Hunting Deer With Your Dog

When people hear that dogs are used for hunting they might predict that Labradors, German shorthairs or other dogs might be good for hunting. But the hunters must know that only the dogs which are trained well can be helpful while hunting. There are lots of reasons for deer hunting with dogs.

In most cases where the hunters love hunting might chose to chase a deer with a dog. The dogs chase the deer by making them run. Hounds can be used in case the hunter himself cannot find any deer in regions which are densely covered with forest.

Properly trained dogs are more likely to bring success to hunters. Hunters who hunt with dogs get more number of chases than the normal hunters and hence are more successful while hunting.

How to hunt deer with hunting dogs?

Hunting deer is an adventurous sport which involves lots of training and techniques. Although you have a trained dog you must know how to use the dog to hunt deer. Given below are few steps to be kept in mind while hunting deer with dogs.

  • First of all, select one area where you would hunt. Deer generally escape themselves from being chased by hiding into thick forests. Dogs can be used in such places to make the deer run out of the thick cover. It is difficult for the hunters to hunt in thick forest areas but if they have trained dogs, thick forests are no more a problem.
  • After choosing an area the hunters must themselves cover the areas where the deer may hide themselves. One hunter must be there to handle the dogs during hunting. Hunters must stand in each and every clear cut areas, ridges, logging roads and canyons. Weapons like a firearm, shotguns and rifles must be carried by the hunters for hunting deer. Proper weapons taken to the hunt makes the hunting trip successful and enjoyable.
  • Once every hunter takes their place, it is time to set loose your hunting dogs. The reason why dogs are used for hunting is they can follow the chase by their smell. The handler of the dogs must be able to maintain contact with the dogs because once the dogs are freed by the handler they can run towards the chase by following the smell. Once the deer are chased by the dogs it becomes easy for the hunter to hunt them.
  • The hunter must be ready to shoot the deer soon after the chase begins. Deer in order to escape themselves might run in unpredictable patterns while being chased. For this situation only, hunters are spread throughout the area and if a deer runs towards a posted hunter it can be shot easily.
  • In case the deer runs in areas where there are no hunters posted, call the dogs back. Many deer are capable of outrunning the dogs. In case the deer escapes and the dogs also do not return the hunters must look for their dogs in the jungle.
  • If the hunters are not able to hunt deer in an area they must look for a new area. The reason behind this is the deer in that particular area may be aware of the hunters and might become more careful.

The steps mentioned above are effective in hunting deer. Follow the steps and take trained dogs with you when you are out for hunting.

Tips and warnings

When you are out for hunting you must keep in mind many things to avoid any accident.

  • First of all, choose a rifle to hunt if it is allowed in the area you have chosen for hunt. This kills the deer in most cases. With rifles the chances of getting injured is low and the hunter need not take longer shots.
  • The hunters must have license to hunt deer. If the hunter wants to hunt deer with dogs, they must ensure that it is allowed in that area. When you shoot you must be careful what are you shooting at, your bullet must not harm anything else.

There are lots of reasons for deer hunting with dogs but they must ensure that they are hunting in an area where hunting is legal.