up energy and release stress.

Team bonding is not only a fantastic stress buster but also brings disparate team members together. These activities, when properly planned, build team rapport and long-lasting friendships. All these always translates to productivity benefits at the workplace.

To get your staff to build proper rapport among themselves without hearing a chorus of groans, here are five outdoor team building activities that will get them excited from the get-go:

#1. Jungle Survival

This outdoor team bonding activity pits your staff against the wild. Here, your employees has to come up with innovative and exciting solutions to the problems you face while conquering the wild. It’s literally a human versus the wild sort of activity.

The only way to win this jungle simulation is to band together. It forces everyone to overcome their various personal barriers, bond, and conquer challenges as one entity.

#2. Corporate Survivor

One of the famedĀ outdoor team building activities by XLEvents, the corporate survivor, is based on the popular reality TV show “Corporate Survivor.” However, your employees don’t need to eat live insects during the activity. But you can be assured of an energy-sapping, fun-filled day of laughter, learning, and working together as a team.

To participate, all employees are divided into two groups. They compete against each other in a series of physical and brain-tasking challenges. As each team progresses through the activities, the challenges become more arduous. The fight to win builds understanding, rapport, and friendships.

#3. Raft Building

Raft building is one of the most popular outdoor team building activities. Here, your employees break into groups to build a sturdy and robust raft quickly. The raft needs to sail with the whole group, so they need to ensure it is built to last, or else everyone is soaked once they get into the water.

#4. Construction

Construction entails the whole office to design and build a beautiful and sturdy structure against the clock. You receive all the materials you need once the challenge starts; you just need to figure out how you all will assemble the final product.

It’s a great way to encourage rapport and build negotiation skills among your employees. Everyone acts like a real construction team, which requires a lot of brainpower and collaboration!

#5. Acid Walk

The acid walk is a fun-filled activity that helps build trust within the team and the ability to work in tandem. Your team encounters an area that is deemed acidic or too dangerous to walk on. Two leaders have to travel across this area to reach the other side within a given time. Then, they use objects to create a safe walkway for all the other players to cross.

To succeed at this activity, your group needs excellent synchronization and coordination between the two teammates trying to cross the wasteland. This activity is a fantastic way to build cooperation among team members.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the right team building activity is the best way to ensure your employees are not only engaged but that they also come back to work supercharged. These five activities are sure to get them roaring with laughter and excitement in no time.

About the Author

I'm Rodney Heaton and I love hunting in the wild. In the past, I was in the military for over 5 years. After that I became a licensed hunter and a mountain guide.