12 Important Things You Should Consider for A Safe Bowhunting

Bowhunting is no game and is definitely one of the most dangerous adventures you would take up in your life. It can be unpredictable and aggressive and the hunter cannot dare to risk his life with mother nature. Bowhunting is for the ones who have learned the art of archery but for the ones who are amateur at it, this can be incredibly risky.

Regardless of what stage you are at when it comes to bow hunting, there are some safety measures that you need to consider before you decide to dip your toes into it. It’s wise to learn them all. We have put a long list and a guide that will make things clearer for you.

Another thing to remember is that there will still be some unforeseen circumstances that you will have to tackle. Don’t panic and think straight during such times.

Hunting is not just about having the equipment and being a hunter but it’s also about being safe. Check out these basic thumb rules that will help you while you are hunting.

Carry A First Aid Kit with You

It doesn’t need to be a fancy kit and can be as basic as you keep it. Stow emergency things like bandages and some gauze. A small cotton wrap and a bottle of hydrogen peroxide in case of cuts. Keep tweezers and a packet of aspirin. You can add a few more things; in case you are already prescribed with medicines.

Essentials for Hunting

There’s nothing worse than you forgetting things back home when you have entered the bush. You will need things for survival, especially when you are in action. Not just your crossbow, but other things like a safety harness, sturdy boots, gloves, etc. are also important.

Carry A Bug Repellant

A bug repellant is a good cure especially when you are hunting. Imagine, you are bitten by a bug in the middle of your session and you don’t have a solution for this. When you are hunting, these things come handy and you don’t have to run here and there to look for things. Use it before you enter the field and keep it intact with you for later.

A Headlamp Goes a Long Way

A flashlight or a headlamp is an incredible choice when you go for bow hunting. Always opt for a high-quality headlamp so it doesn’t go out, especially when you are in the middle of your shot. They are also a must-have if you decide to spend the night outside. Not just that, you can also stow on a night vision binocular to have better clarity, in case you are hunting at night hours.

Wear A Safety Harness

If you are hunting from a tree stand, make sure you have a harness safety gear. This will let you hunt without any fret of you falling off.

Make Sure You Use GPS & Compass

Even though technology has advanced, you still cannot underestimate the power of an old school method that’s a compass. Having a GPS with you is great but a compass can orient you, give you proper directions. It doesn’t need a battery and is an absolute life savior. You must carry them both while you are on a hunt!

Carry A Waterproof Fire Kit

Imagine, you are bow hunting but in the midst of all that, it’s dusk and you get lost. In case you end up being out the whole night outside, you will be glad to have carried a waterproof fire kit with you. Fire kits can keep you safe, no matter where you are and so carrying it along with you means you have taken a good call.

Wear The Right Clothes

Just wearing the harness won’t do. There’s a proper dress code when you are out bow hunting. Most hunters tend to opt for stylish camouflage outfits but what you need to know to keep in mind is the weather and dress smart according to that.

Another tip is to not wear white clothing like shirts or pants as they get exposed and the animals can easily notice it. Try to keep your outfit in dark colors.

Joe Budd Wildlife Management Area, Gadsden County, Florida; August 25, 2017.FWC photo: Tim Donovan

Gear Safety

Give Your Gear A Full Check

If you are a full-time hunter, chances are you will be quite relaxed with your gear. But, even then, you need to give a good check to your gear. Look for signs – check and see if the lamination of the bow isn’t peeling off and the riser of the same is solid.

Make sure the strings are hard and in a good shape without dents. Check each piece before you head out to hunt so there’s no hassle later.

Broadheads Care Is Important

Yes, you are all set to bow hunt with your perfectly tuned outfit and your brand new boots. But, all this prep won’t matter if the most important thing that’s broadheads are not able to hunt the right way. You need to make sure they are sharp.

While doing so, handle them with care. Since they are quite sharp already, they can cause nerve damage. So be cautious here!

Good Practice

Stay Within the Limit

Bowhunting is known to be a strenuous activity and you need to set some limitations when you’re out. Be aware because you are not the only one who is hunting and there could be other hunters on the same land. Make sure you keep yourself safe and hunt within the area designated for hunting. Messing with nature can put you in danger and we sure don’t want that!

Know The Land Well

Understand and study the land. Do it during the day time and then decide on the time you wish to hunt. The better you learn about the land, you will be able to stay spot on with your skills and won’t get lost in the woods.

Things to Never Ever Do

  1. Never carry alcohol or drugs while bow hunting. It’s a deadly activity that can ruin your whole experience.
  2. Learn a thing or two from each experience of yours. This will help develop your skills. Follow certain safety protocols as well. You will not just be a bowhunter, but a hunter who knows the land rules as well!
Rodney Heaton

I'm Rodney Heaton and I love hunting in the wild. In the past, I was in the military for over 5 years. After that I became a licensed hunter and a mountain guide.